Home A Plague of Lone Muslim Gunmen - Because None Dare Call It Terrorism
Home A Plague of Lone Muslim Gunmen - Because None Dare Call It Terrorism

A Plague of Lone Muslim Gunmen - Because None Dare Call It Terrorism

"Why does terrorism prosper because none dare call it Terrorism"

Wednesday a Muslim by the name of Omeed Aziz Popal ran over 14 people, killing 1, and striking 2 people in front of the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco. He ran over one senior citizen in a crosswalk and then tried to run him over again, before a bystander pushed him out of the way. When he was finally stopped by police, he identified himself to witnesses as a terrorist. However the press and law enforcement quickly rushed to inform us that the shooter was upset over personal problems and has a history of mental problems and that the attacks can't possibly have anything to do with terrorism. At the scene the suspect was described as showing no emotion.

This very same August another Muslim, Naveed Afzal Haq had opened fire at the Seattle offices of the Jewish Federation and Community Center declaring he was angry at Jews and Israel. He killed Pam Waechter and shot a number of women there gaining entrace by using a 14 year old girl as a hostage. The shooting came a day after Hezbollah leaders and Al Queda had called on Muslims to carry the war against Israel to the US and Haq's father was a founding member of the Islamic Centre of Tri-Cities in Richland, which is an arm of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which is run by Saudi Arabia meaning that the Haq family was tied to the same Wahhabi clerics who back Al Queda. Police nevertheless described Haq as a lone gunman and claimed he had a history of mental problems and that the attacks have nothing to do with any larger terrorist organization.

In March in North Carolina A Muslim student named Mohammed Taheri-azar drove around in another SUV hitting 9 people on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. He wrote in a letter the following, "My attack on Americans at UNC-CH March 3, was in retaliation for similar attacks orchestrated by the U.S. government on my fellow followers of Allah in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic territories." Fellow students reported that he had turned suddenly religious a year before. A month earlier Muslim students had angrily protested the publication of the Mohammed cartoons in a UNC student newspaper, the Daily Tar-Heel. Law enforcement assured everyone that Tahreri-Azar was acting on his own. Officials and the university quickly ruled out the attacks as terrorism.

At the end of last year Arizona student Ali Warrayat, a Palestinian Muslim, drove blaring Arabic music directly through the front doors of a Home Depot. He had originally wanted to wear a Palestinian flag but instead brought with him a copy of the Koran. He slammed his car into a display of flammable goods and used a lighter to ignite them touching off explosions. When arrested he refused to answer in English demanding he be addressed in Arabic. Authorities he was merely a dissatisfied employee going on a rampage and no terrorism was involved.

And there's a long list of similar stories that stretches back through the years, sudden violent attacks by Muslims, dismissed as lone gunmen, as mentally unstable, as upset over something, wanted revenge for personal slights and were acting alone despite clear Islamic and terrorist overtones to their actions and statements like Abu Kamal who opened fire on the Empire State Building killing 7 and leaving behind a note attacking America, Israel and England. The media and police dismissed any political motives labeling him as yet another dissatisfied man upset about 'things.'

The prototype for this sort of blindness goes back to 2002 an Egyptian named Hesham Hadayet opened fire in the LA airport in front of the El-Al ticket counter killing two El Al employees and wounding four others before El Al's chief security officer shot him dead. Hadayet had brought with him two guns and a knife. Neighbors said Hadayet had become outraged by a large American flag put up after 9/11. The FBI and the Mayor quickly assured everyone that it was an isolated incident with no connection to terrorism.

The media and police stated that he had been upset because his buisness and marriage were failing. Explanations were advanced that Hadayet was just a dissatisfied buisnessman looking for revenge. Governor Gray Davis said the incident was sad but urged Californians not to stop their Independence Day Celebrations, "Please continue on with your celebrations," he was quoted as saying. A year later the FBI and Justice Department quietly concluded that the attacks fit the profile of terrorism.

In 1990 Rabbi Meir Kahane was assasinated by another Muslim gunman named El Sayyid Nosair, like several on this list, an engineer. Dozens of bombmaking pamphlets were found in his New Jersey apartment and tapes of Sheikh Abdel Rahman threatening "High World Buildings." Nosair was a member of a terrorist cell led by Sheikh Abdel Rahman whose followers eventually bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. The weapon used to kill Rabbi Kahane came from the terrorist who would eventually be convicted of conspiring to kill Americans in the 1998 US Embassy bombings. Prior to this Nosair had attempted to assasinate Premier Gorbachev and bombed a Greenwich Village gay bar.

None of this came out after Nosair's arrest or at his trial to whose defense Osama Bin Laden contributed $20,000. He was never charged with conspiracy. Two of the future perpetrators of the World Trade Center bombing, Mahmud Abouhalima and Mohammed Salameh were arrested in his apartment that night and then released. Investigators described him as a lone nut. Nosair's Lawyers claimed that he had been set up and wasn't guilty of anything. Despite the fact that he had killed Rabbi Kahane in the middle of a crowded room, held a cabbie at gunpoint and then shot a postal police officer who returned firing bringing down Nosair, the jury refused to convict Nosair of the murder and only convicted of assault on the cabbie and officer and assorted weapons charges. Years later after the World Trade Center was bombed, the Nosair case was reopened and he was convicted of both the murder and participation in the plot to bomb the World Trade Center... but by then it was too late.

In the very notebooks seized by the FBI Nosair had written, "breaking and destruction of the enemies of Allah. And this is by means of destroying exploding, the structure of their civilized pillars such as the touristic infrastructure which they are proud of and their high world buildings which they are proud of and their statues which they endear and the buildings which gather their head[s,] their leaders, and without any announcement for our responsibility of Muslims for what had been done."

Instead of listening the media and law enforcement wrote him off a lone nut, as they have written off so many Muslim killers, in part because of Political Correctness, in part because it was convenient and made the cases simpler, in part because their ramblings seemed insane to investigators who failed to realize that the ramblings of Osama Bin Laden are equally insane. And so the murders continue and the murderers are shuffled off to prison, dismissed as minor and unimportant and the terrorism goes on.

"Why does terrorism prosper because none dare call it Terrorism"


  1. Anonymous31/8/06

    I think they don't want to panic people so they lie about it.
    If you talk to them privately they realize what is going on. Also they don't want vigilanties .

  2. And when an Iranian or other monstrosity of a flag is raised over Washington, they'll still say it's irrelevant.

    Rather like the rabbis of old saying, "Shalom, Shalom" as the navi's tried to get it through their thick heads that Israel was about to be destroyed.

  3. It's all political pandering and all sickening. If a robber just happens to rob a bank and just hapens to be an Arab Muslim his religion/ethnicity in all probability is incidental to the crime.

    But when a lone gunman implies or implicity states that a violent crime is a response to hatred of non-Muslims, Americans, Israelis, western allies or American policy towards Israel etc etc etc it clearly IS terrorism whether its a single terrorist attack (such as the murders of Daniel Pearl or Nick Berg) or massive such the September 11 attacks.

    The media, White House, even the feds (who speak at Muslim community centers and tell them to report any harassment because they're Muslims) are giving these terrorists an an easy out, an excuse.

    Oh, I am oppressed. Oh I am discriminated against; that'll be my justification. On the other hand, take a Muslim who might be suffering from a mental disorder but does not otherwise harboring terrorist intent and drill it into his head that he is oppressed and that Israel and America are to blame for his troubles. A racially/religiously motived crime seems inevitable.

    Isn't this happening in France and in Australia by Muslims claiming they're oppressed? But do they really feel oppressed or is it the media's smoke screen to blind us to the truth that these people want to harm innocent people as part of a religious war?

    Back when Munich was released someone wrote that perhaps Steven Spielberg should do a remake of "Jaws" from the shark's perspective. It's like people want us to have Sympathy for the Devil (to quote a Rolling Stones song).

  4. Scott, I believe the evil we are seeing in the world is a result of something spiritual (though I can't name it or pinpoint its origin). But when I read that Hitler was involved in an occult society and that his true goal was to establish a pagan world I can't deny that there are definitely forces trying to work against Hashem.

    And I also can't ignore that throughout history from ancient times, the most horrific and heinous evils inflicted upon humanity have been inflicted upon the most holy (Jews). I hope that came out right because I said to a couple others and got my head chopped off because they thought I was blaming the victims. I'm just trying to make sense of the atrocities.

    The war on terrorism is a religious war more properly a spiritual war but I don't think it started with Islam. I don't know where it started but it's very very old. Of course people have a choice to behave good or evil and seek light rather than darkness.

  5. Ah, just another thing at 3 AM that I was pondering regarding good and evil-- For our parts, how can we be lights unto the nations if we incite the evil inclinations of Muslim terrorists by giving tactic approval or minimizing the evilness and destructiveness of their actions? It would seem that in itself is sinful and disobeying G-d's command to be lights unto the nations.

  6. Anonymous1/9/06

    "Ole Schlomo".....SCREAM!
    Hashem annointed this man King over Israel.
    His name is Shlomo Ha Melekh not ole schlomo, Scooter.

  7. Anonymous1/9/06

    In Jaws the sheriff tries vainly to warn the people that there is a dangerous shark in the waters.
    They will not listen til it has done some serious damage.
    9 11 failed to convince them that Arabs are a danger and they even now try to make up conspiracy theories about it to cover it over.

  8. yes standing up against evil and condemning it and making it clear that it is evil is the essential part of being a light to the nations

    but the very existance of Jews does that as well, Jews function as the canary in the coal mine

    evil people from all nations and backgrounds are drawn to hating Jews and in that way alert the world to what they are... it's the world's responsibility to listen

    Communism and Nazism both began early with anti-Semitism, had the world listened early to what was written about the Jews by Hitler and Marx in their books and squashed them, Marxism, Communism, Nazism would not have killed the hundreds of millions they did, most non-Jews

    had the world paid attention when the Muslims were just declaring a Jihad against Jews and stood against them, things wouldn't be as bad as they are now

    yet each time the world doesn't listen to G-d's warning signal as evil people reveal themselves early on

    instead they minimize and justify their actions and calamity comes not only to the Jews but to the entire world

  9. Anonymous2/9/06

    Sort of like what mike said, everyone knows what's up with the muslims. Everyone is suspicious of them, but in that modern society that the west has built, you're not allowed to offend minorities, even if they want to kill you. On top of that, add a 'egalitarian' media which picked up in university that values are relative so who are they to judge what is right and wrong, and that's why the 'news' won't tell you what's right and wrong anymore.

    I like the Jaws/Roy Scheider comparision. Time to wake the Jews up to the dangers of this 'egalitarian' society.

  10. I think non-Jews (particularly in the US) see what is happening to Jews perfectly well, and as happened so often in history, they are ignoring it even though September 11 made it crystal clear that we are in danger from the very same people Israel has been fighting with for so long.

    We are the canaries in the coal mines; choking once again.


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