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The Left's Endgame for the Democratic Party

With the defeat of Senator Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic Primary the Dean wing of the Democratic Party is showing its true agenda for 2008. That should be no surprise to anyone who knows how left wing parties operate. Their true enemies are never on the right, but the moderates of their own party. They will gain influence within the liberal camp by mobilizing against the right and then begin purging the liberal camp, the same way the Communists did when they took power. The real target of the Deanites is not the Republican but Conservative Democrats.

Many reading this no doubt think this is no great concern and that the Democratic part's continued slide into left wing lunacy will only reap a bonanza for the Republican party. Matters though are not that simple. Even if the Republicans continue to control Congress and the Presidency, the Democratic party represents one of the country's two major parties with enormous resources and influence. The further they slide into the sewer of left-wing extremism, the more moderate Democrats will sink down with them. What we wind up with is an entire party and a hundred million people supporting terrorists, spewing anti-semitism disguised as criticism of Israel's policies and seeking an overthrow of the American Republic. It essentially means that the next political party remade in Venezuelan dictator Chavez's image will be the Democratic Party of the United States.

Lieberman, as the most outspoken of the conservative Democrats, was the first step in the purge. Through their assault on Lieberman, the Deanites purged a top member of the Democratic Leadership Council which once dominated the Presidency and the Senate, and sent a message to other conservative Democrats that if they engage in bipartisanship or contradict the left wing party doctrine, they will also be targeted and removed with the covert aid of their own party leadership using the same Moveon.org style groups that sprang up after campaign finance reform as political auxilaries.

Like all political purges, this is done to intimdate Democrats and to make them toe the line of the party agenda. After all if this was done to a former Vice Presidential candidate and a widely beloved figure on both sides of the aisle, the message is that it can be done to anyone. All this is done to ensure that the next Congress and Senate will see far fewer Democrats prepeared to work with Republicans or do anything but repeat the politicial positions of the party's left wing.

Pundits who criticise Howard Dean for failing at measuring up to the barometers of traditional DNC chairmen. What they fail to understand is that Dean's agenda widely diverges from that of traditional DNC chairmen. He has no interest in raising money for the party. He would much rather see political donations go to 'grass-roots' organizations like Moveon.org and DailyKos that will reliably support left-wing candidates than into the party coffers where they would be distributed to Democrats as a whole.

Nor does he have any interest in winning the Presidency in 2008 because the candidate would almost certainly be a Conservative Democrat. The left vastly prefers a Republican President than a Conservative Democrat who will deprive them of the deranged fantasies of a totalitarian fascist regime suppressing free speech and carrying out atrocities around the world with which they radicalize liberals.

Dean may well support Hillary mainly because he knows she will lose. If not he will support another losing candidate he will undermine all through the election (as Hillary herself did to Al Gore in 2000) and use that defeat to argue that the Republicans again stole the election thus further radicalizing the Democratic party. The real battle will be fought to push through left-wing candidates into congressional spots and win just enough seats over and above 2004 to let Dean claim victory accompanied by the cheers of an equally radicalized liberal media willing to tell any lie for the cause.

The transformation of half of America's two party system into a socialist monstrosity has been an ongoing problem since the days of FDR. But the latest transformation takes the Democratic party beyond socialism and into left-wing radicalism. Liberal Christian denominations have already pushed boycotts of Israel and the Presbyterian Church is giving its official stamp to 9/11 conspiracy theories, once the province of the looniest extremists. More and more Democratic congressmen are sounding like Al-Jazeera and the party itself is being dismantled and remade in the image of its most radical voices.

Those who dominate the Democratic party will also dominate the legislative positions and the positions of half the nation. If the Dean revolution succeeds, that position will be one which derives its ideas of morality from Noam Chomsky and its political tactics from the Venezulean rooftops. It will be a party turned against Israel, against America and providing active support to all its enemies. It may implode before that happens and go the way of earlier American parties long vanished from all but the historical record, but if it does not then the country will suffer the consenquences.


  1. the right believes the problem with things is that things were great 50-100 years ago and all we need to do to fix things is make them like they were back then

    the left believes the problem with things is that all of society's institutions are repressive and need to be overturned and replaced with progressive ones

    that's the short 5 cent summary, the reality is both are comprised of the greedy, the ignorant and the foolishly fanatical

  2. When I was growing up my parents were staunch Democracts because at the time the Democratic party stood for the rights of the working class, average people etc. and the Conservatives (Republicans) were all about greed and for the rights of the very wealthy.

    Boy how things have turned around with the Democrats representing abortion rights, homosexuality and all manner of depravity, nothing at all like the party my parents supported. The month before my dad died he voted (for the very first time) Republican. Democrats were totally foreign to the values and moral we were raised with.

  3. When I was growing up my parents were staunch Democrats, back in the day when the party was all about traditional values and needs of the working/middle class. Now all they care about is moral depravity such as abortions for all and gay marriage.

    The November before my dad died he voted for the first time in his life Republican.

  4. "the right believes the problem with things is that things were great 50-100 years ago"

    When I was in college, I loved to sit and read all the headlines from papers that long ago on microfiche. Guess what? They are the same headlines we are reading about today. Nothing changes. :]

    Meanwhile, people live in a self-inflicted denial that somehow things were better. Not. Never have been and only will be when Moshiach comes.

  5. yes HF, the Democrats have really gone downhill, the worst trends of the 70's now represent the party mainstream and the democrats who once represented the party's base are virtually gone from the limelight, they're still around somewhat but they're mostly of an older generation who either learn to act like the baby boomer democrats or get ignored or outright destroyed...what's being done to lieberman is a lesson for them too

  6. True YO, society doesn't really change very much, it just goes through cycles for long enough to convince people that it does and rosy nostalgia for the past does the rest

    conservatives, particularly christian conservatives, build up an illusory version of the past that completely ignores history and how things really were in favor of a wonderfull past that never was

    the reality is history just cycles around, we've had the 20's and now we're likely repeating the 30's... we haven't actually invented anything except technologically either, all the vices were always around, the virtues are sorely lacking though


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