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Three Soldiers and the Price of Disengagement

Nine IDF soldiers were killed in the Hizbullah village of Bint Jbeil. One of those killed was 20 year old corporal Ohad Klausner. Klausner's father spoke out saying that his son had not been trained to fight terrorists but to expell Jews. Disengagement had become the priority of the Sharon government and it increasingly focused the efforts of the military and inteligence branches on fighting other Jews, rather than fighting terrorism. The price for that is being paid on the battlefield.

Major Royie Klein who was killed in that same battle was a deputy commander of the elite Golani brigade. In the best tradition of Israeli Defense Force offiers, he fell on a grenade to shield his own men and died. Now his widow and her two children are threatened with expulsion from their own home because of a Peace Now petition (members include the Defense Minister and Pime Minister Olmert's wife) demanding the demolition of twelve houses in Eli, they claim were built on land belonging to Arabs. The last such succesfull petition resulted in the police riot at Amona in which homes were destroyed and hundreds were assaulted and trampled by Yassam police squads.

A third soldier who died in that battle was 24 year old Captain Amichai Merhavya. Amichai had been suspended from his unit and threatened with dismissal from the army for writing a letter to the Chief of Staff objecting to the expulsion of Jews. Though he is dead, his brother continues fighting in Gaza.

A year after Disengagement Israel has paid a high price for it in national divisions, in the worsening of our strategic situation and the growing enemy threat. It has also paid a more unseen price in the politicisation of the IDF, the dismissal of capable generals and officers, who were replaced by men loyal to the policies of the Sharon government. It has paid a price by focusing on training to expell their own brothers from their homes by force and inteligence spying on opposition activists rather than focusing on fighting the enemy.

Disengagement is over. Its bloody cost is all around us. Further Disengagements are a madman's dream. What has begun is the Reengagement, the reality that we cannot run away from the enemy and that turning on each other will only profit the enemy whom we must confront as a nation united. It's time to send Peace Now packing back to their EU and Vatican sponsors and to reengage with Zionism and with our own people.


  1. Well said.

    Its obvious that disengagement was an utter and complete failure and regardless of whatever he has done for Israel in the past, it has sullied the legacy of Ariel Sharon. He was a hero, and will remembered as a traitor.

  2. Do you think Olmert will be stupid enough to surrender the Samaria and Judea?

  3. Anonymous28/7/06

    Yes it is time to send them packing with a shoe print on the backside.
    Disengagement is a deceptive term.
    What it really is , is throwing the gift of Hashem back in his face and giving him a slap in the face. Its ungratefulness, its unjewish, its evil. Find better words I know you can. But disengage is so rotten and they use it to cover over what they really wish to do.
    Olmert, the slip and fall lawyer , is hardly a Jew.
    Olmert’s father grew up in Harbin, China because Ehud’s grandfather fled to Harbin from Russia during the Russian civil war of 1918-1920. In 1933 the Harbin Olmerts moved to Israel.
    He is the child of people steeped in Communism what can y ou expect from him?

  4. I can't believe that organization is still intact. Isn't it obvious how much it's hurting the country?

  5. I think Sharon like Rabin end up being best remembered for disastrous policies they approved when they were at the end of their life and suffering from significant mental deterioration and wound up championing policies pushed through by political hacks like peres\olmert with strong left wing ties.

    Disengagement like Oslo is a disaster that Israel is continuing to pay for, but at the end of the day if Peres hasn't changed his mind yet, I don't see Olmert doing so either. I just can't imagine there being any majority for further withdrawals anymore.

    as for Peace Now, it's funded mainly by the EU and by foreign groups that want to see Israel gone. It's a fifth collumn, unfortunately one with ties to the current government.

  6. Yobeeone, yes, Olmert will surrender Samaria and Judea. Just yesterday promised to "evacuate" more Jewish towns.

    He did this during a meeting with former Gush Katif residents and he said that in light of the war, they have nothing to complain about.

    You'll find an article on Arutz Sheva about it.

  7. We need a new group of Maccabees to arise and take on our own government.

    We have met the enemy...and he is us.


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