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The Headlines vs. The Reality in Israel

The Headlines- Haaretz: "Hundreds of settlers clashed with Israel Defense Forces soldiers and police officers in the West Bank yesterday, after the settlers violated a military ban on marching near Ramallah... Six protesters were arrested, and several more were detained for questioning and then released."

The Reality -

See more videos of the Beit El March here at Israel Reporter


  1. And?

    They are lawbreakers. It is time for them to go.

  2. Anonymous27/4/06

    WHAT?? Why do you let this drug addict on your site Knish? His name glorifies drugs and he's an obvious hater of mankind.

  3. Anonymous27/4/06

    the guys a burnt out druggy ignore him.

  4. they're on their own land, they're not lawbreakers

    hash smokers are lawbreakers though, time for you to go Hash

  5. The idea is to herd Jews to the center of Israel.. the desert areas then finish them off.
    That is the plan of these filthy animals.
    jews need a leader who will rise up and put an end to this.

  6. I posted a comment on this video on my blog on the thread about the Exodus 1947. Again, I see similarities. Jews finally saying No and Enough.

    Aside from that, it appears the newspaper account grossly overestimated the number of settlers involved, based on the video.

    The women and men keep repeating a word or two-word phrase but I can't make it out. Any idea what it is?

  7. Another thought on the video--whatever "gentleness," and I use that term loosely, that soldiers and police used in Gush Katif while the international media was on the scene has all but disappeared.

    Israelis need digital cameras and videocams available at a moment's notice.

    Yes, I see brutality but also a "we've had enough" attitude, which is commendable.

  8. not sure, I hear shouts of 'leave them alone' and 'let go of them' or me mainly

    there definetly needs to be a lot of recording, israelreporter.com has done good work in that regard but still too much of the amona footage had to come from mainstream media, some taken with cell phone cameras, and that's a partial solution already, widely distributed recording equipment is a deterent if the police know they'll show up everywhere soon

    the few cases of police brutality brought to trial could only have happened thanks to taping


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