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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

IDF Reservists Protest against Olmert's Government


  1. great idea to set up a J video blog. You are very talented. This particular video is good because it contains subtitles--so thank you:)

    It is very heartening to see that these reservists are speaking out and hopefully more people will listen to them. Would it be over the top to say they are voices crying in the wilderness? I think they are crying out and I do sincerely hope the masses and people in authority listen.

  2. there's hundreds now and the numbers are rising too, carmi gillon's presence there is unpleasant since the guy is a slimeball and hopefully this isn't a sign of an attempted hijacking of anti-government protests

  3. Me too.

    It's not unheard of for governments to insert spies and sabatours in situations like this.

  4. *saboteur. That's what I meant to write and spell! LOL

  5. yup or factions trying to push a new prime minister by hijacking a movement

  6. Anonymous22/8/06

    It might sound funny, but mental instability is catching or it spreads around is a better way to say it.
    When you hang out long enough with people whose thinking is deranged you can find yourself wandering off too.
    Anyone, and I mean anyone who would give away part of their nation to appease killers ( as if it was a wallet to a mugger) is not in their right mind quite literally. Deviation of liberalism is a mental illness.
    If you look around you note that those who follow such agendas take more drugs like prozac etc than the norm.( sorry folks taking drugs for depression means you are not in your right mind.)

  7. Anonymous22/8/06

    The "numbers are rising" is scary.
    Where were they from the start?
    Again this shows a lack of resolve.

  8. What do they propose in place of Olmert?
    This is late in coming.
    And if Israel's overall view is still giving away Israel for "peace" then its futile anyway.

  9. few good alternatives really, another disastrous netanyahy rerun, general yaalon will now be likely throwing his hat into the ring...



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