Home America Liberalism Race “And those White Folks tend to be Suspicious of any Black Person who wouldn’t be Suspicious of White People”
Home America Liberalism Race “And those White Folks tend to be Suspicious of any Black Person who wouldn’t be Suspicious of White People”

“And those White Folks tend to be Suspicious of any Black Person who wouldn’t be Suspicious of White People”

"Harris-Lacewell said such expressions of distrust toward whites will not hurt Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries, which are dominated by liberal voters. “To win the Democratic nomination, he’s got to get a part of the progressive, anti-war, white folks,” she said. “And those white folks tend to be suspicious of any black person who wouldn’t be suspicious of white people.” -Washington Examiner - Jan 30, 2007

Now putting aside the Obama race issue itself for a moment, let's consider this statement and what it says about the relationship between white liberals and minorities. We've seen Democrats go after Black Conservatives and even moderate to liberal figures like Colin Powell in extremely racist ways when they didn't toe the party line.

The conventional racist is suspicious of black people because he holds a racist stereotype of them in his head. The progressive racist holds a racist stereotype in his head too, one in which black people are fundamentally hostile to white people, and is suspicious of any black people who don't fit that stereotype.

The conventional racist is simply a racist. The liberal racist demands that Black people be racist and feels free to act in an outwardly racist manner to any Black people who don't fit his racist stereotype. It's not reverse racism, it's meta-racism. A racism that demands racist behavior on the part of your subject. It also sheds some basic light on how liberals see their relationship with minorities.

The "progressive" folks being discussed here prize Black people as a source of 'opposition' to the American system. Their value is in being oppressed and acting out the rebellious Black Power fantasies of the liberals. Any Black people who don't want to go along with this are "suspect" which is just a euphemism for targeted and smeared. They don't want to hear from the owner of his own home in the suburbs who built up his own business and has moderate political views. They want to hear strictly from the Al Sharpton demographic.

Racial acceptance in those circles becomes premised on acting out inherently racist stereotypes. It's not Amos and Andy anymore but an afro and a clenched fist, which winds up standing for nothing because in the end it's just another tool of another branch of the establishment. The liberal establishment, which has nothing to offer but failure and misery. Those same racist stereotypes create self-fulfilling prophecies of failure.

Liberal social platforms are not meant to cure ills but to perpetuate them in the name of an endless list of grievances and endless revolutions.

The War on Poverty is not meant to end poverty, but perpetuate it to create a class of dependent, frustrated and miserable people feeding off a government bureaucracy and endlessly demanding more.

Sexual education in schools isn't meant to prevent sexual activity in teens, it's meant to increase and legitimize it creating more demand for abortions, more single parents and lowered standards of social morality to follow a particular vision for American society.

Affirmative action is not meant to create equality but to perpetuate inequality and segregate based on a racial caste system denying people the chance to achieve on their own. Diversity isn't meant to broaden America, but to narrow it into those same racial castes in which people define themselves by race and are defined that way by every institution from the government on down.

Black people who aren't racist, who aren't "suspicious" of white people, are violating this setup. One which requires building racial mistrust to segregate people. The Democratic party only wants Blacks who think White people are the enemy and at the same time makes sure to stigmatize any other political options. The result turns Black people into tools of a fundamentally racist agenda and a racist mindset.

Segregating people divides them and weakens them. If you can reduce a person to a member of a caste and make voting a particular way a part of the character of that caste, then you've created an effective slave population that always votes your way. The Democratic voting tolls repeatedly show that to have been a success.


  1. Black "folk" who are suspicious of White"folk" who are suspicious of Black folk who arent susupicious of Obama Folk who is suspicious of his own suspicions as to whether or not he is a suspicious black muslim type folk should be suspicious of yellow and brown folk who don't talk to red folk when black folk are overly suspicious.
    Ob-be-ah-ba-bee-ah-ba-bee-ah-babama..thats all folks

  2. The liberal white democrats have done nothing but create a slave mentality and culture with minorities. They indoctrinate them with the belief that they can't get a decent job and so need welfare. They can't work to buy a home, they need public housing and HUD subsidies. This is all costing us as a society. Look at the crime rate as an example of forcing poor blacks to live on top of each other in housing "projects." Those really were/are projects and the project failed miserably. Yet for a politician or black person to say so would brand them as racist and anti-black.

    A close friend of mine is a writer and housing reform activist. He calls public housing modern day plantations.

    Any black politician (read middle and upper middle class black) who speaks his mind, and has the temerity to support conservative causes as did Clarence Thomas, gets labeled a an Uncle Tom and worse.

  3. Obama would like to clear up the madrass situation. He now says this muslim school was no different than attending a catholic school.
    Suspicious.. hmmmm

  4. Yeah, there's something definitely something fishy about the way he keeps changing his mind. First it's public school, now it's parochial. He's either being bombared by muslim groups pressuring him to show pride in attending a religious school or he's lying and got caught.

    Probably both.

  5. "He now says this muslim school was no different than attending a catholic school."

    I have heard rumours that a single nun can be more frightening than a thousand terrorists. Perhaps that's what he was referring to? ROFL!!!!!

  6. ROFL Yobee!!! Maybe Obama's was wacked on the knuckles by a nun with a ruler and never got over it.

  7. Anonymous4/2/07

    Does anyone remember the 21 point plan of muslims to infiltrate the USA?
    It involved marrying Americans by lying, Running for public office by lying about intention, getting work in the media and other things.
    Its all happening.
    Obama is a plant


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