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Goodbye Wesley Clark

 No sooner than there is a discussion of military affairs, out comes former disgraced General and Presidential Candidate Wesley Clark. This time it's an attack on Donald Rumsfeld whom Clark accuses of having made "bad policy choices," proclaiming, "he needs to go." Of course not too long ago it was Bill Clinton, Clark's old friend and patron, who decided he needed to go when Clark nearly started WW3 by making hostile moves against Russian troops in a Kosovo airport. "I'm not going to start the Third World War for you," Lt. General Mike Jackson, commander of the British NATO forces had told Clark. Clark was then removed prematurely from his post and he had nothing left to do but write his memoirs and plan a political life. First Clark began a covert 'Draft Clark' campaign while denying that he wanted to run for President. Then he ran for President on an platform opposing the War in Iraq only to double back again on that giving a hodgepodge of answers that made Kerry's "I voted for it before I voted against it" look like a model of coherence. Finally at one question, Clark cried for help from his assistant to answer the question for him. To compensate for his complete cluelessness though, Clark's campaign volunteers handed out 'Clark Bars' and pointed out that Michael Moore supported Clark. It did him little good. Now Clark has become little more than a talking head, a representative of the left who pops up to voice his opinion before popping back down into the hole he came from. The same arrogance and egotism combined with incompetence, that cost him both his military and political posts, manifests itself and then like a poltergeist he is gone again. Goodbye Wesley Clark


  1. Good heavens, first rumors that Hillary Clinton will run for president, and now Clark? May they both slip back into the rat hole they crawled out of.

    BTW: glad you're back

  2. Defense secretary should be a man with impressive military experience.
    Rumsfeld doesnt meet the challenge.

    There are better men than either Clark or Rumsfeld out there for the position.
    You either go to win a war all out, or stay home....said Lemon, combat veteran par excellance.

  3. actually rumsfeld has been the man for the job, he succesfully rebuilt the military for fighting smaller scale wars, cut a lot of the big ticket items that is what has a lot of the old line military enstablishment mad at him because a lot of generals look for careers with defense contractors and there's a good deal of favors run back and forth

    the military under rumsfeld performed brilliantly in afghanistan and iraq up until the occupation phase at which point rumsfeld wasn't making policy anymore so much as the state department had turned soldiers into playing cops in the streets of baghdad

  4. Anonymous16/4/06

    actually his wespac has been busy accomplishing great things over the past couple of years.

  5. Anonymous16/4/06

    ronald dumsfeld is a moron and should have been put out a long time ago. he will go down in history as designer of the worst us military fiasco.

  6. Wespac is just a means for Clark to raise money and sound important, for goodness sake a PAC named after himself...

    as for Rumsfeld, that 'moron' managed the invasion of two hostile terrains that most predicted would cost the US thousands and others predicted couldn't be done at all, with light loss of life. The liberations of Iraq and Afghanistan were both brillant triumphs. It was the aftermath of the occupation that was the work of the State Department, not rumsfeld, that were the disasters

  7. Hillary for President.
    Four years of that shrill shrewish fish wife screetching her top notes at us in speeches.
    Oh get me ear plugs.

    England was blessed with Lady Thatcher. A woman of character, good demeanor, class.

    We get Cruella DeVille.


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