Home Cab Jihad continues: Muslim Cabbies Around the World Discriminate Against the Blind
Home Cab Jihad continues: Muslim Cabbies Around the World Discriminate Against the Blind

Cab Jihad continues: Muslim Cabbies Around the World Discriminate Against the Blind

I recently reported on Muslim cabbies controlling 75 percent of the cabs outbound from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and refusing rides to passengers carrying alcohol as a violation of Islamic law in Islamic Law: It Can't Happen Here, Right?

I warned then that, "...by stages. Muslim cabbies can begin with alcohol because there's already a suspicion of it in Western societies. It's a short step from barring passengers with alcohol to barring passengers with ham sandwiches. According to Islam both are forbidden after all. Then transport to women they consider immodestly dressed, to Israelis, to people sporting crosses, etc. There's a lot of things Sharia, Islamic Law, forbids after all."

Well as it turns out the next step is refusing transport to blind people with seeing eye dogs because among the many things Islam hates, it hates dogs.

‘Unclean’ guide dog banned by Muslim cab driver.

"A Muslim minicab driver refused to take a blind passenger because her guide dog was “unclean”.

Abdul Rasheed Majekodumni told Jane Vernon she could not get into his car with the dog because of his religion. Islamic tradition warns Muslims against contact with dogs because they are seen as impure.

Mrs Vernon, who works as a legal officer for the Royal National Institute for the Blind, added: “The owner of the minicab firm, Niven Sinclair, was also very insensitive, telling me that what had happened to me wasn’t really very important, and I should have more respect for other people’s culture. They have shown very little respect for my rights as a disabled person and have never once offered me an apology.”

And it's not just England. 'Australian Muslim Cabbies Refusing the Blind and Drinkers'

MUSLIM taxi drivers are refusing to carry blind passengers with their guide dogs or anyone carrying alcohol.

At least 20 dog-aided blind people have lodged discrimination complaints with the Victorian Taxi Directorate. Dozens more have voiced their anger. And there have been several complaints that drivers refuse to allow passengers to carry sealed bottles of alcohol.

Victorian Taxi Association spokesman Neil Sach said the association had appealed to the mufti of Melbourne to give religious approval for Muslim cabbies to carry guide dogs."

And Norway: Blind People Rejected by Muslim Taxi Drivers.

Grethe Olsen, accompanied by her guide dog Isak, experienced being rejected by no less than 21 taxis before finally getting a ride. Olsen thinks the taxi drivers said no for religious reasons. The Norwegian Blind Association confirms that this is a well known problem all over the country, especially in cities with many immigrants.

Now blind people, the handicapped are a recognized minority but as always with liberals, the loudest, least law abiding and most hate-filled minority trumps all the others. In the same way that Muslim mysoginy trumps feminism and Muslim homophobia trumps gay rights, Muslim disgust for dogs trumps the rights of the handicapped. And as usual civil rights now becomes hostage to Islamic religion used to hijack the public sphere and make it subject to Islamic law.

This has now happened in four countries that we know of and three continents. When that does that become a global pattern? And so the Cab Jihad continues.


  1. Reminds me of sitting outside Chaim Clinic on Empire in Brooklyn in my wheelchair, at night, in the freezing rain, and the stupid, idiotic Russian cabbie (from Special, I think) refused to take me in the van because I was handicap. I wanted to kill him.

    I have deep contempt and believe in justifiable homicide when it comes to blokes like that. Especially if they're muslim. :] What I don't understand is how they are able to get by with it. Bloody criminals.

  2. I'm sorry they've done that to you Yobee. More and more this situation looks like racism and attempts to control society as the Taliban did in requiring all women to wear Islamic attire.

    Of course none of this is remotely about religion or religious sensitivity but CONTROL; controlling a society.

    So we have the Muslims controlling everyone and the "uncle tom" types running around saying "yassuh massa." Cowtowing to their every desire no matter how unreasonable it is.

    What next? Convincing these uncle toms to become suicide bombers in their names as we see in the Midddle East?

    btw: shavua tov Sultan, Lemon and Yobee

  3. Sorry if I'm using too much African American slave analogies lately. I've been reading Roots since early this summer and it's an eye-opener regarding how these enslaved people acquired an attitude of subservience (uncle tomism) towards their owners.

    The modern day politically correct crowd on slowly on their way towards becoming slaves and they don't even see it.

    note: I watched the miniseries on TV when I was 15, but the novel goes into much greater detail in describing the dynamics between slave and slave owner. Fascinating stuff!

  4. Shavua tov HF, a slave mentality is learned

    we can call it a slave mentality or stockholm syndrome but it's the point where people adopt an attitude that says the oppressor is always right and their victims always wrong

    it is about religion though, because islam is control. The meaning of islam is submission, namely submission to the authority of islam.

    from the islamic point of view, we are all 'reverts' from Islam and we must be made to comply with islamic law. From their point of view it's something like the british empire showing up at the colonies and informing us we have to abide by their authority.

    Muslims do not genuinely think of themselves as a minority, they presume that a priori, islamic law is supreme over all nations, muslim and non-muslim.

  5. Time for some nice Jewish boy or Christian boy to set up their own competing cab companies.
    This is the time to clean up money wise as most Jews/Christians would choose their own if they have any smarts.

  6. Anonymous9/10/06

    HF: The slave analogies are totally appropriate. I've been thinking the same lately. It's not going to be long before the world becomes a slave under bloody arabs because they are cowards and won't stand.

    Sometimes I think if Hitler-butt were still alive and trying to pull off his scheme today - no one would try to stop him and he would become the world dictator he wanted to be.

    As for cab companies. The company the idiotic Russian worked for is a Jewish cab company. The Russian himself was Jewish. The cab company owner got a royal telling off from me and he laughed. Didn't see a problem. I hate Special cab.

  7. Anonymous9/10/06

    The world has been brainwashed by the concept of politically correct thinking.
    Negative opinion, jail time and fines have reinforced this. If you use negative terms for other races, etc you are in trouble.
    If you spank a child you are in trouble. etc etc.
    All this conditions a person for what is to come.
    Then when the evil comes no one stands up to it.
    Politicians and their pandering to minority groups has done a lot of this.
    Now when the evil mongers from the dark side come to install their borgish religion on people, no one stands up.

    The truth is that certain groups are not able to live among others of various races and creeds and need to be completely segregated on their own.
    Arabs are who I have in mind here.
    Their reliigious belief and mentality makes them incapable of living in harmony with others.
    The apartheid must be stringent.. meaning completely seperate nations.
    You cannot integrate them into another nation at all and those inside already need to be deported for the sake of others.

  8. Yo, if Hitler was alive, (and he will be again in the form of Armilus) no one WILL stop him.
    Who stopped Pol Pot?
    Who is stopping Kim MentallyIll Jong?
    When the US stopped Sodam Hussein the world got angry!!!
    No one will stop Armilus the wicked because he will enter into his own world where the majority of people welcome and approve of evil.

  9. " those inside already need to be deported for the sake of others."

    Amein!!! On the other hand, if they want to live here, let's build a fence around Wyoming and toss them there and let them fend for themselves. It's a state that could be sacrificed and no one would notice. LOL I would suggest Florida, but I love Disney World. :]


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