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Mr. Chamish Goes To Another Holocaust Denial Conference

Just after insisting that he was being misrepresented as associating with Neo-Nazis and that Neo-Nazi sites were printing his materials without permission, Chamish has been announced as a speaker at the AFP's 2006 conference alongside the wife of prominent Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel who runs his website, Holocaust denier Jurgen Graf who was convicted of Holocaust denial in a Swiss court and sentenced to 15 months in prison and fled sentencing to become a fugitive.

Also there will be Chamish's longtime friend and head of Australia's Adelaide Center Fredrick Toben, whom Chamish begged to write a letter disawoing their ties, which unfortunately for Chamish was posted on the web. Toben's center is a clearinghouse for Holocaust deniers in Australia.

The conference is sponsored by The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial publication run by Willis Carto, founder of the Institute for Historical Review, before he was booted out of even there. It isn't just Holocaust deniers though who will be attending this witch's Sabbat. There will also be the Neturei Karta's own Rabbi Yisroel Weiss along with several Muslim anti-Semites and a basketfull of 9/11 deniers and other Holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists.

As seen above the notice bills Chamish as an Israeli Anti-Zionist, a far more honest characterization of Chamish then he's willing to admit to. No doubt Chamish will have plenty of material to sell them too. Chamish most recently appeared at a 9/11 Denial conference in New York in time for the anniversary of September 11th and he's published an article with a new theory for the 9/11 Deniers linking Israel as being behind the 9/11 attacks.

While Chamish will no doubt try to lie his way out of this again and claim he's going to debate the Neo-Nazis (when has he ever debated them?) he has one reason for going and that's to sell his books. For the Holocaust deniers Chamish offers his theory on how the Jews via the Rothschilds and Sabbateans were really behind the Holocaust. For the 9/11 Deniers he has a theory on how Israel was behind 9/11. For the Anti-Israel crowd he has theories on how Arab terrorism is really carried out by the Mossad and the Neo-conservatives are behind the terrorism while the Arabs are really our friends.

In other words Chamish is a one stop shopping center of Anti-semitic conspiracy theories for Anti-semites, a function he's happy to serve so long as it sells books.


  1. Anonymous17/9/06

    I think there is some serious question as to whether there are ANY people left that believe any Chamish "theories" who are NOT themselves neo-nazis!

    I do not know any at all who are not.

  2. A rare moment I wish Vlad Impaler wasn't dead. I'd vote to send him Chamish.

  3. poor Vlad would get sick as a dog...or a bat off Chamish

  4. Anonymous17/9/06

    Chamish is also a crook. This is on a blogspot

    Barry Chamish stole my laptop computer!
    Here is an interesting letter that I just received from a gentleman that was nice enough to take in Barry Chamish as a houseguest when Barry Chamish "escaped" from Israel.

    To Calev Ben-David,

    Twice, after returning from sunrise trips to the airport, Barry Chamish's "false alarms" that he was 'coming tomorrow -(Toronto from Israel)- proved an unnecessary waste of time, and expense of exhorbant parking fees. The third time Chamish did arrive, with about 400 lbs in two wheeled suitcases.

    Barry Chamish was taken to my home, to settle in. Later to my local member of Provincial Parliament, to inquire about reinstating hospital insurance and his Canadian Passport. Back at my home, when put on the phone to my travel agent, to book him on a cheap flight to Denver, Colorado...he freaked out! Rather than taking him with to my Mother's for a Shabbas meal, since he was so "freaked out" he was told to rest due to jet-lag and that I would return in a couple of hours. When I did, my other housemate informed that two people had entered my home, been seen about my home office computer (sabotaged) and Barry Chamish and his two enormous suitcases, and my brand new laptop computer WHERE GONE!

    The paranoid schizophrenic and delusional thief, even had the "chutzpah" to render his version:

    "Back in Canada" on the Barry Chamish website, suggesting that I had stolen the computer laptop. Yet, the Police were shown my receipts for its' purchase! I hate to accuse a "fellow Jew(?)" but he has deteriorated into a pig-swine, and a thief! I am certain his alleged automobile assassination-accident is due to the fact that he walks around with 3x magnification glasses to see the world!

    Just thought the truth should be added. Now, his newest website provides a phone number at Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I am sure he is "sponging" of some Christian Evangelists hospitality!


    Marshall Roth
    Toronto, Canada

    Shannah Tova!

    From: Marshal Roth
    Mailed-By: sympatico.ca
    To: the.israel.project.cbd@gmail.com
    Date: Sep 17, 2006 7:22 AM
    Subject: marshal roth-Barry Chamish stole my laptop computer June 2/06

  5. Anonymous18/9/06

    Barry Chamish is definitely NOT
    a holocaust denier. He has a
    different agenda which pits him
    as a loner amongst a den of
    cavernous wolves here in Israel.
    He is interested in uncovering
    the exploits amongst the clique of the corrupt and the traiterous
    here at home and elsewhere.
    If anyone is truly interested,
    there are a great many revelations that he made concerning the Rabin
    murder at conferences throughout
    Israel where holocaust deniers for sure were not present. Just ask
    any average Israeli what he thinks and he/she will tell you that the kangaroo court investigating the
    Rabin murder, including members of Rabin's own family, for that matter, failed to bring relevant individuals and facts to trial for questioning. To this day, 70% of the Israeli public believes that the SHAMgar commission was a mere fig-leaf or cover-up for something far more sinister. We, in Israel, have Mr. Chamish to thank for bringing MANY woeful indadequacies surrounding the ex-prime minister's "assassination" to light (not that yours truly was, in the least,a big fan of the murdered PM's then ill-fated actions). I, for sure don't hold with much of Mr. Chamish's statements or standards, and occasional errors, but it pains me to see this kind of maligning going on without at least asking the person, Mr. Chamish, why he is
    attending the conference, or even
    why he has written such seemingly
    untenable material in the sphere
    of this fine blog's author.
    I'm certain that, if Mr. Knish were to contact Chamish he might find much more than what is apparent on a superficial level. Again, I definitely don't agree fully with Mr. Chamish on MANY fronts, -however, you're not giving him a chance to defend himself.

    LeShana Tova from Yerushalayim

  6. Chamish has definetly tried to claim that he was the lone man researching Rabin's assasination. That is not remotely true. Chamish has tried to seize the publicity for it smearing guys like Natan Geffen who were doing real work on the matter.

    Chamish's agenda is to sell material to the conspiracy crowd, now it's why he's pitching himself to the far left now with 9/11 denial and the whole 'Arabs are our friends' routine, while pitching himself to the far right too.

    He cares about selling his books and the corrupt elites of Israel find him convenient because he distracts attention from their real crimes to have people chase moonbeams. He has nothing usefull to say.

    If Chamish were operating in good faith, one might ask him but Chamish has a history of being deceptive and outright lying about his nazi ties, of which the Toben letter is just the latest chapter. He will no doubt claim, as he did last time, that he's going to debate them which will be a baldfaced lie.

  7. Anonymous18/9/06

    You are painting a dastardly
    picture of Chamish. Some of what
    you say may be correct. Stam saying that someone has Nazi
    "ties", on the face of it could be misleading, or worse, imply something entirely unwarranted. I truly don't believe he is the lecher you make him out to be, though. With respect to the Conferences on the Rabin
    "Assassination", I attended two of these in Yerushalayim, and the relations were hearty and mostly constructive to the theme.
    It is possible that you're placing
    Chamish in an undeserved light.
    Others who have read Chamish's writings may not draw the same
    conclusions. It's just that, were you to permit Chamish to respond
    to your claims, a different picture
    might emerge -perhaps less sizzle
    and more steak.

    With Good Wishes from Yerushalayim

  8. No one's stopping chamish from responding to me here or anywhere else. The reality is he can't respond.

    I'm simply pointing out his associations and his claims and there's no real defense as Chamish has tried to do by claiming he has no ties with Neo-Nazi and other groups when he clearly does.

  9. Anonymous18/9/06

    So let us see if we have all this straight. Chamish is:
    - a pal of neo-nazis everywhere
    - a congentital liar about everything
    - a drunk driver who claims the Shin Bet made him crash his car when he was in fact stoned
    - a UFO nut
    - a fabricator of hundreds of non-existent conspiracies
    - someone who libels everyone and anyone he wants spies, murderers, etc.
    - someone who thinks Shabbtai Zevi still has followers
    - someone who is barely literate
    - someone who is homeless and unemployed
    - someone so mentally deranged that they do not make pills that can fix him.

    I think that covers it.

  10. Anonymous18/9/06

    The fact is that Chamish only cares about selling books, I was told by David Rutstein that Chamish has kept vital evidence from the public simply because if it too convincing then the case gets solved and Chamish thinks he will sell less books. An example is the Kempler video. Chamish refused to tell Rutstein where he could get the 10 minute "full" version and finally Rutstein got it from an acquaitance of Chamish just by chance. Chamish is a money hungry bum

  11. the reality is that Chamish is quite good at pitching his material to different audiences

    he has one routine for jewish zionist audiences, another for neo-nazis, a third for leftists; all variations of his basic material

  12. Runs "his" website...whose? her husbands or Chamish's?

  13. Anonymous18/9/06

    I am also believing now mr bare
    chameesh since landed inside my garden the ufo and the giant made me pregnant now with huge baby like time of Noach
    now I know truth of all things
    UFO pilot tol me that Shaul trys to kill David!
    Israel land of such conspirsy the king try kill young bochur like david. Oy where it allend now?
    I go now for ride in ufo to mother ship meet with my giant husband the evil malach of doom.
    l'hit mr sultan I love you web sit

  14. Anonymous18/9/06

    I notice that chamish-shmamish admits he also attends the holocaust denial conventions and finds them both "hearty and constructive"
    My isn't that telling?

  15. she runs Zundel's website

    Chamish has multiple sites and an extensive listing on the Rense site, which also celebrates Zundel

  16. Chamish is being used or allowing himself to be used for profit. An oreo--Jewish on the outside, Arab/Aryan on the inside. Or is it the other way around?

    Since he is bent on aligning himself with holocaust deniers it would serve him well to watch the movie Europa! Europa! Confuse your identity enough and it will come back to haunt you, Barry. Watch the movie.

  17. Anonymous18/9/06

    Conspiracy Uber-nut David Rutstein has evidently fallen out with Chamish (or maybe it is all just thetarics and show) and now has set up a SECOND phony Calev Ben David blog, at
    but this time devoted to bashing Chamish!

    (and promoting Rutstein)

    Rutsein has engaged in criminal identity theft of Calev Ben David's identity for several months. The saga of the stolen computer posted above, taken by Chamish from his host's home in Toronto, was posted on that phony Ben David web site by Rutstein, a guy who also operates sleazy pharmaceutical scams out of Florida. Chamish himself admits he was accused to the police by his Toronto host of stealing a TV set.

    One can generally ID Rutstein's prose immediately from the fact that it is semi-English full of grammar and spelling errors that a 10 year old would not make.

  18. Anonymous18/9/06

    Is there any truth to the rumor that after the Holocaust Denial conference Chamish will be taking to the road to perform the "Springtime with Hitler" song before audiences of Jews for Jesus?

  19. Anonymous19/9/06

    This piece is full of one allegation after another, with no proof of anything. You are judging a person without knowing anything about him, and then you do it to other readers of this site.
    Let's start with your title:
    Mr. Chamish Goes To Another Holocaust Denial Conference...Chamish has been announced as a speaker at the AFP's 2006 conference alongside the wife of prominent Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel.
    When is this conference, and where? He's been "announced as speaker" -- does that mean he has gone ["Mr. Chamish Goes"]?
    I have read a lot of Mr. Chamish's material, he is right on the money about Rabin, going much further than anyone else, including Gefen. He has been relentless, and continues to uncover more & more evidence of a REAL conspiracy. UFOs? He hasn't written about them in decades. [Can you show me a recent article of his on this subject?].
    Has anyone met this man, talked to him, or e-mailed him? I have, he is quite normal, and not a nut case at all.
    Then, when "chamish-shmamish" mentions that he has attended conferences about the Rabin assassination, which Barry helped organize & presented much of his data, the commenter is accused by "louis de palma" of attending a Holocaust-denier conference! Can't you people even read???

  20. the allegations here are statements and ones that have been extensively proven

    the conference attendees list is here


    Chamish had previously planned to attend another Holocaust denial conference. His own previous apperances list on his site include far left wing, far right groups and messianic churches.

    Chamish has indeed talked about UFO's rather recently and written about them far more recently then decades ago. Like just this year.


    In fact he was writing about them at the same time he was talking about the Rabin assasination. He switched from UFO's to Rabin because it was more profitable.


    The options for Chamish are nut case or agent provacateur. Nutcase is simply complimentary.

  21. Anonymous19/9/06

    Chamish NEVER switched from UFOs to anything.

    He writes about them to this day.

    Simon of Jerusalem can pretend all he wants. Do a web search and you will see 21st century writings by Chamish on UFos.

    And what kind of defense is this: he "used to" invent UFO stories but doe snot any more.

    Not a word of Chamish's "theory" about the Rabin killing is correct. Indeed, Chamish uses precisely the same method of "detection" in his "analysis" of the Rabin killing that he used to show space aliens abducting Israelis.

  22. Anonymous19/9/06

    There is not a single "detection" by Chamish (or by Gefen and other copycats) concerning the Rabin assassination that is correct.

    Simply inserting a talkback asserting that Chamish was "right on the money on Rabin death" is typical of the Chamish cult. Fact-free Chamishism strikes again!

  23. Anonymous19/9/06

    I minor but important point in all this:

    Chamish has never held a job in his entire life, at at least not in the past 25 years!

    He sponges off people and peddles his trashy lying "books" for spare change. And now it turns out he also steals TV sets or computers (besides stealing identities)!

  24. B"H Just curious. Have you (SK) ever contacted BCh directly? If so, did you get any response??

  25. aside from an insulting email Chamish sent me after a piece on him, I've had no personal contact with him

  26. Anonymous20/9/06

    aside from an insulting email Chamish sent me after a piece on him, I've had no personal contact with him
    As you see, ben-yehudah, these people are very "thorough" in their "Fact-Finding Mission" on Chamish...

  27. yes I've been quite thorough indeed. I've gathered extensive materials on Chamish and his associations.

    You asked me questions before which I answered and you predictably had no response or defense.

    I indeed haven't spoken to Chamish. I don't spend time speaking to David Duke before doing a piece on him either. What people do, the lives they live and the decisions they make speak for themselves.

  28. Anonymous20/9/06

    The simple fact of the atter is tat no one could possibly believe any "theory" by Chamish about anything unless that person were mentally defective, extraordinarily stupid, or someone simply looking for bash-Israel and bash-Israel pieces written by Jes that can be used to demonize Jews and Israel - that is, people like Barry Chamish's neo-nazi friends and associates. Chamish simply fabricates his "theories" out of this air and then insults and levels accusations of conspiracy against anyone who dismisses his ravings and rants as nonsense. Even the small group of his cult followers is getting smaller by the day. He has been abandoned by David Rutstein, David ben Ariel, the 2 or 3 academics who once endorsed his Rabin "theory," the AFSI, the Jewish Press, Joel Bainerman, Reuven Koret, and just about everyone else who once gave his "theories" some benefit of the doubt.

    Yes, Tamar Yonah still mindlessly gives him some air but Arutz7 itself has long repudiated Chamish and Chamishism.

    SO he is left with the Jews for Jesus and the Holocaust Deniers and those imbeciles who endorse nutty 911 conspiracism.

  29. Anonymous29/9/06

    Oh boo hoo hoo.
    I do not have any money but that is because I have not had a job in 25 years. I am too lazy to work, and prefer instead to whine about how the Illuminati are out to get me. You see, the leaders of the world and those in control have nothing better to do with their lives than persecute ME!
    Yes, friends, it is always all about ME. Mememememememe!
    I compare myself to Job, but I should really be compared to Job-Less! I do not bathe. I smoke and drink to the point where no one can stand my presence. I have made a career out of lying and fabrication. No one can remember the last time I actually told the truth about anything. I am uncontrollably jealous of all real journalists. Not a single magazine or newspaper or web magazine, other than those of neo-nazis and conspiracy nuts, will touch any of my "writings" with a ten foot pole.
    I am homeless because I refuse to take a job. I expect my remaining readers to put me up for free and feed me and get my some snatch. I am too lazy even to do THAT on my own!
    I consider it my natural right to harass and smear all those who dismiss my conspiracy lies, especially if they are real journalists. THEY have no rights, because it is all about Memememememe!
    Demanding that I tell the truth is an abuse of my right to lie. Pointing it out when I lie is an act of war. I will get you for that if it is the next-to-the-last-thing I ever do.
    That is because the very LAST thing I will ever do is take a job!


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