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Home Torah True Jews or Quran True Muslims?

Torah True Jews or Quran True Muslims?

Another one of the Neturei Karta freakazoids goes on Arab TV to call for the release of Hamas terrorists and the dismantling of Israel, and slips calling Mohammed a prophet. A Torah True Jew or a Koran True Muslim? You decide.


  1. There isn't a real physical Jew in Neturei Karta.
    What isnt erev rav is arabic of different kinds.
    Not one of them is a torah-true Jew by any stretch of the imagination.
    Not one.

  2. Anonymous3/9/06

    If Jesus was alive today, he would look and act and be indistinguishable from the Neturei Kartei today. Forgive me for this quote "I have not come to bring peace but a sword". Sounds like something the NK people would love to do to us right now, lo aleinu!

    Keep praying and doing Teshuvah!

  3. Nothing in that clip sounds remotely Jewish; even the cadence of his voice sounds Arab.

  4. yup it does, that's a native arab speaker, not remotely a brooklyn jew

  5. Anonymous3/9/06

    these are criminally insane garbage
    why give them the publicity

  6. Anonymous4/9/06

    I did think it was fascinating that he was so fluent in Arabic, just like a native speaker, and that he just automatically called mohammed a prophet. Something i never thought of before, that the nk might literally be arab plants.

  7. yes that's why I posted it in order to publicise the matter

    I think some of them may well be arabs and the reality is put nasrallah in a black hat and he could pass for one of ours visually, the rest is just an accent

  8. Anonymous4/9/06

    He is "Rabbi" Daud Salah, who was born in Iraq. No idea how he fell into the NK trap, but gelt may have had something to do with it. Refuah sheleima, or skila sheleima - does not matter to me at this point.

    For all I know he is a multiple personality of perennial Iran TV star Yisroel Dovid Scheiss or one of his buddies from London.

  9. For sure, NK are not religious Jews.

    My supposition is that the originals (circa 1948) were religious, and now, we are seeing the grandchildren. These grandchildren have the clothing and the peyos, but none of the Torah study or Mitzvos.


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