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Home The Immigration Debate: Learn From France

The Immigration Debate: Learn From France

Every industrialized nation desires cheap labor often in the form of immigrants or minorities who do the dirty work while the corporations profit. Ultimately also that same desire for cheap labor is what destroys nations.

Within a generation a third of France will be made up of African and Middle Eastern minorities, most of them Muslim. France imported them eagerly when it needed the cheap labor even as it introduced social policies that insured the crippling of domestic businesses in the face of a socialist system. It imported millions of immigrants who were supposed to do the jobs the French didn't want to do. The immigrants multiplied, the jobs went away and the projects in which the immigrants lived have become no-go zones for police where drug dealers and gangs rule and from which they move out to carry out attacks all across France.

Today the Bush administration and many Republicans and Democrats are telling us that the illegal immigrants will be doing the jobs that Americans don't want to do. The same administration that has defended the rampant outsourcing now proposes to legalize as many as 12 million illegal immigrants to do the dirty jobs cheaply. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens marched in rallies across America making a laughingstock of the law, for when criminals can march in massive numbers, the law has already become irrelevant. While the media focused on photos featuring American flags, the actual rallies were full of Mexican flags and many of the American flags were waved upside down.

The Mexican government has been working hard to export its own minority problem to America and profit from the dollars being sent home to family members in Mexico. Our politicians assure us that we are legalizing hardworking people who will do the dirty jobs we don't want to do, a flagrant display of racism which ignores the very real question of what happens when those jobs aren't around anymore or they stop wanting to do them. Immigration as a source of cheap labor is a pyramid scheme since the American dream is upwards mobility leaving us with two choices, either Americans must do the jobs that Americans don't want to do or we require a constant flow of new immigrants to do the lower class jobs. Of course with middle class jobs being squeezed out by outsourcing, the American dream is severely endangered and instead we are relying on a vast migration and promising them a smaller piece of a shrinking pie.

It takes no imagination to see this situation winding up much the same as it has in France. Racist organizations like LaRaza (For the Race) are already commonplace in the Southwest and on the West Coast. When Mexican immigrants wave Mexican flags, Americans may imagine that this is no different than Greek or Norwegian or Indian immigrants waving their own flags but it indeed quite different. Unlike the aforementioned nations, Mexicans have not forgotten that the Southwest and the West Coast were seized by the United States in a war with Mexico. Aside from vague references to the Alamo, Americans may have forgotten how the West was won but that is the privilege of the victors, the losers rarely forget and the idea of the Reconquista is alive and well. Americans may think of Mexicans as cheap labor but many Mexicans think of themselves as returning to reclaim their patrimony. Whether they are right or wrong, it is well worth considering the long term price to be paid.

Under the brunt of multiculturalism America has increasingly lost the ability to absorb incoming immigrants except through the global profusion of its entertainment industry. The result is balkanization instead of assimilation. As in France armed and militaristic Latin American gangs like the paramilitary M-13 are already operating in the United States. Drug convoys come in using armored vehicles, military tactics and body armor. The recent discovery of a cave dug under the American border and the impounding of a submarine in Columbia meant to be used for drug smuggling tells us that the various cartels are aspiring to higher end military tactics beyond anything we have even faced from Al-Qaeda. In Columbia the cartels have been replaced by the drug dealing Marxist terrorists of FARC backed by the Venezuelan government which is working on its ties to Iran and hosted the first Arab-Latin-American summit last year, in which all the participants managed to agree on their hatred of America and Israel.

While too many conservatives look at France and sneer imagining it could never happen here, in fact it is happening here. It is not difficult to translate a march of a 100,000 to a riot of a 100,000. All that separates one from the other is the law and the very fact of the marches demonstrates that the law is absent.

And in the absence of the law, we can look forwards to following the footsteps of Paris.


  1. Anonymous2/4/06

    Great post. Every news report I've seen is appealing to the immigrant heritage of most Americans, claiming the Mexicans are no different, but as you so pointed out so well, there is a vast difference.

    They're actions clearly aren't about keeping memories of the "Old Country" alive as was the case with most of our ancestors.

    But the illegal Mexicans are another story. They are showing open contempt and hostility for the US by demonstrating with American flags upside down.


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