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If We Could Talk to the Terrorists


  1. Anonymous10/12/06

    It is bad enough that someone created such a thing as this (meaning that it has been made comedic and cutesy-funny).
    But for you,whom I have gained an substantial amount of respect for thru reading your blog,to spread it around so more people could feel the "Hogans Heros" effect...well is quite disappointing to say the least.
    My family who 20 years ago escaped Iran ,by walking for about 2 months shoeless and eating grass and whatever we could find,would find this to be less that amusing.
    Of course I won't show this to them as I don't think of this as a trivial subject.Nor do I think that my grandparents ,who were hung in public in Iran,would get a warm fuzzy feeling either.
    I wouldn't dare tell you what to do here(concerning your blog),but I think you might want to reconsider what you post.
    Ofcourse I am not forced to read it,so forgive me for making a suggestion.
    I'm just glad that I'm no longer in Iran and I'm also glad that you aren't either.
    All the best to you my Dear.

    Ozeri ben Moshe

  2. I understand what you're saying Ozeri, but this is not Hogan's Heroes which made light, this is The Great Dictator which ridicules.

    The real target is to satirize those people who believe an accommodation with Iran is possible. And some arguments have to be won with parody too.

  3. Ozeri: I pray that you remain safe outside of Iran and continue to live in safety.

    I am very sorry about what happened to your grandparents as well.

    Believe me Sultan Knish is not making light of the atrocities occurring in Iran, atrocities such as the ones your family experienced. Not in the least.

    However, he is correct. Sometimes satire is the only way to make people understand, to get their attention. Far too many people simply gloss over or don't read at all international news and keep their eyes closed to what is happening.


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