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Women, Feminism, Abortion and the Politics of Terror

For the last five years Democrats have been accusing Republicans of 'terrifying' Americans with the threat of terrorism to win support for their agenda. Democrats ought to know because terrifying Americans has been the basis of their own power base.

The Democrats have used the Federal government to build up programs and legislation and departments doled out to specific groups and then threaten them with the prospect of having it taken away should the Republicans get in. Like drug dealers, they've made people dependent and then undermined their self-esteem to the point that they're no longer able to make any decision without their approval.

Modern Democrats have built their power base by peddling fears to niche demographics, to Blacks and Hispanics, to Women and Liberal Jews and Gays. If Republicans have spent the past decades repeating, "Vote For Us To Keep Communism and Islamic Terrorism Away," Democrats have spent it saying "Vote For Us To Keep Republicans Away."

Where Republicans warn about the threat of attacks, Democrats frighten entire minority groups with the prospect of virtual slavery. Blacks are frightened with the prospect of rule by racists determined to stamp out their rights. Jews are frightened with the prospect of a Christian America. Gays are frightened with the prospect they'll be locked up when the Republicans get in. Women are frightened with the prospect of banning abortion.

No other issue seems to dominate talk about women's rights as much as abortion. At some point toward the end of the 20th century, access to abortion had become the sum total of feminism, the golden ball always precarious teetering over an abyss and endangered which had to be protected above all else. Every other issue took a back seat to this one.

Politicians love to reduce an entire demographic to one single issue they can manipulate. For Jews that's Israel and Democrats and Republicans make heartfelt pledges to protect and support Israel, only to betray them as soon as they win elected office. For Feminists abortion is their Israel. That single 'do or die' issue around which everything comes to revolve.

Of course Democrats are as solidly behind abortion as they are behind gay marriage or Israel or any of the other single issues they use to manipulate minority demographics. They make great campaign slogans to reel in millions but the moment a stand has to be taken that could actually cost them votes, you quickly find the Democrats hiding behind the rubber tree plant.

The secret is that the Democratic Party needs things to be just as they are. They need their pet populations to stay on the plantation and cast their votes for the jackass each and every time out of fear. They need to constantly terrify women with the prospect that abortion will be banned any day now and millions of women will be dying from illegal abortions. They need to terrify blacks with Klansmen dancing around a burning cross on the White House lawn. They need to terrify Jews with A Handmaid's Tale going from fiction to fact. They need to terrify period and they do it by working as partners with the opposite side to make sure key issues remain in play.

After 8 years of a Republican President and a Republican Congress, abortion is still legal, gays haven't been rounded up, civil rights are where they were all along and America hasn't been declared a Christian Republic. The bogeymen of the Democratic party were proven to be just that bogeymen but that doesn't really matter. Fear has its own logic.

The Democratic Party has enslaved millions by repeatedly threatening them with single issues that bring out a gut reaction, that make them feel threatened and on the verge of being reduced to second class citizens, deprived, enslaved. In doing so they've reduced those very minorities to permanent second class citizen status and enslaved them. They've made them permanently afraid from thinking and voting for themselves. They've chained them down and patted them on the heads and told them when to bark and when to sit. While the rest of the country chooses between two parties, they have no choices left.

The particularly sad spectacle is the extent to which women have been co-opted by it and women's rights into an adjunct of the Democratic Party to be sacrificed whenever something more important comes up. Now as Islam's expansionism brings growing attacks and abuse of women, instead of standing up for themselves, feminists welcome it and pretend that the real threat comes from Idaho rather than Riyadh.

Even long before women could vote, there were women's movements that spoke out and fought for issues particular to women in a voice particular to women. They were often ridiculed and assaulted but they persevered. Today when women have long had the vote, women's movements wind up being reduced to being adjuncts of the usual political factions.

It's striking to note that early women's struggles whether it was in England over the Contagious Diseases Act that treated women as prostitutes for the Empire's Armies or in America over Prohibition; women confronted injustices and problems that threatened women and spoke out over male ridicule to change the way things were done. It's also striking to note that many of those women were deeply religious and identified themselves as such. It's fashionable today to condescend to those times but the reality is women's movements accomplished more then with a lot less to work with and far more to threaten them, than they have now.

From the causes they pursue it seems as if modern day feminist heroes are sexual predators like President Clinton or the Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. Rather than defending or protecting women, feminist do more to enslave them than anything else.


  1. The feminists in America don't care for womens rights in any fashion. you NEVER hear them speak up about the abuses going on in China(massive abortions and exposing of new born baby girls by the millions), abuse in homes, honor killings, stonings etc. On this they are silent because it means nothing to them.
    Their only voice is on abortions for everyone!Its a sorry situation by a sorry bunch of women.
    Most politians are out for their pay check and the prestige that their position holds. They don't care much for real situations or for the nation as a whole.
    Thank you for a wonderful article on this.

  2. If the Democrats have their way, America will be slaves to islam.

  3. Yes, thank you for this wonderful article, and for listening to your female readers comments about abortion and feminism in various threads.

    I agree Lemon. Feminists have never cared one iota about women and their welfare. Abortion and birth control for all is their rallying cry. Beyong that, they're oblivious.

  4. The remarks about the one-issue for each niche group and the ruthless willingness to exploit and/or turn on those issues when it's advantageous are interesting. Would you argue that Republican methods are substantially different? If so, how?

  5. the substantial difference is that Republicans don't create dependency in entire populations, the closest thing to that in the form of evangelical Christians were never dependent and are now engaging in a backlash

    the Republicans propound policies and push agendas but they don't create entire slave populations walled in by government programs, e.g. affirmative action, welfare

  6. thank you lemon and k.a., modern 'official' feminism has become not about caring for any rights, but caring for self-righteousness

  7. You're welcome. You've shattered another feminist myth--that men don't listen to women or what we have to say.

    One other thought on feminism: I think they've caused considerable and possibly permanent harm to American families with their triade agenda of pro-abortion, pro birth control to make premarital sex without consequences as easy as possible, and their push to get mothers out of the homes and into the work force.

    Not that there is anything wrong per se with mothers having careers or married couples using birth control responsibly. But the feminists have declared war on the American family. And it is extremely selfish and self rigtheous.

    And this tremendous and sudden push for gay marriage really makes me wonder if all of the rumors about the sexual orientation of the female heads of the women's studies department at many colleges are true.

    I think they are, and that motivates a lot of their anti-traditional family/motherhood focus. Planned Parenthood, I believe, was originally formed at a time when MARRIED women were dying from childbirth complications; that's why they tried to provide birth control to them.

    That certainly isn't the case now. Thearly feminists are much much more different.

    Democrats and feminists do indeed create a slave mentality within targeted populations, making them dependant on democratic, liberal agendas. Say Democract decides to become an independant thinker and supports a republican candidate on an issue or several issues--the Democrats will instantly cry out that the sky is falling...and bring up abortion, gay marriage, or other feminist/liberal/hollywood sacred cows.

    To consider voting on issue or issues beyond that without considering their sacred cows is almost anathema to them.

  8. I'm not an expert on the topic but a major strain of the modern form of abortion\birth control focused feminism came from philosophical and political agendas that are officially dead today but their influence lives on

    and that begins with eugenics,

    margaret sanger who was turned into a secular saint as the founder of planned parenthood was very much into eugenics and using birth control for weeding out undesirable elements in the population, e.g. the mentally ill, racial and ethnic minorities, the poor (a widely held belief was that poverty was transmitted from generation to generation)

    before planned parenthood carried its current name, it was the american birth control league whose agenda was by modern standards quite evil

    it was not so much about women's rights but about a world program of ending uncontrolled breeding using scientific methods

    Many members of the ABCL saw birth control as a tool for addressing social problems at best and purging those who cause them at their worst

    The origins of planned parenthood were really an attempt to fight poverty and overpopulation, women's rights which today paint the movement were only a side-effect

    some of the ideas of the time were a good deal more ominious, I quote from Sanger's book, 'The Pivot of Civilization'


    "The lack of balance between the birth-rate of the "unfit" and the "fit,"
    admittedly the greatest present menace to the civilization, can never be
    rectified by the inauguration of a cradle competition between these
    two classes. The example of the inferior classes, the fertility of the
    feeble-minded, the mentally defective, the poverty-stricken, should
    not be held up for emulation to the mentally and physically fit, and
    therefore less fertile, parents of the educated and well-to-do classes.
    On the contrary, the most urgent problem to-day is how to limit and
    discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.
    Possibly drastic and Spartan methods may be forced upon American
    society if it continues complacently to encourage the chance and chaotic
    breeding that has resulted from our stupid, cruel sentimentalism.

    The philosophy of Birth Control points out that as long as civilized
    communities encourage unrestrained fecundity in the "normal" members
    of the population--always of course under the cloak of decency and
    morality--and penalize every attempt to introduce the principle of
    discrimination and responsibility in parenthood, they will be faced with
    the ever-increasing problem of feeble-mindedness, that fertile parent
    of degeneracy, crime, and pauperism. Small as the percentage of the
    imbecile and half-witted may seem in comparison with the normal members
    of the community, it should always be remembered that feeble-mindedness
    is not an unrelated expression of modern civilization. Its roots strike
    deep into the social fabric. Modern studies indicate that insanity,
    epilepsy, criminality, prostitution, pauperism, and mental defect, are
    all organically bound up together and that the least intelligent and the
    thoroughly degenerate classes in every community are the most prolific.
    Feeble-mindedness in one generation becomes pauperism or insanity in the
    next. There is every indication that feeble-mindedness in its protean
    forms is on the increase, that it has leaped the barriers, and that
    there is truly, as some of the scientific eugenists have pointed out, a
    feeble-minded peril to future generations--unless the feeble-minded are
    prevented from reproducing their kind. To meet this emergency is the
    immediate and peremptory duty of every State and of all communities."

    Sanger made some good points and of course the conclusions could often be altogether ominous.

  9. the irony of course is that sanger's 'superior' classes adopted her approach to control and limit childbirth and marriage and as a result are approaching extinction

  10. Anonymous1/11/06

    are you saying that Israel isn't a singly important do or die issue? That it's just something that politicians use to manipulate and scare us?

    I absolutely think Israel is THE issue-and I wasn't manipulated into voting republican and being a part of the bush roadmap to pieces
    and I didn't vote for the other guy either

    I voted for G-d-and G-d is not affiliated with any particuar political party, G-d isn't even an npa (no party affiliation) HaSh-m is beyond npa

    you talk as if thinking that Israel is THE most important issue is just silly. So it won't be a big deal to you if the Jews have to hand the Holy Land to the msl'ms?

    And then we can listen to the voices of all those Jews like Chomsky thanking the world for finally listening to them.

  11. israel is key, the politicians who manipulate it aren't, they're not pro-israel, they're pro themselves and once elected they mostly play the same games passing legislation with escape clauses so it'll never be upheld, e.g. embassy transfer, palestinian accountability

  12. Very interesting info regarding Sanger's ideology, goals of the American Birth Control League.

    A lot of what she writes about eugenics could almost come from a Nazi manifesto, and if I am not mistaken, that organization predates WW II.

  13. I agree wholeheartedly on what politicians are doing. Before the last election I was convinced that the Bush administration was 100-percent pro-Israel. But based on what Condi Rice is stating publicly, I've done a 360 on that belief.

    Israel is of course of utmost importance but both sides are using it as an election tool. The republicans are appealing to christian evangelicals, the democrats to pro-Palestine lobbies and supporters.

    Few have what is in Israel's best interests at heart and will speak out in her defense.

  14. Anonymous1/11/06

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say that Israel is key or of the utmost importance

    What if Iran say's turn Israel over to the palestinians or else we nuke england or the usa or australia

    what would be the morally correct thing to do in such a situation?


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