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Home Rapping Rabbi to promote Kadima in the US

Rapping Rabbi to promote Kadima in the US

Rabbi Marc Schneier, the Rabbi most likely to wind up in a newspaper story and least likely to accomplish anything usefull, has been appointed by Olmert to head Kadima USA, to promote the foreign wing of an Israeli political party.

Rabbi Marc Schneier is a publicity hound famous for his Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and appearing in numerous ads with former drug dealer, rapper and Louis Farrakhan supporter, Russell Simmons. When the ADL criticised Simmons promotion of Farrakhan's Million Man March, Simmons blasted back warning the ADL that they would trigger even more Anti-Semitism.

Simmons attempt to recreate himself as a kindler gentler and tolerant figure is particularly ironic considering that it was his label Def Jam Records that was behind the group 'Public Enemy' which continued to trade in explictly Anti-Semitic lyrics with songs such as 'Swindler's Lust.' His political organization Hip-Hop Summit Action Network is headed up by a top Farrakhan associate. He has called Louis Farrkhan a saint, promoted him widely and his Def Poetry Jam has featured the son of Amiri Baraka who accused the Jews of being responsible for 9/11 and Suheir Hammad whose work is filled with lyrics supporting terrorism.

Rabbi Marc Schneier however hasn't limited himself to promoting just one Anti-Semite. He also accompanied the mastermind of the Crown Heights Pogrom, responsible for at least two murders, Al Sharpton on a trip to Israel and tried to legitimize Jesse 'Hymietown' Jackson. Rabbi Marc Schneier has played a significant rolethem and now Olmert has drafted him to help legitimate Kadima, a party illegally appointed to power under a leader who was indicted for corruption and continues to be the target of several criminal investigations.

Rabbi Marc Schneier has a record of having no compunction in collaborating with any figure no matter how repugnant, e.g. O.J. Simpson lawyer Johnnie Cochran was a trustee of his foundation, along with the aforementioned Simmons and celebrity pr specialist, Ken Sunshine. Now 'Rabbi' Schneier joins his fellow shameless careerists in Israel in prostituting himself for the support of a corrupt borderline criminal organization.


  1. Now you're saying rap artists aren't free to express themselves in their own country?

    If only they should whine about Matisyahu, I guess that would be "anti-semitic"....

    Grounds for more stinky rioting?

  2. where did I say 'they're not free to express themselves'?

    They're free to express themselves and call for murder and rape and spew hate but I bet you're a fan of Buju Banton?

    Am I right?

  3. Hi again Hash.

    Of course rappers have a legal right to express themselves, but the whole Simmons enterprise and promotion of the hi-hop culture has a lot of blood on its hands. A LOT. Simmons is making millions off of the suffering of his own people.

    You can't compare Simmons to Matisyahu even remotely.

    But I don't think that's the important thing to take away from this post. The thing, Olmert is using this opportunist of a "rabbi" to forge his agenda in the US. Obviously Olmert does not have the best interests of Israelis at heart and is aligning himself with anti-Semites. That's dangerous.

    (As an aside, from what I recall about the whole Jessie Jackson "Hymietown" situation is that Jackson never apologized, the focus shifted from his blatant anti-Semitic remark to an issue of whether he uttered it on or off the record.)

  4. Anonymous26/4/06

    marc schneier is gay. he'll prostitute himself for publicity and power


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