Home When You Blog About the Abyss, Sometimes the Abyss Comments on Your Blog - Rabbi Paul Arberman Threatens Me
Home When You Blog About the Abyss, Sometimes the Abyss Comments on Your Blog - Rabbi Paul Arberman Threatens Me

When You Blog About the Abyss, Sometimes the Abyss Comments on Your Blog - Rabbi Paul Arberman Threatens Me

Extremely bored readers of this blog might remember last tuesday's post dealing with Ynet's new non-Rabbi, Rabbi Paul Arberman brought in after their previous non-Rabbi, Rabbi Mordechai Gafni developed a little sexual abuse problem. Rabbi Paul Arberman decided the best Torah topic was to write a piece agitating for rapist Benny Sela's civil rights by comparing him to Yosef HaTzaddik.

Google being the odd piece of software it is, turns out I rank rather highly on search results for Rabbi Paul Arberman thus possibly directing convicted rapists looking for a biblically based defense, Arab terrorists looking for someone to protect their weapons smuggling tunnels and liberal Rabbis trying to learn the guitar tabs to Blowin' in the Wind to my blog.

Sometimes when you blog about the abyss, the abyss comments on your blog. I've had Rabbi Moshe Yess show up (another fellow who isn't a Rabbi but likes pretending to be one) and with Christmas over, Rabbi Paul Arberman showed up accusing me of Lashon Hara and claiming my post on him was libelous.

"Furthermore, your personal attack on me is entirely not fair – even libelous and lashon hara. You cross the line in comparing me to disgusting offenders and describing the imaginary charges from which I am preparing to defend myself... However to sling serious accusations is not okay. I ask that you voluntarily take down this article."

I always love it when left wing Jewish activists working hard to destroy Israel and the Jewish people accuse me of Lashon Hara. It's completely mind boggling that a member of an organization, Rabbis for Human Rights, which was the only Jewish organization that worked together with PLO terrorists to smear Israel at the Durban conference, which has taken the lead in pushing the "olive tree scam" to slander and imprison innocent Israelis and raise money for their own organization which was then donated to the families of suicide bombers... is actually opening its mouth to complain about being libeled.

I will quote from the IMRA story on the subject.

"Whenever Ascherman was asked about the distribution of funds collected by Rabbis for Human Rights", Rabbi Arik Ascherman became suddenly vague.

Yet when Ascherman was pressed about how the "Rabbis for Human Rights" determine which Palestinian families should get the money for the loss that they have incurred from the losses of their olive trees, Ascherman had a clear answer: The Rabbis for Human Rights rely on Palestinian contacts to figure out which families should receive their support.

Which contacts? Ascherman identified the LAW organization, the PLO legal advocacy lobby. Yet a call to LAW revealed that LAW does not deal with the question of uprooting of trees. The LAW spokesman, Arjan El Fassed explained, that while LAW is not a humanitarian organization per se. he mentioned that monies that they receive from the Rabbis for Human Rights go to the families of the "martyrs" who have been killed over the past ten months. Asked to define what he means by "martyrs", El Fassed described the various attacks in which Palestinians have died in attacks on Israelis.

In other words, the Rabbis for Human Rights have been providing funds for the families of suicide bombers."

Compared to this Benny Sela is a piker. The Rabbis for Human Rights primary work is to expand Arab control of Israel, drive Israeli farmers off their land, slander Israel in every international forum, protect smuggling tunnels used to bring weapons into Israel to murder innocent civilians. As seen above they've even contributed funds to the families of suicide bombers, which serves as incentive for terrorist attacks. The Rabbis for Human Rights and every member of their foul organization have blood on their hands, including Rabbi Paul Arberman.


  1. Interesting post!
    Israel is being sold out left and right today. Sad ..so sad

  2. well these people are evil

    they're left wing activists who call themselves rabbis and work to aid the terrorists

  3. Anonymous27/12/06

    What a chutzpa of this lowlife crook to complain!

  4. They are amaratzim with diplomas from JTS and HUC.

  5. What audacity to accuse you of Lashon Hara when this non-rabbi and his ilk are destroying Israel and playing a role in the murder of innocent people.

    Apparently, he views lashon hara as the greater evil. Further, he fails to even provide documentation that what you wrote is inaccurate or malicious. He's mad that you exposed him. Period.

    Don't give an inch, Sultan. Continue to expose these frauds for what they are.

  6. Let me see if I'm following this correctly--Rabbis for Human rights solicites funds to help families after olive trees are allegedly uprooted and the money goes to the families of suicide martyrs. Sounds like gross and clear misappropriation of funds. They should be investigated for that alone.

    Is RHR based in the US or Israel? If the US, the feds should be looking at their finance records.

  7. these people don't care about lashon hara or anything in judaism, they will just exploit it to appear self-righteous

    the same rabbi arberman wrote a piece demanding that everyone in the conservative movement follow the committee's decision to create gay rabbis by citing the Torah's command to follow the sages in whatever they say

    the astounding hypocrisy of this is that this is not something that he or the conservative movement remotely believe or accept and that he is citing that to demand that people follow a course explicitly prohibited by the torah

  8. yes you have it right, but RHR can always pass the buck to LAW, aka the PLO, and say they're not the ones who actually hand out the money

  9. They should have a public disclosure notice on the masthead of their website--"Rabbis for Human Rights CANNOT guarantee that the funds donated will not end in the hands of those responsible for murdering and maming innocent Israelis. The relatives of some suicide bombers may be the recipients of your money.

    As an aside, it's it strange that it's still illegal for anyone in the US to send money to relatives, friends etc, in certain Middle Eastern countries, but apparently it's okay to send money Palestinians?

    A terrorist "nation" in the truest sense of the word. The place was founded by the PLO, which as far as I know remains on the Federal Registry as a FTO. Hamas is also listed.

    It makes no sense that Palstine isn't exempt from these laws about sending money to a terrorist middle eastern countries. Then again...most of the victim's of Palestinian terrorists are Jews, so Palestine is exempt.

    Total hypocrisy. True, there are Christians, Muslims in Israel but the lion's share of the victims are Jews.

  10. Sweet!!! Mazel tov on making the phony monkey rabbi scream!!!! So cool!!!! Should we send the screaming monkey bananas? :] How about rotten ones? Or maybe just the peels? Or perhaps we should send him a dictionary that explains his behaviour toward Israel is what true lashon hara is.

  11. Anonymous27/12/06

    Beyond belief. These yukels do not uphold the validity of halacha, but all of a sudden Arberman is an expert on the Chofetz Chaim!

    Now watch me get a threatening e-mail from the Ku Klux Karta for my Creedmoor pieces about Friedman and Cohen.

  12. A dictionary wouldn't help. They can read but not comprehend, or choose to ignore the truth, as most guilty people do.

    Public exposure and accountability is better.

    Banana peels couldn't hurt either:)

  13. Anonymous28/12/06

    Rabbis are like taxis.
    When you want one, they are nowhere to be found.
    When you don't want one, they are everywhere.


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