Home On this episode of Arabian Idol: Heroic Warriors of Palestine Send 68 Year Old Woman to Die for Them
Home On this episode of Arabian Idol: Heroic Warriors of Palestine Send 68 Year Old Woman to Die for Them

On this episode of Arabian Idol: Heroic Warriors of Palestine Send 68 Year Old Woman to Die for Them

Previous high points of the Palestinian 'resistance' included sending a mentally retarded 14 year old boy with a remote controlled detonated pack that he didn't know was going to explode, a teenage burn victim sent to blow up the Israeli hospital she was being treated at and now a 68 year old woman sent to blow herself up.

The media is already trumpeting this as proof of the desperate measures the Palestinians have been 'forced to resort to' by the Israeli non-occupation of Gaza. Of course things haven't gotten so desperate that Hamas terrorist leaders or even their own terrorists are actually blowing themselves up. No they're too busy carrying suitcases full of money across the border. Instead they sent their mothers or rather someone's mother to blow herself up.

The media's lead on this is to focus on her as a 'grandmother' with headlines like, "Palestinian Grandmother Blows Herself Up in Attack Against Israeli Troops." Oddly for most news stories, murderers aren't described as fathers or mothers or grandmothers. I have trouble remembering headlines reading, "Brooklyn Father Stabs 3 at Gas Station' or 'Milwaukee Grandfather Under Arrest for Bar Shooting,' but of course the lead story on terrorist murders has to be the humanizing of the murderer. And Hamas is happy enough to give the media what it wants.

Somewhere around a table Hamas leaders go over profiles of who to send next much as Reality TV show producers examine the photos and bios of reality show contestants.

"Hey Hamid, what about a 13 year old next time?"

"No Abdul, Fatah used a 13 year old last month."

"What if ours is a girl?"

"It's been done already, Islamic Jihad used a 14 year old girl last year. Newsweek ran a cover story about it, interviews with her family, the whole works. It's been milked to death already."

"But what if ours is in a wheelchair?"

"Hmmm," Abdul says stroking his chin, "disabled suicide bomber, interesting angle but I still like the grandmother for this one. We've gotta deliver something new and shocking or the public gets bored. No one's seen a 68 year old woman blow herself up yet, that'll get coverage."

"The only question," Hamid says, "is how we'll top this one?"

"Got any 100 year olds?"

Next time on Arabian Idol: more homicide and suicide on the Islamic version of Reality TV. Unlike tame American and European Reality TV which only show you contestants humiliating themselves for money, Arabian TV will show you people actually killing themselves and others. Call it competing in the entertainment marketplace. Call it death.


  1. Looking at that innocent infant I can imagine what Hamas would do next to shock the world, but it's even too horrible to write or speak it.

  2. I think you really said here what happens. It's a stunt to gain pity and attention at other's expense.
    The leaders dont do this.
    They use others to die for them.

  3. k.a. for now they raise the kids to do it from an early age, one recent terrorist case involved a pregnant woman

    lemon - yes, I recall when there was a mistaken attempt to recruit a top hamas leader's son for a suicide bombing by fatah, that got shot down fast

    their own kids don't go obviously, they often use people who are compromised, dumb or useless

    sons of fathers who have been disgraced in some way and need to redeem the family honor, girls or women who have had affairs... sometimes staged by the terrorist leaders themselves

  4. I know they are grooming their children to become suicide martyrs; my fear was that they'd actually do something like push a baby carriage with a bomb inside into a crowded building or something.

  5. What reward does she get in Jaihinnum? 72 virgin rams and a pork sandwich?

  6. they've already faked being pregnant in order to carry bombs, pregnant women have carried out suicide bombings... so really it would be a logical next step

  7. Anonymous3/1/10

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