Home War in Gaza and Lebanon and the Beauty of Being Proportional
Home War in Gaza and Lebanon and the Beauty of Being Proportional

War in Gaza and Lebanon and the Beauty of Being Proportional

Israel is being disproportionate, the world is crying.

Tragic I know. You have to wonder what in the world proportionality has to do with anything. Faces should be proportionate. If you're loading cargo, it should be proportionate. But proportionality in war just means an endless stalemate.

If WW2 had been fought with proportionality we'd have just only returned fire when the Germans and Japanese did and refused to bomb their cities, until they bombed ours. We could still be fighting WW2 with a thousand times the number dead. And wouldn't that just have been so wonderfully proportional.

The people advocating 'proportion' are really advocating tit for tat kids on a playground morality which is an idea as backwards as them. if someone attacks you, what's the moral basis for demanding a proportionate response.

If someone attacks you, you do what it takes to make sure he doesn't attack you again. Demanding proportionally presumes that the attacker and the victim are equally guilty and should just exchange equal blows. It's a completely senseless position. The point of fighting a war isn't to even the score, as the media seems to think every time it talks about Israel looking for revenge or striking back, it's simply to end the war.

Many Anti-War liberals seem to believe that people fight wars because they like them and want to drag them out forever, instead it's actually their delaying tactics that drag out wars forever and inflict far more casualties. Winning a war and ending it requires the disproportionate use of force. The entire concept of a war is to win it by employing disproportionate force against the enemy, that is more force than the enemy has been employing against you.

Anyway if Israel was being proportionate, it would kidnap and behead some Arabs. Is that what the advocates of proportionality really want?


  1. The objective of any war is to win, to conquer the enemy. Israel could never achieve that by engaging in an endless cat-and- mouse game with Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Their hand was forced and they had to do something definitive.

    From what I've been hearing on all the Sunday morning talk shows today, Hamas and especially Hezbollah is simply too pervasive a terrorist organization with too many fronts to conquer via targeted assassinations. And they have too much civilian support.

    Israel is doing what it needs to do to stop their enemies. They're doing what the rest of the world wishes they had the courage to do.

  2. http://www.opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=110008658
    Talking about proportion...

  3. "Not one nation on this earth has a pure motive when it comes to Israel."

    So true! As the tailor asked the rabbi, "Wouldn't now be a good time for Moshiach to come?" It would sure be nice to have our enemies be put to rest before any more Jews get hurt.

  4. No matter what Israel does, most of the world will have something critical to say about it.

    It's getting confusing though with Bush stating that Israel is justified in its actions, and Condi Rice urging restraint.

  5. LLM - yup, the europeans are playing the same old games they've been playing for over a century now.

    HF- yes, in the end Israel's hand has been forced and their approach has been mild, certainly a million times milder than if the roles were reversed.

    Devo - thank you for the link

    Yoobeone - omein

    EC- I'm not attacking you, I just find it strange.

  6. On Good Morning America today I heard that UN peacekeeping troops may be brought in by Thursday.

    The thought of international troops by the UN fills me with dread. I should be seeing it as a sign of hope that Israel will be getting reinforcement, but...a still small voice keeps nagging at me that this is not in Israel's best interests.

  7. well your voice is correct, the UN backs the arabs and UN troops have openly helped Hizbullah terrorists on the ground attack and kill israeli soldiers in the past


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