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Democrats Win, America Loses, Israel is on its Own

The results of this election and likely the one afterward will be remembered as one of the worst political disasters in American history. Not because one party lost and the other won, but because in the middle of a war the electorate brought to power the very same people whose negligence had brought the war on in the first place. If Chamberlain had been returned to office in the middle of World War 2 on a platform of negotiating with Nazi Germany, that is the scale of the magnitude of this disaster.

Under a Democratic congress the odds that the United States will intervene militarily to stop Iran have dropped to nearly zero, short of an act of war committed by Iran against the US. This means Israel is on its own against Iran. If Israel fails, Iran will have nuclear weapons and there is no doubt it will use them. The only question is whether it will first use them against Israel or the United States. The blood price for tonight's elections and the celebrations by Democrats will be in the millions dead, on either side or both.

To the south, Sandanista terrorist Daniel Ortega, an ally of Arafat, Libya and Iran has returned to power. This adds one more nation to the coalition of Latin American Marxist states that has been forming beginning with Chavez and isolates Columbia as one of our few remaining allies. Drug trade will increase, terrorists will have bases south of our borders and we can expect massive instability, assassinations and a covert war being fought against us by the very same people John Kerry was patronizing while he was a United States Senator.

To the West, North Korea is continuing its nuclear testing. This will put it into a direct showdown with Japan. To the Japanese, North Korea is what Iran is to Israelis. Many Japanese have been emigrating from the country for the last decade as the Japanese government now is the most militaristic since 1941. Japan has its own nuclear reactors and the technical expertise to produce nuclear weapons in a fairly short time and it will do so. A nuclear exchange between Japan and North Korea that may also pull in China will have a death tolls in the tens of millions. The Clinton administration and the Democrats brought things to this stage but they will take no responsibility and do nothing except call for more negotiations.

To the East, an invisible coup has resurrected the ghost of the Soviet Union as a Nationalist Socialist state that is slowly beginning to devour its former Republics again, using blackmail, violence and economic terrorism. Russian espionage targeted at America is off the scale now, as is Chinese espionage with over 2000 fraudulent Chinese companies in Silicon Valley alone for the purposes of corporate espionage. With the Russian takeover of thousands of American gas stations with many more to come, America is approaching the point of being vulnerable to the same Russian economic blackmail that has been aimed at Ukraine and Georgia. All this while Senator Chuck Schumer appeared at the opening of Russian Lukoil stations, a company run by a wanted criminal who tried to smuggle weapons in a submarine to the US.

Let me be clear though, the election was not a Democratic victory. The Democrats had even less to offer and less to say for themselves than they did 2 years ago. This was a Republican defeat brought about by internal corruption, a President whose leadership had become increasingly indecisive and his policies geared towards appeasement and as a result helped alienate his conservative base.

Instead of using their victories to change the way things were done, the Republicans pursued a Clintonesque nation-building war, rather than the war against the terrorists that Americans wanted. Instead of cutting government spending, the Republicans vastly inflated it. Instead of fighting illegal immigration, Bush ushered it in.

The victories provided access to huge amounts of pork and instead of cutting it, the Republicans grabbed their share and corruption set in and so did the well-timed scandals 'revealed' leading up to the elections. And the Republicans continued fighting among themselves over Supreme Court nominations and immigration. Moderate Republicans began constantly picking fights, pushing agendas like McCain's Al-Queda Bill of Rights. Battles that left a lot of blood and a disordered and divided party behind them.

It was decidedly true that the Republicans were the lesser evil. That the Democrats proposed hiking spending by the double digits. That the Democrats will cut and run on Iraq and everywhere else, kowtow to our enemies, legalize illegals, build up the Federal bureaucracy and go on treating the Constitution as toilet paper. But the lesser evil argument is one that is rationally compelling to pragmatic realistic thinkers but noxious to religious people, to whom is still evil. Thus the Religious Right abandoned the Republican party and the Condoleeza Rice era of the Bush Administration put the kibosh on the Jewish vote.

In the end all that was left were the ballots, the exit polls and the grim reality of a tomorrow in which America is helpless to deal with the threats from without and within. The lights are dimmed, the stage is empty. The threatened Democracies of the world are as on their own as they were in 1939. The butchers of the world from Pyongyang to Tehran to Ramallah to Moscow to Bejing sharpen their teeth and smile.

The worst is yet to come.


  1. Anonymous8/11/06

    This IS the real begining of the end. Though actually it's been downhill since Adam distrusted The Lord and put his wife first.

    We can see the milestones as humanity descended. The great leaps downward. Solomon. The Crucifixion. Ceasar's Rome. The Papacy. King George. Franklin Roosevelt. Lyndon Johnson. Finally the George Bushes. Each time the spirit of man seemed to be crawling up out of darkness .... a giant plunge further down.

    The Bible is God's effort to show and prove to man that His Will and His Way are the only way. Man will fail utterly to transcend his evil nature. Now we are on the final approach.

    We should all pray for God's will to fall in His Wrath upon us all. We are all destined for death and judgement in this life. Now is the tiime. We should welcome it and as we approach the fire we must tell the world and all around that this was foretold and that we deserve it. Redemtion draws near. Welcome it.

  2. Israel was on it's own to begin with. America has never been pro-Israel.

    Maybe, but I doubt it, Israel and a lot of American Jews will wake up some day and realise that just as when we tried to rely on Egypt for help (thinking they were pro-Israel), instead of Hashem, we get destroyed.

    We're not allowed to rely on any country for help, only Hashem. But we still haven't learned that.

  3. I didn't get to vote until close to 9 PM. I was only voter number 249 in my district. Such a low turnout in my community, and yet hours earlier nearly 50 people gathered to watch a hostage situation unfold. They couldn't be bothered to walk a couple blocks down the street after it ended and vote.

    Fighting terrorism to most of these clowns means little more than putting flags on their car antennas and in their windows. That's the mentality here. Fight terrorism by waving a flag.

    The masses are asses.

  4. One party is the same as the other.
    It doesnt much matter who is in power. In the end it depends on the morality of the people.
    It is God who puts men in power and God who takes them out of power and it is God who allows us to have the leadership we "deserve"
    This is true now in America and in Israel (which for me are one in the same nation anyway)

  5. Anonymous8/11/06

    Yes. Also, much of politics is like mowing off the weeds, but not getting at the root of the problems, so is ineffective.

  6. Those who love man pray for mercy not wrath at Avraham did even for the people of Sdom and Moshe did for the Jews. They did not welcome catastrophe, they appealed to both G-d and men to prevent it from coming about.

  7. Scott, you should pray for people to see the truth and repent, not for wrath. Ask for his mercy.

    Comparing King George, George Bush, Lyndon Johnson and Franklin Roosevelt to the Caesars of Rome is not in any way comparable.

    Let me correct your false assumption re: your own religion, christianity. If you will thoroughly read your book of revelation and a few others that correlate, you will find that the so-called tribulation or the "time of Jacobs trouble" comes on the nations of Israel( all of the tribes) and is not the work of God at all but of the satan.
    You will then see that it proclaims that the "day of the Lord" is after the tribulation and "this" is the wrath of God himself not on Israel but on the nations of the world who attacked Israel. The day of the Lord is described as far worse in scope than the tribulation.
    Just an FYI .
    I am always happy to correct Christians regarding their own religion. Drop me a note if further straightening out is needed.

  8. PS.... the day of the Lord does not come on Israel. ;) Ain't God just Grand??

  9. and another piece of the puzzle falls into place...and they elected a muslim...did you hear how he just loves israel? and the talk in the street is that in less than twenty years they will have enough power to elect the president...ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, mahmud ali mahmud...hail to the chief...and the world weeps...stay safe

  10. We can see the milestones as humanity descended. The great leaps downward. Solomon. The Crucifixion. Ceasar's Rome. The Papacy. King George. Franklin Roosevelt. Lyndon Johnson. Finally the George Bushes. Each time the spirit of man seemed to be crawling up out of darkness .... a giant plunge further down.

    So... the Crucifixion(there was only one, of course) was better than King George? And the Papacy (which?) was better than Roosevelt? Huh?

    Help us out here, Scott- you've lost me.

    We should welcome it and as we approach the fire we must tell the world and all around that this was foretold and that we deserve it.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not to keen on fire. Sorry. If you want to go ahead I have some marshmallows, though.

  11. Anonymous9/11/06

    Well, I can't write a book here. It's just a blog comment for goodness sake. Lemon Lime is right. It is 'the world' upon which God shall vent his wrath finally. A very deserving wrath. But first we shall incinerate most of humanity ourselves. No help from God required. Led and guided by the Godless liberals.

    As to the steps ... I did not mean to imply that the progression was ever worse. I also did not list them all. I left out Haman and Jezabel and a host of others. I can't say which of the many was worse or not quite as bad as any other. All of them were men or man's systems striving to go their own way apart from God or even thinking they were doing God's will but not studying the manual so to speak. Or just outright trying to rewrite or replace the manual. The Ceasars murderd their hundreds of thousands but the Papacy in all its generations murdered it's millions while Stalin and Mao murdered probably a hundred million. But then it's all percentages as the statisticians tell us that today half the people who have EVER lived are presently with us.

    My point is .... we are not evolving. We are devolving and we have BEEN devolving all along.

    And THIS is what God desires we see. I just don't think He would have told us about the end (not even considering the Christian scriptures) if there was a way we could somehow contrive to create or accomplish heaven on earth. The wages of sin is death. You can call it entropy if you wish.

  12. Anonymous9/11/06

    Don't forget the Hezballah supporting district judge elected in Michigan, David Turfe:



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