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Choosing the Cult of Death or the Gift of Life

On September 11th 2001, United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark New Jersey to San Francisco took off with 37 passengers on board. Four of those passengers were not Americans and were not passengers. They were murderers awaiting their moment.

When their moment came they took out their knives and claiming to have a bomb on board, They stabbed Mark Rothenberg and then murdered flight attendant, Debra Welsh.

Then came the passenger's moment. Calling their loved ones they learned what had happened. They learned of the two planes that had crashed into the World Trade Center. They knew what was about to happen and they took action.

Using improvised weapons and boiling water, they charged the armed terrorists who retreated into the cockpit and took down the plane. Everyone on board was killed and the airplane was never used on its intended target, the White House.

The passengers were nominated for Congressional Gold Medals but never received them. The memorial that is to be dedicated to them where the plane fell and they died along with the enemies of this country has indeed been designed as a memorial but not for them.

Its design as seen from the air is an Islamic crescent and star. As in all mosques, the center of that crescent points directly to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the home of three of the four terrorists who hijacked that flight and murdered its passengers. It is essentially a plan to build the world's largest mosque on the site of a memorial to one of Islam's worst atrocities of the 20th century.

Yet the design continues on unchanged. The Flight 93 Memorial Project has now opened up comments asking for the public's views on the project. The proposed project is the equivalent of building a cross as a Holocaust memorial, a German flag for the Allied dead or erecting a statue of the murderer at the graves of his victims.

The Flight 93 passengers represented self-sacrifice, a self-sacrifice that deserves to be properly remembered and commemorated. It represented in its purest form a gift, a gift of their lives so that others might live. A gift of life in defiance of the death cult that is Islam, that sends men to kill and slaughter and revels in the blood of the innocent.

Given the chance to choose between commemorating a gift of life and a cult of death, the current memorial design is not merely an obscenity and an abomination, it represents choosing the cult of death in name of political correctness, over that gift of life. Those whose liberal religion leads them to pity the murderer and disdain his victims, have long been worshipers of a cult of death. Liberal ideas of national defense and law enforcement have represented nothing so much as suicide pacts that untie the hands of criminals and tie the hands of the military and law enforcement to fight them.

This latest stamp of Moloch planted in the Pennsylvania earth represents the intersection where Islam's homicidal values meet those of liberal political correctness joining together in a covenant of death that overturns morality and celebrates evil. If the footprint of the largest mosque in America can be built on such hallowed ground, then truly the largest house of worship of evil will have been built over the spot where one of the greatest American sacrifices of the 20th century took place, pointing along to the great home of that cult of death in Mecca itself, in Saudi Arabia from which it first came.

(Learn more about this issue here and leave your comments for the memorial planning project on their proposed design here)


  1. They're calling it a "crescent of embrace" which is even more disturbing! What message does that send? That the victims and/or American people forgive the Muslim murderers for what they did? That we're willing to embrace, forgive and forget?


  2. it is their agenda, since 9/11 the rhetoric has been to deny that islam is at all violent and celebrate islam as the religion of peace

  3. That's just sick. So like is everyone in charge these days a card carrying muzlim?

  4. even worse card carrying liberals bending over backwards to apologize to muslims for afghanistan, abu ghaib and their own buried fears when they see a muslim on a plane which they push way down because they feel guilty having feelings like that... so they overcompensate even further

  5. http://errortheory.blogspot.com/2006/07/comment-period-now-open-for-flight-93.html

    see here for detailed image descriptions showing the crescent and the exact orientation towards mecca

  6. Anonymous13/7/06

    A pox on the crescent of embrace !!


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