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Friday, August 18, 2006

Nazism and Islam: Brothers in Evil


  1. Truly horrifying footage, Sultan. But I am glad you posted it. It confirmed in my mind what I have instinctively felt about the roots and alliances of Nazism and Islam. I've always said and felt that Muslims were the new Nazis of the world.

    Though initially I felt that Islam was picking off where the Nazis left off.

    On the surface Germany appears to not want a repeat of the horrors of the Holocaust; school children are taught about it; anti-Semitism is a crime. It really makes you wonder what in under the surface, the politically incorrect things that are disguised to make them easier for the general public to swallow.

  2. I also posted this video. This should be splashed on everyone's blog that is concerned about Israel and the murderous intent of Islam.

  3. this was ok but mine was better :P

  4. Is there a way for me to embed this on my blog, too?

  5. sure click on the video itself, double click if needed and it takes you to its youtube page and there look on the right side, there will be a box that says 'embed' and copy the code out of that box... if that doesn't work let me know



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