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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boro Park Police Arrest Video

Note a high ranking police officer restraining an officer from an attack


  1. Where was this and why did it happen?

  2. Sultan, very disturbing video to be sure! I viewed it three or four times because I didn't want to jump to conclusions. First of all, there's a mix of uniformed officers and either off-duty cops in civilan attire or plainclothes detectives; OR possibly, non-hasids in the area of Boro Park trying to help.

    The high-ranking officer (Lt. or higher, given the white shirt) is restraining the people cowering in a corner with a baby stroller. The black man in civilian clothes seems to be trying to get the family (in particular the BABY) out of harms way by escorting them to a safe spot.

    The high-ranking officer restrains him from this! And wants them to stay where they are.

    As I said, the scene is one of choas. largely because with the exception of the uniformed officers, it's impossible to tell if the people in plainsclothes are detectives or civilians.

    Either way, they had nightsticks, so I would assume they were cops. But with little indentification that would show up in a crowd. That's ESSENTIAL in crowd/riot control.

    So to sum it up, it was a mess. The people in Boro Park probably didn't know who to obey or what they should do. You'd think NYC would be more on the ball than say a small town PD.

  3. Personally, I side with the black man in trying to get the baby and family out of there. Clear a path and guide them into a store or someplace else.

  4. when things are planned out from the top, there are drills and maps and a mobile command center, then things go somewhat more orderly... without them it's the same story as anywhere else

    new york's crime fighting revolution mostly consisted of organized changes and planning at the top, the effects of a rising economy and gentrification and more aggressive policing, it hasn't translated to the foot soldiers being more competent or functioning any differently in such a situation than they did two decades ago and as 9/11 tapes eloquently testify communication breaks down fast, without top down leadership and the result is everyone trying to follow what procedures they know, often working against each other and leading to complete chaos

  5. My heart goes out to those poor people with the baby stroller. They probably didn't have a clue as to where to go, who to listen to.



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