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For the Wearing of the Red, White and Blue

"O Paddy dear, and did you hear the news that going round?
The shamrock is forbid by law to grow on Irish ground
St. Patrick's Day no more we'll keep, his colours can't be seen
For there's a bloody law against the wearing of the green."

(Dion Boucicault, The Wearing of the Green)

While thousands of illegal aliens marched in the street and mobs waving Mexican flags and chanting racist slogans that the entire continent belongs to them and everyone else should go back to europe, schools were the scenes of walkouts and protests by Mexican students as well. These students were not penalized even when they hung the Mexican flag over the American flag, which was itself hung upside down as seen above.

However at numerous schools students who brought American flags to school had their flags confiscated, were suspended for even bringing the flags and were in some cases even arrested by a selective school administration policy. Post 9/11 when the left ramped up its war against the display of the American flag, with some organizations such as Cablevision barring it entirely, schools forbidding it, neighborhood committees barring the display of the flag and even some government offices doing the same; seems as if it might be time for a Constitutional ammendment for the protection of the flag, not from flag burning but simply protecting the right of Americans to display their flag.

The courts have long defended the rights of students to publish and print just about anything, no matter how offensive, in student papers. Predictably displays of patriotism never earn the same defense as displays of obscenity but maybe it's time to change that. It is a sad state of affairs that we have gone from fighting against flag burning to fighting for the mere right to fly the flag but such is the reality of life under socialist tyranny.

Write your congressman, if you have one. The right to display the flag should be protected by law.


  1. Anonymous5/4/06

    More than that the rabble that did it should be booted out of the country fast.
    Deportation enmasse.

    They could have rounded the lot of them up right there in Los Angeles.
    Put them on a boat and send them packing.

    The US isnt a trash dump.

  2. Anonymous6/4/06

    Very few comments on subjects like this although, if people were smart, they would see this as one of the most important.
    This strikes at the very heart of freedom in America.
    Once this small thing is gone, your freedom of religion will be next in line.
    Wake up America


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