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Home War on Terror The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

"A swift cannon developed in the United States managed to intercept replicas of Qassam rockets during an experiment designed to test its ability to operate on the Gaza border. The anti-Qasam system is developed by an American company, Lockheed Martin, which also manufactures F-16 jets, and was named Sky Shield. The system was based on radars and two swift cannons with a firing rate reaching up to a thousand shells a minute.

According to company sources, the cannon succeeded in smashing the combat head of the Qassam rocket replica during an experiment. The experiment took place on land, although the company claimed that the system proved capable of intercepting rockets in the air. One Sky Shield system costs about USD 15 million. At least four systems would be needed in order to protect a town like Sderot. The main advantage of the system is its availability."

In other words it'll cost 60 million dollars just to defend a single Israeli town with a system that may or may not work in the air with an X amount of failure rate.

The whole problem with investing in complicated defensive systems is

1. They have a high failure rate

2. They're generally a good deal more expensive than the weapons they're meant to defend against

The only real defense is to preemptively destroy the weapons themselves. Building expensive and complicated anti-systems is never going to work and the only time it makes sense is when dealing with nuclear weapons which can't always be preemptively destroyed and whose successful impact has too unimaginably a high cost.

Israel and America's post 9/11 investment in anti-systems is fundamentally misguided. Instead of rooting out the terrorists in Iraq, we run patrols and discuss equipping armored vehicles with Anti-RPG systems. Instead of securing our countries, we equip planes with anti-missile defenses. Instead of taking back the areas the Palestinians as launching pads for attacks, we're instead contemplating deploying this. It's like responding to someone shooting bullets at you by building a complicated expensive system that intercepts the bullets 15 percent of the time, instead of just shooting him first.

What these systems really represent is the lack of will on the part of Israel and America to destroy the enemy instead of playing waiting games, running patrols, maintaining a balance and hoping somehow things will get better. The best defense is a good offense. For the last 3 years America has forgotten that and for the last 15 so has Israel. Remembering that means the difference between survival and annihilation.


  1. Things will go on and on til Israel stands up and fights for the peace it wants. Shoving back the nations around it in no uncertain terms.

  2. If it saves a single innocent life in a small Israeli town, it's well worth the cost. Even if Israel decides to launch an attack against her enemies, this sort of anti-kassam device would be useful.

  3. Hi Lemom (waves at Lemon).

    Shabbat shalom :)

    And same to you, too Yobee, in case you pop in.

  4. Anonymous1/12/06

    And since it's meant to protect Jews, the inaccuracy/failure will be higher than if it was to protect terrorists.

    (Thank you Chubby. Your little stinky stinker expresses how I feel really well. I just wish I didn't have to smell you. Cats! LOL)

    Gut shabbos all! And may the Schwartz be with you...and the after effects of cholent! :] Chubby said to say that.

  5. Chubby sounds like my cat Kaybear aka Boobalu's cousin.

    No idea what boobalu means. My sister called my niece that a lot lol.

  6. I'm not sure if it's of topic. But the letter I send you Sultan which originated from the JP kind of points out the same only more insane. Instead of confronting the thread head on Britain engages advisors on counter terrorism from non other than the Muslim Brotherhood. Same with this guy they invited to debate the Mohammed Cartoons who just a few years ago chanted anti-Semitic slogans in Antwerp and has affiliation with Hizbullah. What do we think if we think at all? It's frightening to say the least.


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