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Crossing the Lines on the Road to Freedom

Melanie Philips reported at August's end;

"The bridge over the railway on Mill Road in Cambridge has just had its mural redone. The theme is the wonderful multicultural neighbourhood we live in. On one side of the bridge this is represented by many national flags and there was an Israeli flag among them. This has now been painted out."

The JTA reports that the mural was redone after repeated graffiti attacks. The Israeli flag wasn't just painted out. It was painted out and replaced by the Lebanese flag.

Did the police investigate the graffiti? It wouldn't have been very hard to do or require much policework, just Google since the vandal openly took credit for it in a September 11th post on a Cambridge forum to generalized approval.

"what do you think of the new work of art .i painted over the isralei flag as i found it to be offensive.a couple of days later it was painted back.ahh i thought this is war,armed with my trusty pot of paint and my dodgy brush i descended the railway bridge to do forces with the castle project and the art teacher from colleridge school.much to my surprise the flag of israel had disapeared and was replaced by the flag of the lebbanon.many thanks go out to this right minded soul.

Published by bigmal at 2:19am on Mon 11th September 2006.

The comment you will note was posted on the anniversary of the September 9/11 attacks. And here emerges the West's relationship with Islam.

The West preaches multi-culturalism. Muslims decide what it is that offends them, including other cultures like the Jews. What multi-culturalism really comes to mean then is whatever Muslims decide is permissible is allowed and everything else is deleted. Thus when a Muslim vandalizes a Jewish flag, the flag is ethnically cleansed to be replaced by a Muslim Lebanese flag. In time it will be replaced by a Hezbollah flag too and the British will nod and like it.

Whether it's the Pope's statements, Danish cartoons or German operas or the Israeli flag, multi-culturalism rapidly becomes uniculturalism, the dominance of Islamic culture over all others enforced by a fusion of political correctness and outright violence. Multi-culturalism paradoxically winds up being harnessed as the means to suppress all other cultures and no one dares object.

There is a long list of things besides Jewish flags and Popes and German Operas, Muslims find offensive. They include Churches and Synagogues that are taller than mosques. Any religion that denies Mohammed is the final Prophet, freedom of speech, women with uncovered hair, ham, chess, cats, most contemporary music, kite flying (I wish I was making this up but I'm not), alcohol and any country with Muslims living in it that isn't being ruled by Muslims under Muslim law.

Rather than ushering in a new utopia in which different cultures learned to co-exist in harmony learning from one another and appreciating one another, multi-culturalism functioned like a virus suppressing the cultural immune system nations had developed over time that defined their identity and allowed them to resist colonization and occupation by foreign cultures; and instead opened up an anarchic struggle for cultural dominance. Islam is winning that struggle because Muslims are willing to kill for their culture and religion to emerge supreme and no one else is.

While people are being murdered in the name of the Islamic colonization of Europe and America, commentators and pundits wail and throw up their arms condemning the Pope, the Danish cartoonists and the President and anyone and everyone for constantly offending Muslims. They've turned our societies into a hall of mirrors whose morality dictates that the beaten wife constantly apologize to her husband for provoking him with the smug approval of the press looking on and nudging, "Apologize, apologize more. You haven't apologized nearly enough. If you apologize right, maybe nobody else will have to die."

But they will have to die and they are dying and they will keep on dying until we say enough is enough and begin fighting back. We are facing a cultural war of which the war on terror is but a shadow. The Clash of Civilizations is here and we're endlessly giving ground.

We have learned to accept as normal a state of affairs in which offending Muslims results in violence and murder. Like every battered housewife and abused child, we as a society must unlearn that view. We must be taught again to stop blaming ourselves, to stop apologizing and to stop treating abuse as normal. Multi-culturalism paints Islam as noble, therefore we come to believe that when it is not, it is really we who are ignoble. Political correctness repeatedly tells us Islam is non-violent, therefore when it is violent we decide in the classic pattern of the abused spouse, that we must have done something truly horrible to provoke violence from such 'good people.'

Muslims have created artificial lines we dare not cross and we've accepted those lines. From the moment we accepted them, the lines began to shrink tightening further and further around us. Freedom begins with breaking those lines. It begins with demonstrating that we can ridicule Mohammed and Islam. With waving the Israeli and American flags. With saying what we like and believing what we do and fearing no great-grandsons of illiterate desert bandits to stop us.

We carved out that freedom the first time against British bayonets and grapeshot and showed the British themselves the way to a free nation. We'll have to carve it out again, against Arab suicide bombers and knives and teach them the way all over again.


  1. The extent to which people are going to avoid offending Muslims has become particularly dangerous in Israel, at least from a religious standpoint.

    That 20-year-old man arrested by Yassam police the other day was truly repulsive and alarming!

    One of the articles I read indicated that police thought he had blown the shofar "too much" and that doing so during ramadan could (or has been known) to incite violence.

    G-d help us, what next? Banning ANY religious observance in Israel? Banning Yom Kippur? Making Jews observe shabbat underground?

    Never again is happening again.

  2. what's next?

    "Fearing violence by Muslim mobs fired-up by the Ramadan sermons now being delivered daily atop Jerusalem's Temple Mount, Israeli authorities have instructed Jewish residents of parts of the capital's Old City to remain indoors during the evening hours."


  3. Is no one outside of Israel SEEING what is happening?

    Ramadan observances atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. How in the world did this happen? At least during the nightmare of the holocaust people had the hope of fleeing to a safe haven in the land Hashem promised. And now...Israel is being sacrificed, handed over; and Jews forced to remain indoors.

    It's enough to make you cry. I don't know if anyone saw a post I had on my blog but I am now dreaming about Jerusalem. Why aren't many, many others being effected? Why aren't Jewish federations in the US pressuring Israeli and US governments about this rather?

    Thank you for the link, Sultan (and for letting me vent my frustrations).

  4. People are seeing it, but there's a lot of disorganization and no guiding point or leadership to rally around. On top of that this isn't exactly being reported outside of blogs and a select outlet like Arutz 7, whose english version alone is very much limited compared to the hebrew version.

    As for the Federations, they were useless during the Holocaust, they're useless now. The Federations were run by a social and cultural elite which prioritized being accepted in America and looked down on most Jews. Today it's a liberal elite that prioritizes being accepted by fellow liberals and function as nothing more than cogs in the Democratic party.

  5. Anonymous27/9/06

    But many Americans are willing to coexist with Muslims.

  6. yes and many people are willing to co-exist with snakes, it's snakes that have the objection

  7. Anonymous27/9/06

    Screw Ramadan and blow your trumpets loudly!
    Doc Severson where are you?

  8. This entire post is deeply disturbing on so many different levels. From the oblivious public attitude towards anti-Israeli taggers; to the dictatorial, oppressive Muslim regime many people have resigned themselves to; Israeli Jews unable to blow a shofar during this off ALL weeks...and even the masthead of the blog...the TWC towers and the Western Wall.

    This probably is a bit off topic but I wanted to share it. Back in 1998 I received a letter in response to an article I wrote from the mother of a murder victim. I saved the letter. In it, she wrote, in part, "...to the people who have information about any of the senseless murders this city has had to endure--but are too afraid to come forward--your fear makes the killers win--and it could happen to you or yours. Is that the legacy you want to leave your children? You lived on your knees? When good people do nothing, monsters arise--BOY! Is that the truth."

    We really are leaving a legacy to our children that we lived on our knees.

    Thank you for letting me post.

  9. You have a "scoop" here.
    I hope the authorities look into this now.

  10. If we as Americans end up being forced to convert to Islam or else, we deserved it.


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