Home VIDEO: IDF Reservists and Parents of Dead Soldiers Disrupt Olmert Speech at Kadima Gathering
Home VIDEO: IDF Reservists and Parents of Dead Soldiers Disrupt Olmert Speech at Kadima Gathering

VIDEO: IDF Reservists and Parents of Dead Soldiers Disrupt Olmert Speech at Kadima Gathering

Like a general in search of troops, Olmert gathered 2000 of what were supposed to be his Kadima loyalists for a New Year's Ball and began delivering a string of self-congratulatory platitudes that distinctly suggested he was living on another planet from the rest of us. With a poll showing that only 7 percent of Israelis still want him to be Prime Minister (and most of that 7 percent probably live in Tel Aviv and rarely venture out of cafes), Olmert delivered a delusional speech full of quotes such as;

"Kadima is today the most important political force in the country...Kadima has had no major failure in the last Knesset...the public's feelings towards the war do not reflect its real achievements...the nations of the world understand the great achievements of this war."

As Olmert was addressing the crowd claiming that Israel is stronger than ever under him and Sharon's Disengagement plan made it that way, a number of IDF Reservists and parents of dead soldiers began to disrupt his speech raising banners, chanting protests and demanding he resign.

In the video you will see the father of a dead Golani soldier holding up the Golani flag and saying that Olmert doesn't care and doesn't know what he's doing, while another father shouts that Olmert should resign; as a Kadima party member attempts to violently assault them.

Slogans are chanted especially.

"Olmert Habayta. Olmert Go Home."

While the cameras turn to the audience ignoring Olmert's speech, Olmert breaks into his speech to say that, "this is a democracy and I recognize there are many different opinions but the majority agree with me."

(A somewhat better video which I've been unable to download is available here after the commercials... )

As it turns out many of the supposed Kadima faithfull were elderly Russian Jews who had been bused in, without being told where they were going, and began to leave once the shouting began making the evening even more of an embarassment.

(While the material has been extensively covered in the Israeli Hebrew language press, very little of it seems to be appearing in the English language press aside from brief articles describing them as hecklers, which I find rather odd. Where the Hebrew language Arutz Sheva has a video and a detailed story, the english language one just seems to have a brief mention describing them as 'hecklers' but then A7 has gone increasingly downhill for the last year or so.)


  1. A perfect example of how Israel is a greater democracy than the US. HOw fast would these families of dead soldiers been tackeled and arrested if they heckeled geroge bush?

    actually - you can time it, just go to googlwe video and search for "cindy sheehan"

  2. if you look at the second video, the police promptly come and remove them just like they would in the US

    it's not a sign of democracy it's a sign of desperation that a prime minister who came to power illegally and is opposed by much of the country after a disatrous campaign is still smugly in power and giving speeches to the rest of his corrupt cronies, the ones that still haven't been indicted yet

    ...better yet go to google video and search for Cindy Sheehan making out with Chavez

  3. Israel isnt a greater democracy its not a democracy at all , its a socialist state.

    Israelis are just in your face and speak out what they believe and no one is troubled by this.
    This is normal stuff.

  4. Ditto! Israel is anything but democratic. If Israel was a democratic state, Nadia Matar wouldn't have been arrested and taken to court for telling a public figure he needed to do teshuva.

    In a real democracy you can write to the President and tell him you look forward to the day Hashem strikes him down for his anti-semitic actions of pushing Israel to surrender her Land to arabs and for his support of terrorism. So far, I haven't been arrested for that email. :] But I imagine I'm on some sorta of dorky watchlist though.

    See! We live in a real democracy, unlike Israel. :]

  5. LOL Yobee. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't track you down :)

    As for A7, I sure hope the English language website doesn't start dilluting its coverage or turns it into a quasi Arutz Sheva Christian edition like the J-Post did.

    The English language news outlets probably don't want to let the outside world in on the dirty laundry happening in Israel. It's understandable, nobody wants to give a negative public perception of the country.

    However, people who take the time to read Israeli newspapers (English versions) want the truth about what is happening there--even if it conveys the duplicity of Olmert's government--and challenges the lie that Olmert like Sharon have the interests of the Iraeli people at heart.

    Let's be honest. There is only one image of Israel being protrayed by the mainstream media in the US.

  6. LOL hashemsforever, I have 11 cats. They'd be afraid to track me down. Especially if they saw the cool 7 - 8" tapeworm Spotty barfed up today. Slightly disgusting, but somehow really cool! LOL


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