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Home Important Posts Islam War on Terror Recognize the Islamic Enemy or Lose the War

Recognize the Islamic Enemy or Lose the War

At a meeting with a number of conservative talk show hosts, Bush was quoted as saying that the, "the War on Terror has to be about right versus wrong, “because if it’s about Christianity versus Islam, we’ll lose.”

The easiest way to lose a war of course is to decide beforehand that you can't win. Plenty of wars indeed have been lost precisely that way and the nations in question long forgotten except as someone else's colonies.

Now I'm not saying there should be an official war declared between Christianity and Islam. But the war cannot be declared as one between 'right and wrong' because to most right and wrong are abstract ideas interpreted subjectively. My right is not necessarily your right. It may be your wrong.

Muslims feel that right involves murdering their daughters, bombing skyscrapers and expanding the dominion of Islam. Convincing them that's wrong requires displacing their current moral system with an alternative moral system. Since their moral system is religiously based, you cannot displace their system of belief without displacing their religion. Islam.

A number of approaches to this involves the belief that we should be promoting the reform of Islam and thus create a moderate form of Islam that will give up on all the bloodshed. There's just one problem. Moderate versions of religion without the bloodshed don't tend to win out over immoderate ones that believe in bloodshed in an arena where guns and bombs are permitted weapons of settling religious debate. A moderate version of Islam hasn't even succeeded among European Muslims. It's delusional to imagine it will succeed in the Muslim world.

The illusion that Islam can be housebroken so that Muslims stop blowing up inside the house is just that, an illusion cultivated by the same refusal to confront the problem that motivated Bush' statement. For the moment Europe and America are frantically spreading newspapers everywhere while pretending they're spreading out the newspapers for everyone as if a family trying not to make their incontinent dog feel bad, lay down the papers equally for their spouses and children as if it's a problem for the entire family, rather than for the nasty stray they've insisted on adopting and remaining loyal to, no matter how often it bites their children.

The war isn't between Islam and Christianity. It's a war between Islam and every other system of belief on the planet. The real alliance should be between Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sufis, Buddhists, Atheists and any religion or system of belief willing to stand up to the murderous thugs of Islam. Instead everyone continues to deny the blatantly obvious and no one seeks to cultivate alliances against a common enemy. It's Hitler rampaging through Czechoslovakia all over again while Chamberlain sits in London and Stalin is planning a treaty and America is trying to ignore it all.

Winning a war means first of all knowing who you're fighting. For all our vaunted War on Terror we refuse to recognize that we're fighting Islam. Not a few men who make Islam look bad since that list of men begins with Mohammed right on to Mohammed Atta. Not a perverted version of Islam but Islam proper. The same people who have killed millions from Thailand, to the Philiphines, to Moscow to Tel Aviv to Paris to New York to London to Madrid to East Timor to Somalia to the Sudan. It's all one war against one enemy. We can't win against that enemy when we're not even allowed to speak its name. We can't win against that enemy when we're instead trying half-assed schemes to appeal to its better nature and reform it, before we've even won the war.

There are indeed over a billion Muslims and their numbers are growing but the global population is several times that. But as long as the rest of the world lacks unity in confronting Islam, Muslims can take it over country by country.

The original wave of Islamic conquest spread Islamic populations across much of the globe from Eastern Europe to Asia to Spain. The modern Islamic conquest begins by radicalizing the local Muslim population, using immigration to import large numbers of Muslims and evangelizing new converts from the host population. And then the real terror begins.

Islamic supremacist groups then begin leveraging wedge Islamic populations within a country to carry out a campaign of violence and terrorism, force the country's leadership to compromise and negotiate and then seize power outright. Thailand which has a Muslim ruler who took power by coup has already fallen to those tactics. The Philippines will follow. France has a generation to live. Israel is on the verge of annihilation because for several decades it has failed to resolve once and for all the situation instead fighting long drawn out campaigns that never actually end in victory or defeat.

America's diverse population and large scale immigration from South America provides some immunity that Europe lacks but it's no coincidence that Latinos have been targeted for conversion to Islam and represent the largest numbers of those converting annually in America. In the end we will face the same threat as France and Israel and Thailand are. Survival rests with resistance.

Some have already accepted the prospect of a new Islamic World Order. A new Dark Ages filled with ruthless cruelties, brutality, ignorance and horror. And that loss of hope alone marks a truly terrible victory.


  1. I think most people see the truth but are in a state of quasi denial if not outright denial. They'd rather dismiss the threat that Islam poses, that this is a crusade (yep, I wrote that word--crusade) against Islam.

    Instead, they'd rather couch their fears by calling the enemy the radical arm of Islam, Islamic extremists. Others assume it's just a problem of backwards arabs. I guess even racism is easier to swallow than the truth that this is a religious war.

  2. Anonymous15/11/06

    Do you really believe that every single muslim is dedicated to the destruction of the Jews/Christianity?
    Personally, I think a lot of muslims are naive about their own religion, and don't realise that their leaders are stringing them along.
    What do other people think?

  3. Sometimes I really wish terrorism was a war between cultures, societies. Then at least there'd be some hope for understanding or at least a bridge between cultures, a place of mutual understanding (I'm not talking about a shallow PC diversity-type understanding) and acceptance. A truce. Similar to the view Judaism has on other religions, while we don't accept them for ourselves we nevertheless accept and respect all peace loving moral people and try to live in harmony with them.

    Instead we are facing an enemy and war of good versus evil, and ultimately life versus death.

    Perhaps "crusade" was too strong and inflammatory a word. But when I look at the 30-years of the Roman crusades and what their goals were and how they tried to accomplish them, the torture, death, convert or be killed...it's nearly identical to what the modern day Muslims are doing and trying to accomplish.

  4. anonymous, not every muslim may be consciously dedicated to it, anymore than every nazi or communist was... there's room for denial and simply disinterest, but it doesn't change what the ideology they are part of represent, whether it's nazis, communism or islam

  5. Mr Bush was wrong when he said "if its about Christianity vs Islam we will lose"
    Is he implying Islam is the right religion?
    Does he have no faith in his own religion?
    He had better start finding faith.

  6. Anonymous, I think all of them are dedicated to it.
    I don't think you can be a Mohammedan and not be dedicated to the end of other peoples in one form or another. Its the core of the religion.

    Unlike Judaism and Christianity which teach love towards your fellow man, Mohammedanism teaches hate and killing of ones fellow man.

    If they are not...Where are the voices of those who arent like this?????

  7. Anonymous15/11/06

    anonymous: there was a particular guy who used to be neighbor of my grandmother. He had stood as a guard outside of hitler's office. He claims he had no idea that the nazis were slaughtering Jews. Regardless of what he claims, he's still guilty of participating.

    as for x-tianity being a religion of love? x-tianity is responsible for the death of millions of Jews. I don't consider that a religion of love.

  8. Anonymous15/11/06

    re: lemonlime's comment

    any msl'm who speaks out is dead
    or assured of a life in hiding from the fatwa
    and your average msl'm on the street is in no position to be heard anyway
    and grassroots efforts against tryanny are easily squelched by the beheading crowd
    a msl'm with the courage to speak out is well on the way to being a saint in my book

    as for your comment on "xtianity and Judaism" teaching love towards one's fellow man...
    The way Judaism and xtianity is lumped together these days you'd think the xtians never burned our synagogues
    I understand they aren't killing us now but it's like, what a thousand of years of persecution failed to accomplish a little "xtian zionism" has achieved!

  9. catlady, anyone speaking out against islam is threatened with death precisely because of a state of affairs that is maintained and endorsed by your average Muslim

    that means

    1. Patronizing mosques run by clerics who preach death and destruction. It's the most extreme clerics who get the largest crowds and positions, that could not happen without the active participation of the muslim communities in question.

    2. Complying with growing extreme trends including the Hijab, support for Hamas, Iran, Al Queda, etc

    Those are two simple examples and coming out of step with them does not require muslims to risk their lives.

  10. Anonymous15/11/06

    Well this is quiet a pickle isn't it. Only thing I'm sure of is that the Mongolian hordes didn't have problems pacifying Baghdad and the terrorists aren't messing with China despite a large indigenous Islamic population in Western China. Bottom line: The only thing they respect is raw, brutal, unbridled power that won't put up with Islamic expansionism.

    lemon lime moon: in response to Mr Bush was wrong when he said "if its about Christianity vs Islam we will lose"
    The truth is Islam is the world's fastest growing religion. Even in Europe where the native population is decreasing, the Islamic community is growing. For example 10% of France is already Islamic. Bottom line, they're outbreeding everyone else. How do you fix it? Hey I'm not offering answers, only making observations;-)

  11. Excellent, well said and thank you for saying it.

  12. Anonymous16/11/06

    re: sultan's comment
    yeah but is that state of affairs endorsed by your average musl'm- because of the superior violence and control tactics of the violent types?
    nomad said it regarding China and mongol hordes- "they only respect raw brutal unbridled power".
    Well who doesn't? I mean it's not like one has much of a choice when faced with raw brutal unbridled power- you can tell it to go hell but it probably won't listen.
    So China doesn't have a msl'm problem big deal. China has enough of it's own evil so there isn't room to fit in any more.

  13. muslims particularly in europe still have choices and for that matter even in saudi arabia, nobody gets murdered for attending a mosque that isn't yelling about jihad all day

    it's a choice in the end

  14. At any synagogue or church the congregants would immediately remove a rabbi or minister if their conduct was not in sync with what they believe. I guarantee you if any rabbi or minister started ranting about killing americans (or any people), planting bombs etc. during his homilies the congregants and governing bodies would fire him.

    Unless of course the congregants share his warped beliefs.

    The average muslim continues to attend services. Individually and collectively they remain silent.

    How many news reports do we view and read about muslim clerics being officially rebuked, censured, removed from their positions? I haven't heard of a single one yet.

  15. Anonymous16/11/06

    re: sultan
    speaking of europe, what is truly amazing to me is how many western people have chosen to side with the "palestinians"
    people who don't have oil stocks and who aren't msl'm who say things like, "well the Jews stole the land" in order to excuse every act of terrorism committed by msl'ms.
    And what's weird is for all intents and purposes I should be one of those people. I fit the profile;liberal feminist hippie type into peace and against racism and homophobia into saving the earth and the animals etc. Yet am I "rabidly" pro-Israel, and pro-Jew.
    And there was no choice involved on my part. I didn't choose to be pro-Israel I just am pro-Israel. And any moral reasoning I give for my position is just backtracking. And if it's the correct moral "choice" that's great but if it's incorrect there's nothing I can do about it, it is what it is and I am what I am. It's like I was programed or something.
    The pro-palestinian hippie types think they are morally correct, they think they are "fighting the good fight", against racism and injustice.
    And the msl'ms think they are correct, they think they are doing G-d's will.
    Others think the "war on terrror" is the good fight-but what amount of brutality will it take to win that fight? I'm all for fighting but if we end up being as monsterous as the enemy I might have to question whether we really won.
    Not to sound like a religiouse fanatic but I think at this point it's -recognize G-d or lose the war. And I don't think we really have a choice in the matter.

  16. I watched "Radical Islam Exposed" on the Glen Beck show. He is one of the most outspoken Talk show hosts in America besides Mike Savage and maybe that's why Mike doesn't get aired till 9pm. Glen hit the nail on the head with his video clips. Not that it's any news to us who are informed. However, at the end he had to show the moderate side of Islam. Now how many times did Arafat condemn Islamic terrorism in English only to rally on his troops in Arabic. Just like the Oslo Accord where Arafat said to fellow Muslims in Johannesburg that he was completely in line with what Mohammed did. Peace to gather strenght only to break it in order to attack the "enemy". If the newly elected Democrats have it their way there will be not only a law that makes it a hate crime to call Homosexuality a sin but also a law to speak out the truth about the teachings of the Koran. By golly are we in a lot of trouble.

  17. Sultan, this post is particularly familiar. Your Passover has just ended - and the Left is attempting to ban the term "War on Terror" by the government.

    Maggie's Notebook

  18. Anonymous10/4/09


    It is the socialists in Europa who are against Israel.

    Most of the journalists in France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, England ect. are socialists.

    And they are those who writes the articles in the newspapers, who are in front of the TV and radiostations.

    That´s the European reality.



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