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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bush Takes Lauer Apart

For all the time liberals spend going on about what a moron Bush is and yet Lauer comes off looking like nothing so much as a moron. A liberal moron.


  1. Matt Lauer looks like he just got over a bad case of Ring worm with that sissy hair cut.
    I think Bush should water board Matt.
    good old fashioned ducking stool is what that is.
    matt is a sissy and sissy men permeate the left.

  2. if Bush is an idiot, then liberals are losing the argument to an idiot. What does that make them? Sub-idiots?

  3. Matt is trying to compensate for his limp wrists with the hair cut, sadly it only makes things worse.

  4. Anonymous12/9/06

    Thanks, I needed that!

    If it were professional wrestling, we'd bill it as "The Born-Again Cowboy vs. Metrosexual Matt"

  5. it's amazing that bush could stand the scent of mingled vanilla and sandalwood up close



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