Home Top 10 Things Democrats Would Be Saying if Rep. Mark Foley was a Democrat
Home Top 10 Things Democrats Would Be Saying if Rep. Mark Foley was a Democrat

Top 10 Things Democrats Would Be Saying if Rep. Mark Foley was a Democrat

10. Character doesn't matter

9. A politician's sex life is his own buisness. What's your problem with it anyway, are you a homophobe?

8. While tens of thousands are dying in Iraq, we're focusing on some supposed emails between consenting adults.

7. We voted against the pedophilia, before we voted for the pedophilia.

6. The whole thing is a vast right wing conspiracy.

5. If she had been a female intern, no one would have thought twice about it.

4. Just like the Chandra Levy case, this is sensationalistic media coverage meant to victimize a Democrat.

3. When will the Religious Right finally stop persecuting same-sex couples?


1. He really thought he was IM'ing Cindy Sheehan.

----------------now hypocrisy comes in two flavors---------------------------


  1. You nailed it on the head!
    All of the excuses remind me of Hillary Clinton's reaction to the Monica Lewinsky debacle.

    Tragic about Chandra Levy. After Sept. 11 her story and the scandal surrounding just got lost in the headlines and lost from the minds of most.

  2. I thought Cindy Sheehan was a man before her surgery? (evil dasturdly grin)

  3. It sounds like everyone here is a conservative ;). But it's true. I don't give a lot anymore about who is in charge. There's little difference. But the fact is the double standards within the democratic party. They see no fault with themselves whatsoever.

  4. The interesting thing is that liberals are concerned with being non judgemental to gay people...so why are they judging this now?
    This guy was 18 and a consenting adult.

  5. the chandra levy story is tragic indeed

    liberals though ironically are the first to use smear tactics against 'minorities' they claim to protect, e.g. jews, blacks, gays

    see the attacks on allen, on steele, a black republican having oreo cookies thrown at him, etc

  6. Anonymous6/10/06

    Wasnt Chandra murdered?
    The amount of people murdered during that time was horrific.

  7. Anonymous6/10/06

    I was a senate page in another life.
    I never had this happen on the computer but only in real life.

  8. no Hash you don't have to be a conservative to get posted

    I'm not

    But you have to be a troll who hasn't been banned for being a hatefull troll

    and if adult males who solicit 17-18 year old teenager males for sex are heterosexual then all gays are heterosexual by your definition

  9. Yes, Chandra Levy was murdered. To the best of my knowledge her murder remains unsolved.

    Whether it is still being actively investigated or if her case file is collecting dust in a cabinet I don't know. People seem to forget who the prime suspect was in her murder.

  10. 98% of all pedophiles who molest underage boys are heterosexual.

    99.5% of all pedophiles who molest underage girls are heterosexual.

    Since the problem of pedophilia is unique to heterosexual men, why involve homosexual men in the discussion, unless you have a homophobic agenda?

    Who's being hateful here?

  11. "98% of all pedophiles who molest underage boys are heterosexual."

    someone who wants to have homosexual sex is by definition not heterosexual, he's homosexual

    since homosexuals have repeatedly claimed that someone experiencing desires for the male sex is coming out as a homosexual, the same thing goes for homosexual pedophiles

    as for your other 'statistic'

    "99.5% of all pedophiles who molest underage girls are heterosexual."

    100 percent of pedophiles who molest girls are heterosexual, unless they're latent homosexuals. Either way they're sexual deviants.

    (and no Hash you're not allowed back on the blog, I've permitted you this 'one' post in order to shred this argument to pieces)


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