Home Satire The Trickle-Up Theory of Media Bias
Home Satire The Trickle-Up Theory of Media Bias

The Trickle-Up Theory of Media Bias

(AP) Israel Invades Palestinian Areas, Kills 6

Israeli tanks backed by helicopter gunships rumbled into sleeping Palestinian towns shattering their peaceful stillness with a relentless rain of fire from above killing 6 Palestinians, among them 5 activists belonging to Hamas and a young boy. UN Secretary General has strongly condemned...

(Reuters) Israelis Assault Palestinian Civilians Killing Several

As part of Israel's drive to seek vengeance for the deaths of its soldiers, Israeli troops mobilized for an all out assault on Palestinian civilian areas. Backed by superior numbers and firepower the troops left several Palestinians dead in their wake. UN Secretary General has strongly condemned...

(UPI) Israel's War Campaign Claims Growing Death Toll

Fueled by gasoline and vengeance, the Israeli Army pushed deeper than ever into Palestinian territories as the body count for its campaign continues to grow. Despite the outcry of human rights activists, the killing continued for another night claiming yet more lives in a conflict that never seems to end...

(BBC) Outcry At Israel's Massacre Grows

Israel's undeclared war being waged against the defenseless Palestinian towns claimed new victims today as Palestinians mourned their fallen comrades. Wails and gunshots rose into the cool clear air as victims were carried off on stretchers, casualties of Israel's continuing incursions into Palestinian areas with the bloodiest night in weeks coming after the traditional Muslim holiday of...

(Pravda) Israel Death Machine Crush Women Children

Reported from Moscow grave news in occupied terrorists. Israeli soldiers brandishing American manufactured weapons broke into homeland of Palestinian people killing many. Instant resolutions called in Duma for condemning Zionist warmongering death machine. Igor Gazubayev of the Great National Russia Party expressing outrage demanding following. "How much longer can too merciful government prevail from squashing the Zionist cockroaches with their own boots." Our President, Vladimir Putin expressed strong condemnation of outrage directed at...

(Al Jazeera) Blood Drenched Zionists Slaughter, Devour Numerous Palestinians

Draped in camouflage uniforms of human skin taken from butchered Palestinian children intended to allow these spawn of Shaitan to walk among their victims, Israeli soldiers murderously stamped on the bodies of dying children while singing their Hatuikvu anthem which celebrates the genocide of the Palestinian people. As they began harvesting the organs of the dying for use in their upcoming holiday of Pozzover, they chanted the murderous hymns of their damned forefathers...

(Note: These headlines are a parody, well some of them anyway but they're not so far from the reality)


  1. Pravdas piece is especially funny coming from Communists who murdered how many tons of millions?

    The "defenseless" Palestinians were firing guns and wailing.. last time I looked owning weapons didnt make one defenseless.

    And while we are on the subject, notice how they say nothing about the rockets lobbed constantly into Israel.

  2. Anonymous14/11/06

    Haaretz: Israeli terrorist responsible for massacre:

    Amnon Cohen, known as the Exterminator, was seen armed with a tank full of a dangerous chemical, as he headed to his job ridding Israel of its most unwanted residents. (and only later, way down, do you read that Cohen is a pest control exterminator and that he was killing roaches. Then the article ends with a statement from Israel's version of PETA regarding cruelty to jukim).


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