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The Price of War: Paris and Iraq

For the last half-decade liberals have been lecturing us that we need to be more like the French. To avoid war and seek peace with our enemies. To oppose Israel, shrug of terrorism and go about life with that Gallic casualness. As proof of the alternative they point at the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, the thousands of US soldiers killed and wounded in battle, the disruption to our society, the constant fear of attack.

But of course the thing about war is that when the enemy is determined to kill you, you don't get to choose between war and peace, you only get to choose the terrain of battle. You can either take the initiative and go to them or wait for them to come to you. After they came to us in New York, we went to them in Afghanistan and Iraq. The French were determined to keep sitting where they were believing they could sit the storm out by fearsomely working to counter the US.

Did it work?

While American troops are fighting in Iraq, French police are fighting in Paris. The head of the police union has described it as an 'Infitada.' French police enter Muslim areas of Paris protected by armored cars and in full armor. And the casualties? At the current rate 14 French Police officers are injured each day. 3842 police officers were injured in 2004. By the end of 2006 they believe that number will reach 5000 injured officers or %15 of the police force. A casualty rate that competes with the number of US troops wounded in Iraq.

Bad? Pretty bad indeed.

The US went abroad to fight Islam and instead began playing police and that is where the casualties come from. The French stayed home with 5 million Muslims pretending Islam was great and got a civil war instead. It's not just France either. Staunchly anti-war countries like Sweden and Belgium are facing the same uptick in Muslim violence. While allied nations like Britain worry about bombs in buses, the European countries that have already surrendered to Islam are facing a civil war instead as its Muslim settlers are determined to complete the conquest.

French police are discovering that Muslim parts of France are foreign territory to them.

'Michel Thoomis, the secretary general of the Action Police trade union warned of an "intifada" demanding that officers be given armoured cars in the most dangerous areas.

"We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists. This is not a question of urban violence any more, it is an intifada, with stones and Molotov cocktails. You no longer see two or three youths confronting police, you see whole tower blocks emptying into the streets to set their 'comrades' free when they are arrested."

Recently the liberal's cause celebre was armor for US vehicles in Iraq. France didn't go Iraq. Iraq came to them. Now they're the ones who need armored vehicles in their own cities. And it's a very familiar scene indeed. Rock throwing youths, Molotov cocktails, tear gas, fires. Did the French really think they could encourage Israel's Arab minority to rise up and demand their own state and that they own Arabs and Muslims wouldn't do likewise? Did they think being French was some sort of immunity?

France tried to dodge the war but the war can't be dodged. Those countries that don't ride out to meet the hordes of Islam will have to fight them at home instead. The riots, the murders, the bombings, the gang rapes, the streets of torched vehicles and looted shops are familiar enough. They're what comes with living in a war zone and sooner or later every Muslim populated territory becomes a war zone.

There's no dodging the war or the casualties. For now at the very beginning the Paristinians are still limiting themselves to rocks and Molotov cocktails and clubs and fists. And even so thousands of officers are down. What happens when they upgraded to Kalashnikov's and RPG's?

The war is coming home.


  1. Well the IRA had weapons and it will not be long til the French muslims have them too.

  2. yup they've got the drug and stolen property gangs to amass the profits, the next step is when the french muslims terrorists operating in iraq, afghanistan, lebanon, etc come home to france and begin training their friends and become cell and milita leaders

  3. It became known I think.. I only think I remember..that the IRA was selling guns and drugs and arming the PLO at one point??

  4. they were both marxist groups with soviet coordination and training and arms ran both ways

    the soviet union was backing marxist terrorist groups to take power

    the ira may have carried out one attack in israel too

  5. Let's not forget that while the French (fried and dried) kept ignoring terrorists, the US was training them at their CIA spy school - Camp Peary and sending them back to Israel fully armed to kill Jews.

    So long as the US insists on a PLO state on Jewish property, the US continues to support and aid terrorism, while feigning fighting it. The world is nutts.

  6. There are plenty of nations with blood on their hands, that's for sure.

    France created a monster and now that the horse is out of the gate their trying to find a way to get it back in the stable.

    I see a similar foundation being set in Buffalo. Border city, poor economy, a many middle eastern immigrants being shipped in. Conversely, the wealthier immigrants are also "helping" the city economy by offering to buy vacant properties (and whole nieghborhoods) in South Buffalo and Lackawana.

    All you can do is look back and see the foundation being set, and wonder when the US and NYS will crack down on immigration and start limiting the number of students admitted to SUNY colleges.

    How many actually attend colleges after obtaining VISAs anyways?

  7. that's right aaron.

    Not that everything can be blamed on immigrants and foreign college students though. I think most of the Lackawana Six were born in the US, not Yemen. And many of the young people arrested in Toronto this summer were Canadian-born and regarded as good citizens.

    And Ghadan and Walker were Americans.

    I don't mean to be racist but the thought of these terrorists recruiting black kids involved in gangs in poor neighborhoods is something I can't get out of my mind.

  8. yup we've got terrorist affiliated muslim chaplains operating in prison, bloomberg let one stay on citing 'free speech'

    and we've got mosques being set up in areas with large black populations but no muslim population meant to target blacks

    this is part of a pattern, in australia they tell aborigines that they were part of a lost muslim colony, etc... in america they tell african americans that islam was against slavery and promoted fairness to all people while christianity is the white slaver's religion... never mind that muslims and arabs were the original slave traders and mohammed's wars were partially about gathering slaves

  9. When I lived in Columbus Ohio, there were a lot of black kids in the Jewish Day School. I got really curious about that one. Anyway, one of the black women said the public schools were the last place they wanted their children and there was no way in h*&% they'd put a child in a muzlim school. ROFL!

    I saw the same thing when I moved back to South Carolina. So, they may be successful among some, but there are others they'll never win over. :]

  10. No doubt they do. I think the Nation of Islam obtained many of its members with that sort of preaching to african americans in prisons, including malcolm x.

    As for this trend of muslims moving into minority and low income areas, I see the writing on the wall here. Take a border community where the rents are very low ($400 a month is low compared to NYC I've been told) and houses are almost given away at foreclosure auctions and you have a disaster in the making.

    But to say that publicly you'd get branded anti-black and anti-muslim by the holier than thou liberals.

  11. Anonymous20/10/06

    No doubt they do. I think the Nation of Islam obtained many of its members with that sort of preaching to african americans in prisons, including malcolm x.
    Yes. That is correct. NOI, though, is a ridiculous cult that is falling apart. The real problem is the Saudi sponsored prison chaplains who are mentioned in earlier comments here.

    In Europistan it is worse. There are probably plenty of Muslim prison guards who sympathize more with the prisoners than with the government which they pretend to serve. Remember that for Muslims, all of Europe is dar ul-Harb, and they are out to spread political Islam in any way possible.


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