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Friday, September 08, 2006

Australian, Dutch and Belgian TV endorse 9/11 Denial

In a further sign of the extent to which left-wing radicalism and hatred of America is becoming mainstream, the Australian History Channel will be airing the 9/11 Conspiracy video 'Loose Change' as part of their 9/11 Marathon. Presumabely for their Holocaust commemoration they'll be airing films made by Holocaust Deniers as well. Dutch, Swiss and Belgium Public TV will be following suit.

For anyone who wants a brief lesson in what the human garbage responsible for 911 Loose Change represent, these are audio recordings of Dylan Avery who made 911 Loose Change on the radio. Hear Avery crack jokes about passengers having their throats slashed and laugh at it, hear him suggest a father deliberately sent his son off on the plane to die as part of the conspiracy and if you can stomach it play it all the way to the end where a cop who was actually there confronts this loathsome filth.

This is what 9/11 conspiracists are. This is the real face and it's a true testament to the kindness and generosity of New Yorkers that whenever they appear in public they aren't grabbed and beaten with whatever objects come to hand.


  1. G-d bless that NYPD cop for being a witness to the truth, and saying what millions of people around the world witnessed for themselves--the towers burning and then collapsing.

  2. Anonymous8/9/06

    there is something seriously wrong with people who can laugh at the murder of their fellow Americans

  3. Anonymous8/9/06

    It amazes me how many of these people believe that Israel was responsible for the horror of 9/11!They are quick to condemn Israel for any reason, as this past war has shown. They often claim they are not anti-Jew, just anti-Zionist. Like we believe that! We Jews in America had better exercise our 2nd ammendment rights,and watch our backs.

  4. Yikes. That's truly disturbing. It just shows how much of the world really doesn't understand what we went through on 9/11. Sickening.



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