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Home Thieves Without Ideology: Kadima Reveals its Intelectual Bankruptcy

Thieves Without Ideology: Kadima Reveals its Intelectual Bankruptcy

Revelations that Kadima USA, the American branch of Israel's Kadima party, plagirized much of its platform word for word from the Texas Democratic party should be no great surprise. That is also how the Israeli Kadima party got its platform.

Shmuel Tamir, the Irgun fighter, prominent lawyer and former Justice Minister describes in his autobiography how he had started his own party back in 1972 and got a visit from Ariel Sharon who feigned interest in joining his party and took away a copy of its positions. They agreed to hold a joint press conference the next day announcing their union. Instead Sharon held his own press conference to announce the formation of his own party all based on positions quoted from Tamir's own document. Sharon's political party failed, but that same party platform was revived again for Kadima.

The reporting on KadimaUSA stealing its platform overlooks the fact that the original Kadima Israel is equally based on a stolen platform. If someone investigates Kadima France, they will likely also find that just like Kadima USA and Kadima Israel, its platform is stolen.

A reasonable person might wonder why a rising political party is so devoid of ideals that it can't lay out what it stands for but has to instead plagiarize its positions. The reason for that is that none of the Kadimas stands for absolutely anything. Kadima represented nothing more than an Israel version of Putin's own United Russia party. Both are government parties formed out of fragments of existing parties that illegally leveraged the leader's power to subvert Democracy and creating a party that do not represent any segment of the public or the nation but wholly serves the leadership.

Sharon formed Kadima to destroy any democratic political opposition and solidify his grip on power. Kadima USA and Kadima France and the other Kadimas are also imitations of Putin's policy of taking control of the Russian population outside of Russia with local organizations controlled by Russia. With international Kadimas, the Kadima leadership is intent on seizing political power in the diaspora and to recreate cloned versions of itself, equally devoid of ideals and identity.

It was a perfect fit when "Rabbi" Marc Schneier was appointed to lead KadimaUSA. Like Olmert himself, Marc Schenier is the perfect opportunist. Schneier has made a career at finding his way into the papers by pulling off publicity stunts, meetings with Anti-Semitic rap stars, with Louis Farrakhan, joint partnerships and press releases, all of it amounting to nothing. Like Kadima itself, Schneier has no real agenda beyond being famous and written about. He has made an ideal front man for an organization whose actual leadership will originate from Jerusalem not New York.

For the first time Israel and the American Jewish community risks being dominated by organizations that are neither left nor right, that are little more than criminal organizations. Gangs of thieves without ideology. The Tweed Ring and Tammany Hall with an Israeli accent, funded by rich businessmen, run by corrupt politicians with kickbacks going all the way down the ladder.

Tamir relates in his autobiography what happened after Sharon's blatant theft of his party platform.

Two weeks later, Sharon called: "You’re probably angry with me," Sharon chuckled. Tamir: "I’m stunned, astonished... "I’m surprised," Sharon told him. "The whole IDF knows that I’m contemptible and you didn’t know?"

Now Kadima has dismantled much of the IDF's command beginning with its top generals because they opposed Disengagement and disagreed with the further withdrawals from the West Bank, gravely endangering Israel on the eve of war with Iran. It has declared war on a major sector of Israel's population. Its policies not only endanger Israel's security but its economy. Kadima has taken into itself just about every careerist politician willing to sell out his country and his friends and his party for a dime. It is swiftly becoming a hydra spreading throughout Israel and the world. For Israel to survive, Kadima must die.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the heading in calling Kadima a criminal organization.

    What shocks me about Kadima is that they have been able to become a legitimate branch of government in the first place. Since becoming a state in 1948, I assumed Israel's government was much more stable, even if it does not yet have a constitution.

    Very sad state of affairs.

  2. well to put things into context 50 years is a short time for a country,

    It took the US nearly a generation just to set up a stable government. After all this, the first president was suspected of wanting to set himself up as a tyrant for life. The second President passed laws aimed at suppressing the press of the political opposition. The third vice president was charged with treason for formulating a plan to break off new england as a seperate country and to later set himself up as emperor of mexico (this was after his essential murder of alexander hamilton)

    Still half a century after setting up a government the Know Nothing party in the US became a major political force. It boasted a former President as a presidential candidate even. They succeeded as much as they did because of the collapse of the two party system in the period approaching the civil war. Kadima has also exploited the collapse of the two party system, a collapse it engineered from the inside.

    keeping a stable and democratic government is very difficult and what happened in israel could very much happen here, the reform party initially had a lot of momentum. Imagine if John McCain decided to set up his own party of conservative democrats and liberal republicans. He could have made headway and done a lot of damage.

    the reality is that if a major political figure in the US backed by billionaires decided to try the same gambit, he'd have good odds at it because the public remains dissatisfied with the republicans and the democrats, more than ever.

    Freedom and democracy are fragile things as the 20th century proved. They don't endure unless they're actively fought for against those who work to tear them down.

  3. "Now Kadima has dismantled much of the IDF's command beginning with its top generals because they opposed Disengagement and disagreed with the further withdrawals from the West Bank, gravely endangering Israel on the eve of war with Iran."
    Sultan your timely commentary is
    appreciated as always.
    This Tweed gang is fulfilling your
    Lemming Logo that they represent.
    Their true ideology is to line their
    pockets with the imagined wealth their masters seek by doing business
    rather than making war with the
    In Iraq the barbarians may soon attempt a "tet" offensive to remove the brits from the alliance with
    US under Gog W will no doubt pursue
    policies with regard to Iran similar
    to those of Bubba viv avis N Korea.
    60 million persians are a more lucrative market to the west than
    5million "jews" and 3 million "balestinians".
    Kadima backers, the wealthy families of Israel who created the
    Kadima Golem cant see the furnaces
    being prepared or perhaps dont care
    that the likely outcome of their
    vanity will cause the destruction of
    In any event plan to attend debate tonite in NYC between D Bedein and
    KadimaUSA ghoul.


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