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Behind the Anti-Israel disguised as a Pro-Israel lobby I wrote about last week is George Soros, a shadowy figure who spends tens of millions of dollars to make sure countries elect the kinds of governments he likes. Last time around George Soros threw $25 million at the Democrats and liberal organizations like MoveOn in order to defeat Bush. This Cardinal Richelieu of the left has spent over 2.5 billion dollars on institutions, think tanks and lobbies that promote his agenda. Yet despite being ethnically Jewish, Soros has never visited Israel and never displayed anything but contempt for Zionism.

After decades of ignoring the existence of the Jewish people though, Soros has become interested in Jews again or at least in Israel. And when the devil gets interested in you, it's never a good thing. Soros didn't begin exactly contributing money to Jewish causes (something he reserves for left wing activists and Eastern European academics) but he began giving speeches and writing editorials. At the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, Soros compared Israel to the Nazis. In a recent Boston Globe editorial Soros wrote:

"...the war-on-terror concept lumps together different political movements that use terrorist tactics. It fails to distinguish among Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, or the Sunni insurrection and the Mahdi militia in Iraq...Neither Hamas nor Hezbollah can be treated merely as targets in the war on terror because both have deep roots in their societies; President Bush bought into this flawed policy (Israel fighting terrorists), uncritically supporting Israel. Events have shown that this policy leads to the escalation of violence..."

What will Soros' new Israel lobby be dedicated to then? Certainly not 'uncritically' supporting Israel. Perhaps critically supporting Israel while uncritically supporting anyone who wants to murder Israel. That's certainly been the motto of Peace Now for two decades plus and that's not about to change. Soros has banded together a collection of pro-terrorist lobbyists who operate under a Jewish and Israeli banner. They're no more Pro-Israel than the ACLU or Amnesty International are Pro-American. Any lobby they start will be consistently critical of Israel and of any administration that doesn't pressure Israel to make a deal with the terrorists.

Why the sudden interest in 'supporting' Israel from Soros? His statement from several years ago may provide a clue.

"There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that. It's not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well. I'm critical of those policies. If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish. I can't see how one could confront it directly."

Translation people hate the Jews because Israel and America fight terrorism. For Soros, a European, that translates into a political backlash at home. Suddenly his other evil billionaire friends don't like him as much, the hotel bellboys mutter 'kike' behind his back and Muslim dictators accuse the Jews of wanting to control the world. The latter bothers Soros because he really does want to control the world, just not as a Jew. Still sadly the Mahatirs of this world have trouble making that distinction and Soros has an answer, bully Israel into huddling in a corner and never fighting back. All it will take is severing American Jewish support from Israel, Soros believes, by replacing a Pro-Israel lobbying group with an Anti-Israel one.

Will it work? Well you'd be surprised how much cash can buy. In his previous election bid Wesley Clark positioned himself as a descendant of Jews and Pro-Israel. Then George Soros gave Wesley Clark $75,000. Now Clark is delivering speeches condemning America's support for Israel's campaign in Lebanon. What did it take to get Clark to switch sides? Yup you guessed it, 75,000 dollars. Undoubtedly with the promise of more to come.

Now besides the bumper stickers reading 'Wesley Clark is a Shameless Whore,' how much can Soros' money buy? Soros is the 27th richest person in the world with an estimated worth of 8.5 Billion dollars. In other words he has a lot of money. He's 70 years old and isn't keen. He isn't leaving an inheritance. His money will be spent right here doing as much damage as he can before he finally goes to that place with the fires and the poking demons.

Now what makes a man do such things one wonders. Especially someone who is at least technically a Jew. When George Soros was a young man in England he broke his leg and appealed to the Board of Guardians, the British Jewish charity for a stipend while he recovered. Instead the Board suggested he recieve a government stipend. Soros wrote them an angry letter demanding to know if this was a way for 'one Jew to treat another Jew.'

The same question should be directed back to Soros, is this a way for one Jew to treat another Jew, but the answer for Soros was obvious even back then. Soros was angrily demanding a stipend from the Board of Guardians because he was already recieving money from the government and 'double dipping' would solve his financial problems.

But the real answer goes back to even before that, before the broken leg or the hatefull statements or the phony pro-Israel lobbies. It goes back to Soros' family whose name wasn't Soros after all.

Soros' father born into an Orthodox family discarded his last name along with his religion in order to blend into Hungarian society. Soros' mother converted to Catholicism. Before the Nazis came the family vacationed in Nazi Germany. When the Nazis came he obtained Christian identity papers for his family and when sent his son, George, to pose as the godson of Baumbach a top Nazi official in Hungary whose job was to confiscate Jewish property. Soros got his finacial start in currency trading as a Nazi collaborator helping Baumbach trade the money he stole from murdered Jews and later used that money to buy a ticket out.

Soros began building his future with money stolen from murdered Jews. The money he's using today to pay politicians to attack Israel is rooted in that same money. Soros has described 1944 as the most exciting year of his life, while millions of Jews were being murdered, Soros was cashing in. He's still cashing in now. Apologists for Soros claim he was only 14 when he began working with Baumbach and times were tough. Times were tough for my father too. He was 13 when the Nazis entered Poland and he escaped through the sewers and joined the Partisans. Everyone has a choice to make. Soros made his and he's still damned for it.

He collaborated with Nazis then. He's collaborating with the Muslims now. Thank the devil for the so-called Pro-Israel left who are happy enough to collaborate with Arafat, with Hamas and Hizbullah believing that as Soros did, they can ride out the wave of genocide that follows.


  1. Anonymous22/10/06

    its almost hard to believe anyone could be so evil, its not even the pretend goodness thats really evil of liberals. Soros is just pure evil.

  2. Whatever troubled backround Soros had, he's an adult now and able to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil.

    Politically, do you see him become the sort of lobbyist Abramoff was? Or worse?

  3. he's a good deal more dangerous than a sellout lobbyist, he really is evil

    he's not in it for the money or for sale, instead he pursues a distinctly evil agenda...

  4. How is he specifically evil as opposed to opportunistic (which is, for better or worse, not an uncommon characteristic)? What specifically makes him evil? His conduct during the war, his business dealings, or the fact that you disagree with his politics?

    You just threw a lot into this thing; I'm trying to ferret out exactly where he crosses the line between jerk and Satan.

    Or is every charge here over the line?

  5. its not even the pretend goodness thats really evil of liberals.

    Hey, that's a totally reasonable statement! "Pretend goodness", that's like lying, right?

    Quick, were DeLay and Abramoff liberals? How about Foley?

    Get a grip.

  6. Soros can be accused of being opportunistic when he was using his financial skills to rape the economies of entire countries, since there was a clear profit motive and he made it clear that he didn't care what happened to the people.

    It's when he pursues projects that are evil from which he has nothing to gain that it's just evil without the illusion of opportunism.

  7. DeLay is evil? How. And Abramoff was a petty lobbyist. As for the Democrat's big bad bogeyman of Foley... if hitting on D.C. interns and pages makes you evil, then Bill Clinton tops Foley easily.

  8. Just my thoughts on this post: Soros sounds like a political whore (can I write that word on your blog?) obtaining money from any source that will further any political agenda.

    If even a drop of this money is used to benefit a pro-muslim group that is virulently anti-Israel that makes him evil. That money could eventually be funneled to terrorist front organizations or outright to terrorists. If so, Soros has blood on his hands.

    If money passes through your hands and into the hands of terrorists that makes a person evil, regardless of his motives.

    Abramoff only wanted to scam people out of money. Nobody got hurt physically as a result of his schemes. (Odd though that Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition was never charged along with Abramoff.)

  9. Soros might be able to claim childhood ignorance but as an adult he's engaging in this collaboration with the muslims willingly. There's no moral/ethical wiggle room for him to excuse his actions.

  10. Anonymous23/10/06

    So Opportunistic isnt evil?
    It is evil when it takes advantage of any situation right or wrong. That is sinful.
    Sin= evil

  11. As I posted on one of Lemon Lime's threads--it's more important now than ever before to ask where any money you're donating (to Jewish or Israeli causes or charities) is really going. Do your homework. Don't be afraid to ask around if you're not sure.

    It's better to look uninformed and perhaps a little rude than to risk having your hard earned cash used as blood money.

  12. Anonymous23/10/06

    Soros ==> Tzaras ==> Tzara'as

  13. Anonymous23/10/06

    Soros = tzures

  14. Being an opportunist and scamming people out of money is sinful, of course, it's theft. Thou shalt not steal. But when the filthy lucre (a term I was taught that applies to these situations) is used in ways that will cause physical harm or great financial or other hardship it rises to the level of evil, in my opinion.

    A matter of degree, I guess.

    btw, what does tzures mean? is that a name or what?

  15. Anonymous23/10/06

    Info on Soros's Nazi collaboration available at http://www.sorosmonitor.com and also in David Horowitz's/Richard Poe's new book The Shadow Party.

  16. Anonymous24/10/06

    Soros = tzures would be too good to be true. I mistakenly traced it to the Hungarian word sor - wine - but was incorrect as it turned out.

    His original family name was Schwartz; Soros was a pseudonym that his father used to fool the Nzis (regardless of his son's connections with Nzi sympathizers, Soros Tivadar - last name first in Hungary - assisted Jews in escaping from the Nzi clutches).

  17. Anonymous24/10/06

    You should be ashamed of yourself for bashing and mis-representing George Soros.

    Far from being opportunistic, he's given away a large part of his fortune to charities, and he is an important asset of the Jewish people.

    With all of your liberal bashing, you should remember that a short time ago most conservatives were saying things like "too bad Hitler missed you".

    Jews should think twice before climbing in bed with conservatives. Deep down, they still hate Jews as much as ever. They praise the heroism of Israel at the same time they await Israel's destruction and the second coming of whats-his-face.

    You should be criticizing people who deserve criticism, not George Soros.

  18. i did it too...i think i like yours better...great blog...thanks...stay safe

  19. The mafia also helped Italian Americans, but then killed people for various reasons and made their lives miserable. Ever watch The Godfather?

    IF it's true that Soros has given to Jewish charities, what's to say he's not a Jewish Vito Corleone type?

  20. and I still say the money coming from such people is filthy lucre. Don't accept it.

  21. SK-

    It's when he pursues projects that are evil from which he has nothing to gain that it's just evil without the illusion of opportunism.

    So his politics or beliefs are evil? But what makes them evil? His bedfellows? His ultimate goals?

    DeLay is evil? How. And Abramoff was a petty lobbyist. As for the Democrat's big bad bogeyman of Foley... if hitting on D.C. interns and pages makes you evil, then Bill Clinton tops Foley easily.

    If "pretend goodness" makes you evil, then most of our government qualifies. It's a totally meaningless definition. Stealing from govt. and taxpayers certainly counts as "pretend goodness", doesn't it? And wouldn't sexual misconduct as well? Include Clinton if you like; I never set up the strawman of "liberals are evil because they practice pretend goodness".

    rosenthal- I take the term "evil" pretty seriously.

    It is evil when it takes advantage of any situation right or wrong.

    Any situation? Really? So there's no difference between the friend of a store owner taking advantage of their relationship to get discounted merchandise and, say, people in Congress giving government contracts and cutbacks to their cronies?

    Sorry, but I think "degree" is important in determining if something counts as evil. (And I'm not convinced "taking advantage" of a situation counts in of itself in the first place.)

    That is sinful.
    Sin= evil

    Too oversimplistic for me, sorry. And bringing sin into it opens up a whole other can of worms.

  22. Anonymous, Soros has done zip for the Jewish people, he's done a lot of harm.

    And his giveaways are rarely charitable and almost always heavily political. I don't see that funding 'drug legalization' lobbying is exactly philanthropy in the first place.

    I'm am not promoting climbing into bed with conservatives, I am warning about climbing into bed with soros.

  23. Friar, these are utterly niggling distinctions that are completely besides the point.

    Soros' actions are evil. In consequence and motive. By contrast the people you cite are crooks, mostly petty, who found new ways to waste the Federal budget. Personally I can't find the energy to care whether wasted tax dollars go to Tom Delay or the Bridge to Nowhere or the NEA... they're stolen either way.

  24. SK,

    By contrast the people you cite are crooks, mostly petty, who found new ways to waste the Federal budget.

    Hence my point that using anon's criteria of "pretend goodness" as a definition of evil is totally moronic.

    Soros' actions are evil. In consequence and motive.

    I've asked you to explain why and how. Your response has been "because he's evil". Come on, I'm actually curious here- help me connect the dots.

  25. The reasons why Soros is evil are given in the post via his actions and history.

  26. Anonymous3/11/06

    This is important stuff. What is your source for Soros' collaboration with the nazis? If this can be proved, he can be discredited. Perhaps he can still be charged with war crimes.

    I have been unsble to verify these facts independently. Posting your sources would be a great public service

  27. Debbie29/4/09

    I've been reading some articles on Soros and it finally struck me between the eyes. If all of this is true, then regardless of why Soros is evil and what method he uses to justify his behavior doesn't matter. What does matter is his actions and he may very well be public enemy number one. I never realized he was technically a nazi and worked for them. For him to say it was the most exciting time of his life gives insight to how he really thinks. He's depraved. How exactly is selling the property of dead Jews something exciting? It also explains why everything he touches seems to have the look and feel of a Nazi. For example, the way he handles silencing the critics through using social engineering. His love of moveon.org, acorn, and the like. He's influenced governments more than once to release classified information. The latest being the US CIA memo's. His goal all along is to go after Bush. Why? To scare anyone else from doing the same thing and perhaps he's giving a gift to the terrorists if he's really friends with them. He's on record as calling Bush a war criminal for years.. WHAT a HYPOCRITE! Someone who worked for Hitler should not be throwing stones and I don't know about you but I'd rather be waterboarded than beheaded or forced to watch the rape of my children. The whole purpose of the CIA memo's released is to link it to Bush. If you prosecute the attorneys that sent the memo's, then you won't stop there. You will prosecute the ones who authorized the attorneys and so forth. This creates a Kangaroo court. Again something a Nazi would be familiar with. I would think Obama - a harvard law student would know all too well what that would mean and how bad it would be and that it shouldn't be done. So the question becomes.. did Soros and his buddies manipulate the stock market right before the US election to obtain the goal of getting the war on terror people out? Is he continuing to manipulate and control the economy to ensure that all of us are broken so that he can make a power play and either create a one world government or at least bend all governments to his will? It is certainly something to ponder. I certainly don't have the proof. And an even scarier question is.. is there an unexpected trojan horse within the theoried Coup detat thats really a terrorist? It would seem the most vulnerable time is after all the governments backs are broken financially. I don't think I have to mention who the trojan horse would be. I think I was happier yesterday when I was just pissed off but hadn't considered all of this.


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