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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Newsflash: Score One for the Good Guys

It's a small victory but it's worth noting: The plan to enforce Islamic law by legitimizing Muslim cabbies refusal to pick up people in violation of Islamic law has been jettisoned due to public outcry. Thanks to all the readers of this blog who emailed, called and did their part to keep a part of this country free.

"(BUSINESS WIRE)--A proposed pilot program aimed at preventing travelers from being denied taxi service because they have alcohol in their possession has not and will not be implemented, Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) Executive Director Jeff Hamiel said today.

"The test program was developed in concert with representatives from the Muslim American Society and airport taxi industry in an effort to ensure travelers are not refused cab service for carrying alcohol," Hamiel said. "However, based on public response to the proposed test program, it is clear that its implementation could have unintended and significant negative impacts on the taxi industry as a whole."

Public response to the proposed program has been overwhelmingly against creation of a two-tiered taxi service system."


  1. Anonymous11/10/06


    You and your readers did all that?

  2. no but together with everyone who protested this, they did

  3. Anonymous11/10/06

    In the words of Ron Stopable.."Booyah!" Way to go!!!! Now if we can just get them all thrown out of the country. muuhahhaaaaa.....

  4. Anonymous11/10/06

    Actually this is a problem well beyond Muslim issues. I drove a cab in Chicago many years ago, and if I had picked up everyone who flagged me down, I would have been dead in a week.

    But, I AM glad to hear that NY is not going to be run according to Muslim law.

  5. This goes to show that people can not only fight city hall but win the fight :) great job.

  6. Good. Its about time something worked right.

    I am with Yo, put them out of the country if they can't live like real Americans.

  7. Imagine the creepiness of these people in their statement:"two tiered system"

  8. It is creepy, isn't it? It sounds quite discriminatory.

  9. I think there were a lot of people who read the paper who were quite dissatisfied with that idea. The problem is that usually Americans are so flagmatic. It takes something big to shake them up. If we would be really in tune what's going on in the world maybe we would be more concerned by what our children get influenced and discriminate against any negative influences. Maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't have all the school shootings. I know as long as I can I won't send my kids to public school. But not only because of that but also because of all the indoctrination that already starts at school level and continues radically into higher academia. Interestingly, one college who is very anti Israel in their Middle Easter department which is also named after the professor who started it and who is from Israel, happens to be also the same who was one of the two people that Bush Sr. met with as representatives of the PLO to discuss certain issues according to www.hirhome.com in "US and Ally of Israel?" Part II. Considering that, anyone wonders?



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