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Imagine There is No Israel

Tony Blair, the Arab world and much of the world's supply of talking heads are telling us that Israel (or getting rid of it) is the key to peace and stability in the middle-east.

Let's go along with the John Lennon song for a moment as sung to the tune of Nazis and Islamists and Leftists everywhere. Imagine there is no Israel ...now what?

The Sunnis and Shiites are still fighting. Theirs is a dispute going back over a thousand years. Israel had nothing to do with it and eliminating Israel from the board won't resolve it.

America is still in Iraq. Saddam invaded Kuwait to capture Kuwait, not because of Israel. America went to war with Saddam because of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia not Israel (much as a lot of the usual anti-israel cretins try to pretend otherwise.) America's second war with Iraq stemmed from that first unresolved war...which was itself unresolved because America feared unleashing Iran and the Shiites.

Iran's hostility to America stems from America's support for the Shah of Iran and the collision between Fundamentalist Islam and American culture. That hostility would still be in place, whether or not Israel existed. America, if you remember, is the Great Satan. Israel is only the Little Satan. Remove the Little Satan and Iran isn't going to like the Great Satan any better.

Our current War on Terror goes back to 9/11 which goes back to Al Queda which goes back to Russia's invasion of Afghanistan. Russia's invasion of Afghanistan had absolutely nothing to do with Israel, it did however serve as the battleground for training generations of Al Queda terrorists...which would have happened the same exact way whether or not Israel had ever existed.

Al Queda itself, as well as much of the current Islamic global threat stems from Wahhabi Islamic Fundamentalism, an ideology long predating the modern State of Israel, whose key goal is ensuring the purity of Islamic doctrine and the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal was to ensure true Muslim rule over Arab and Muslim nations and eventually the world. Both of these ideologies stem not from Israel but from a reaction to the spread of Western culture into their home countries and the resulting Islamic backlash. Israel remains a small item on that agenda tied up with leftover Nazi ideology about Jews and Freemasons. Their rage does not originate from Israel but from globalism and colonialism.

Imagine there is no Israel but the sources and current problems of the Muslim world and the threat it poses cannot and will not be resolved by pressuring Israel.


  1. No Israel= no world anymore.

  2. yes the self-anihiliation is the goal of insane minds

  3. Anonymous6/12/06

    And it's Israel's fault that thousands of muzlims are moving into Buffalo, NY and turning it into little Iraq. And Israel's fault that teens have zits. And Israel's fault trans fats can kill you...that Brooklyn is over-run by rats (not including politicians)...but it wasn't Israel's fault that I went flying down the road through the muzlim section of Brooklyn blaring Chassidic music and laughing my head off. That was because I'm devious and have suicidal tendencies. LOL!!!

  4. Of course it will be the end of the world.

    I can imagine it and I can imagine it happening in my lifetime.


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