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Home 1000 Rockets Have Fallen on Sderot: the World Remains Silent

1000 Rockets Have Fallen on Sderot: the World Remains Silent

Officially now a 1000 rockets have fallen on Sderot since 2001 with over 400 wounded. The average explosive payload has climbed from 5 kilograms to 9 kilograms and the radius has increased from 3 kilometers to 10 kilometers. Nervous disorders have become commonplace among children there. Many are unable to sleep at night.

While the media reports every Israeli incursion as a massacre and goes into depth about the sufferings of the poor Palestinian Arabs, the world remains silent at this ongoing bombardment of a civilian town. The media and the world looks everywhere.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has now joined the Arab demands for Israeli concessions as a precondition to any other programs or resolutions in the Middle East. The price for his failure in Iraq is to be placed on Israel's head. The British military which lazed around in Basra letting the militias do what they liked (and then boasted to the press that they know how to deal with colonials so much better than the hamfisted Americans) will atone for it in the usual colonial way of the old European powers.

The usual war in the Mandate days was for the colonial powers to show the Arabs they were on their side by cracking down on the Jews some more. While the French load their guns preparing to shoot at Israeli planes trying to stop the arms smuggling into Lebanon that the UN force had been dispatched to prevent but has not, the British will pound the table demanding more concessions for Israel for the terrorist Hamas state and the terrorist Syrian state, whose dictator Blair had so warmly welcomed even while terrorists murdering American and British soldiers were openly operating from there.

And thus the legacy of 9/11 is buried and the first phase of the War on Terror ends with a resounding defeat and the spectacle of the Allies or the Coalition of the Barely Willing, dragging out some Jews to toss to the Arab mob in the hopes it will stabilize the Middle East.

1000 rockets have fallen on Sderot but someday soon, the press will be photographing another crying Palestinian child, another Palestinian woman posing before the rubble of a home that isn't even hers and the triumph of evil will march on.


  1. I heard it was officially 1300 or more.
    World will continue to remain silent until Moshiachs time when they will finally see and completely understand all the harm and hate they (the whole world) have perpetrated on those whom God loves.
    There will be a crashing blow of realization that will shatter them physically and emotionally as they realize and come face to face with their own evil.
    God speed that day.

  2. Anonymous18/11/06

    Everything you've said is right, SK. Of course, none of it is new. The question is, what should we do about it, and how do we go about doing it? Being reactive isn't enough; we must be proactive in an effective way. Any suggestions?

  3. Amen Lemon. And thank you for publishing this, Sultan. I knew the mortality and morbidity was high, but I had no idea it was anywhere close to this. Ghastly. Where are the throngs of "morally superior" reporters interviewing the families?

  4. Why isn't the IDF doing more to protect the people of Sderot? I don't understand that. I would hope they're not letting criticism they received re Lebanon restrain them.

  5. I wanted to add something else. I just read a lengthy article in A7 (a photo essay too). Very disturbing among other things the residents that did not wish to speak on the record, or use only their first name or initial. I have no problem whatsover with that. It's understandable that they fear retaliation, but from whom? Would arabs be able to target the bombs to their houses? Or did they also fear retaliation from Peretz? Maybe I'm reading too much into their statements but it's something I fear.

  6. There's no way to stop the shelling without smashing the enemy, playing whack a mole with terrorists hauling around portable weapons is hopeless

    israel can either control the ground, which requires the reoccupation of gaza and the employment of large numbers of troops or go in for a year or two into the populated areas in an extensive campaign to destroy the terrorist organizations which should set them back quite a bit

    the government is of course not prepared to seriously do either, instead they feint at it with short term incursions that accomplish nothing serious

  7. the morally superior reporters don't much care since the victims are israelis, on rare occasions when they do cover the story, they'll tie it to the cycle of violence

    and plenty of the residents are likely worried about responses to criticising the current government

  8. Anonymous18/11/06

    Poli Sci 101:

    When the poor downtrodden "palestinians" rain rockets down upon the imperialist oppressor, this is a legitimate defense against imperialism and colonialism. When Israel defends itself, this is state terrorism against oppressed native peoples.

    Just ask any schoolboy in the EU, may it be destroyed speedily and in our days. This probably is what is taught in Berkeley and in the ME studies department at my now benighted alma mater, Columbia, as well.

  9. Yes. In most cases they do report on it as a cycle in which both sides are symmetrical when they couldn't be more asymmetrical (to paraphrase a story on the CAMERA website.)

    Steve Stotsky, former writer for CAMERA, will be appearing at a Reform synagogue in Buffalo next month to speak about how coverage in the middle east is manipulated by terrorists and the media. The documentary Road to Jenin is going to be showed, too. Should be very interesting.

  10. Anonymous18/11/06

    There is another alternative that would require re-occupation or policing in Palestinian areas.

    The approach should be land-for-peace. Israel should advise Palestinians that any area that serves as a staging ground for rocket attacks on Israel will be de-populated and used as a barrier around Israel. The population will be expelled and the land be converted into a no-man's land.

    After a few villages are lost, the Palestinians may decide to curb their "resistance".

    This approach will, of course, not be welcome by the international community, but this can not be used as criteria since no Israeli action has ever been applauded by the world.

  11. as long as israel recognizes that the conflict is reported asymmetrically and that any action taken by israel vs the arabs will be subjected to distortion and that there is no point in trying to be moderate and careful, things may actually change

    the so-called beit hanoun massacre featured israel being hyper careful and working overtime to control and limit its firepower to absurd extents... meanwhile the palestinian arabs rain down rockets on civilian areas regularly

    there is no moral equivalence, the arabs are assumed to be right and israel wrong no matter what israel does

    it's biased and unfair but israel should also view it as liberating because it really doesn't matter what israel does, it can't win politically or journalistically, it can only win on the battlefield

    it's like dealing with a difficult person and when you finally realize that you can't win and can stop trying, that is what israel needs to comprehend

  12. I couldn't agree more. It's needs to recognize and comprehend these facts and start protecting its citizens by whatever means necessary, not be apologetic about it. The country is under attack. Every day is September 11 for Israelis.

    I can't fathom living under those circumstances and accepting the nonsense that is going on within the government.

  13. I'm having trouble controlling my anger, not only with the world's reaction, but of course, with Israel's reactions as well.

    Warning the terrorists who manufacture and shoot these rockets to exit their homes to safety before blowing it up is no way to fight a war against people who are trying to kill you.

    And today, after Israel warned the terrorists of a strike, instead of vacating the premises, the terrorists called for women and children to surround the house and protect them.

    So Israel called off the air strike.

    It was a stupid and suicidal thing to do.

    I am angry, I can't see straight.

  14. Anonymous19/11/06

    Ehud & livni think all they have to do is dangle another parcel of Jewish land like a bloody piece of meat and the hyena's will be satisfied. Could missiles rain unanswered in Paris, Berlin or Montreal? Do they have to fall in Tel Aviv to matter? Remember the Song of Moses. The day is coming for those who were a little too enthusiastic in their persecution of the children of Israel.

    Moschiach - may we witness his arrival. Soon, very soon ..

  15. "whack a mole" is a good description!

    If we're ever going to survive, the Israeli government has got to toss out their Dr. Spock handbook of child rearing and beat the crap out of the enemy, i.e., kill them. No survivors.

    Back to some calm, quiet knitting (who am I kidding? the kittens won't leave the yarn alone).

  16. every concession made, every bit of restraint emboldens the enemy

    the 'protest' is yet another demonstration that israel's tactics only strengthen the enemy, trying to be nice, trying to do the decent thing shows strategic weaknesses for the enemy to exploit

    when Israel or America demonstrate that it will back off from killing civilians then civilians will be used as human shields

    every act of mercy becomes a shield and a weapon for the enemy and the world will never judge or care

  17. Anonymous19/11/06

    Of course it doesn't matter what we do Israel is a babykilling nazi to the world.
    But what will killing human shields accomplish? There are billions of them-musl'ms and rachel corries and assorted euroscum etc.
    Israel gets tough and a briefcase nuke goes off in England-then what?
    Will the world war with Israel against the msl'ms?
    Even Bush called for palestine.

    A few dead Jews don't mattter-that's how it it is. And suffering that doesn't lead to death isn't even a blip on the radar screen. The important thing isn't a few dead Jews. The spiritual and physical suffering of Jews is irrelevent-what matters is that palestine be born. kacha It's almost come to term. mida kneged mida

  18. jewish blood has always been cheap...except to jews...and if we wait for the 'others' to save us...well, we tried that once...that's why being governed now by the 'three stooges' makes me lose sleep at night...great blog...stay safe


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