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A Governor's Coming Out Party

Had any normal Governor appointed a completely unqualified man as the state's Homeland Security Advisor who was a foreign national and couldn't even get FBI clearance thus preventing him from having access to classified material. He would surely have been criticised for endangering the lives of millions.

Had he additionally then given him a meaningless title and the same salary and no job responsibilities, this would be a clear example of corruption. Had on top of this, this individual turned out to be the Governor's lover, this would have been a thundering case of malfeasance and abuse of office that should have ended in a trial and convinction.

There's only one reason it didn't. The Governor in question preempted the issue by announcing that he's gay and doing the usual routine about how tormented he was by his supposed 'homosexuality.' Poor Governor McGreevy. Apparently he'd been taught to feel bad about his sexual desire for other men and he's gone on Oprah to be enabled as a victim.

It is of course not the citizens of New Jersey who are victims of a Governor who used their tax dollars to give his unqualified lover a job. It is not the citizens of New Jersey whose lives were endangered when in a state that has nuclear reactors and one of the largest populations of Arabs in the country who had in the past planned and carried out attacks from New Jersey; the Governor tried to turn over the job of Homeland Security Advisor to his unqualified lover. It is that same corrupt Governor that is somehow the victim because once upon a time people made him feel bad about being gay.

Had any normal male political figure been caught turning over a crucial security position to a man whose only qualification was that the political figure found him attractive, he'd have faced a storm of condemnation, rather than sympathy. Had he admitted that he was having an affair at the time his wife was giving birth, any normal person would be thoroughly repulsed. Yet with Governor Jim McGreevy, this entire disgusting narrative is supposed to win our sympathy and transform a criminal into a hero, purely because it was part of his "Coming Out Journey", a journey motivated purely by the fact that the Governor was being sued by that same former lover.

It's safe to assume that no questions will be asked of him about the allegiations that he had used his office to sexually harass other state employees. It's safe to assume that instead of holding him to any responsibility for his actions and gross malfeasance, he will instead be treated as a hero of the gay rights movement for abusing his office, abusing his employees, abusing an entire state and then whining about his feelings on national television. No thieving televangelist's TV confession can even begin to compare to the sheer repulsive chutzpah of this.

But this is the liberal's post-moral American, the Age of Victimization, in which a liar and thief becomes a martyr by merely associating himself with some protected victim class. In the West Bank the children of idiotic liberals wave AK-47's alongside their terrorist hosts as their fathers and mothers did with Black Panthers. In Afghanistan the son of a Jewish hippie musician preaches Jihad for Al Queda and the press describes him as an activist. Evil is good so long as it hides itself beneath the cloak of some aggrieved minority and responsibility is excess baggage as long as you're willing to sink to the depths of social and political depravity along with the rest of liberalism's Titanic still playing another chorus of Pete Seeger as the boat sinks.

McGreevy is certainly not the Captain of that boat. That honor is likely left to Bill Clinton but he is one of the junior officers whose job is to drill more holes in the hull before the iceberg that is Islam's worldwide Jihad even gets here.


  1. Excellent article and insight. Of course had McGreevy been straight this nepotism and scandal would have spread like wild fire. But since he's gay its hush-hush.

    Gays claim they want equal rights but then pick and choose which rights and under which circumstances they should apply. The liberals indulge them. There's a legal saying, "A trial must not only be fair, it must also give the illusion of being fair."

    What is happening with McGreevy is an illusion of fairness. He should be treated the same as any other politician gay or straight who would abuse his position and compromise national security because of a love affair.

    We see this happening also with all of the politically correct pandering of Muslim. Give all Muslims minority status, protected status, special rights, absolution of any and all crimes in an effort to avoid inflicting an illusion of discrimination on them.

    We saw the same thing happening in the early days of the AIDS virus (even before the virus was discovered) when it became clear that is was a communicable disease. The easiest way to control it and understand it would have been to quarantine patients.

    But no. That was unfair. Discriminatory. So the disease spread like wildfire throughout the world. But liberals can hold their heads high--no gay people were ever offended or given second class treatment.

  2. Anonymous18/9/06

    Why are all the cute ones gay? Sorry. Forgot myself.

    "Gays claim they want equal rights but then pick and choose which rights and under which circumstances they should apply."

    That's for sure.

  3. Unbelievable. Well, people get the elected officials they deserve... : ( And if the majority will continue to support such characters... they'll be responsible for the consequences.

  4. I justed finished watching McGreevy's appearance on Oprah Winfrey. Sickening to say the least. He talked about how living a lie made him unholy and ungodly and how now he is more godly since coming out of the closet. Oh yeah, and it promoted his new book. Surprise surprise.

    His discussion about having sex with men behind a synagogue in Washington was revolting. Long story short, the show ended with Oprah interviewing McGreevy's lover and McGreevy kissing Oprah and saying, "G-d bless you."

    Revolting that McGreevey and Oprah both consider violating G-d's laws and doing so behind a synagogue is somehow holy. UGH!!!!

  5. abomination was 'holy' to the priests of Baal too and other idol worshippers who celebrated with public orgies, homosexual and otherwise

    McGreevy and Oprah as are a lot of people, are just followers of a different religion that can masquerade as other religions but is revealed by its preference for evil, its embrace of all that is repulsive and its negation of right and wrong


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