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Friday, August 04, 2006

Former Clinton Advisor Helps Murder Israeli Civilians

Former Senior Advisor to Clinton Sidney Blumenthal helpfully leaked the information that the NSA was helping Israel track weapons shipments to Hizbullah from Syria and Iran.

"A report by columnist Sidney Blumenthal in Salon claims that Israel is receiving intelligence from the US’s National Security Agency. Blumenthal claims to be in touch with “a national security official with direct knowledge of the operation” to supply Israel with signals intelligence from American assets to help it monitor armament transfers from Syria and Iran to Hezbollah."

By exposing the measures being taken to prevent the missles and rockets being sent to a terrorist organization intended for use against Israel cities, will alert Iran and Syria that their communications are being intercepted and help them avoid detection and insure that more Israeli civilians are murdered.

While Democrats are speaking for the prosecution of Bush officials over the leaking of the identity of a non-undercover CIA employee, liberals gleefully leak information that helps the terrorists kill people and pat themselves on the back for enjoying the freedom of the press.


  1. Welcome to the new Yevsektzia.

  2. Yes the Carter admin people also are seen siding against the USA now.
    Its all very sad

  3. Anonymous4/8/06

    Sheker is ruling the whole world right now - until - the Moshiach arrives and brings Everlasting Truth and nekoma upon the world.

  4. Does it really shock you?

  5. What the liberals are doing is unforgiveable. We can only hope that they'll be held accountable.

  6. EC--it does shock me. Inspite of everything they've done, the way they keep sinking lower and lower does shock me.

  7. Anonymous11/8/06

    Nothing like bragging about what YOU did to HELP. Or for that matter, to point out what YOU are doing to keep everyone free from.....Just what the fuck were you doing during cocktail hour while evil planned more murder? Having a double while sporting off to People mag? Freaking Idiot. King Stupid and his Minions continue to lend a hand. Thanks asswipe. Call the NY Times and give up a tidbit. Does the phrase "Loose lips sink ships" ring a bell? Unforgiveable arrogance and unremitting stupidity. God help us.



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