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Home Steven Spielberg, Newspeak and the Definition of a Fundamentalist

Steven Spielberg, Newspeak and the Definition of a Fundamentalist

In a Newsweek roundtable Steven Spielberg lambasted members of the Jewish community who came out against his film “Munich.”

"So many fundamentalists in my own community, the Jewish community, have grown very angry at me for allowing the Palestinians simply to have dialogue and for allowing Tony Kushner to be the author of that dialogue," Spielberg said.

Ah yes those pesky 'fundamentalists' again. A fundamentalist according to Spielberg being apparently anyone who feels that using a movie about the murder of Israeli Olympic atheletes to smear Israel, based on a discredited book by a fraud with a script by Tony Kushner who had stated that he wished Israel had never existed; is wrong. This is apparently a whole new definition of Fundamentalist, meaning anyone who doesn't like Spielberg's movie is now a 'Fundamentalist'

It's yet another demonstration of Liberal Newspeak. Newspeak was the fictional politically correct langauge of George Orwell's dystopia 1984, a langauge in which it was impossible to express politically incorrect ideas and which redefined and warped the meanings of words and created entirely new ones. So too liberals speak their own langauge redefining the actual meanings of words into a specialized terminology recontextualized to their own values.

The literal meaning of fundamentalist, would be someone who holds to the fundamentals. That is indeed what Spielberg and other liberals find offensive. Someone who holds to objective values, rather than liberal relativist morality. And so 'Fundamentalist' has become a term of derision and abiding by values has become a negative quality while being prepeared to toss values aside in the name of dialogue has become praiseworthy.

How is a fundamentalist therefore defined to a liberal? A fundamentalist is anyone who holds more closely to values than the liberal does. To Spielberg that is anyone who does not believe as he does in the futility of fighting terrorism.

Tonight is Munich's Oscar night. Unfortunately for Spielberg compared to the moral relativism of such movies as Paradise Now or Brokeback Mountain, his Munich is practically the work of a; fundamentalist.


  1. Anonymous5/3/06

    Steven Spielberg is a spoiled over paid rich kid who can only make a living by piecing together stupid films made by even more over paid mugging actors who minced their way through high school.
    The self agrandisement of Follywood is a joke to any thinking person.
    They make stupid *films* for pete sake.
    They don't do anything of importance or to help the world or mankind or anything that requires too much brain power yet these snobs think they can decide politics and religion for others who do contribute to society.
    What a disgrace.
    Better he should stick to his silly puppet shows on screen and leave the world to those who live serious lives.

  2. Yes Big Screen Punch and Judy shows for the masses, over paid, over charged and completely conceited about their own self worth.
    Hollywood is a joke .

  3. Anonymous6/3/06

    Hollywood gave Steven Spielberg the cold shoulder tonight--no Oscars in any of the categories Munich was nominated in.

    Jon Stewart got him good too :) but I think it went right over Spielberg's head.

  4. Anonymous6/3/06

    louis k and lemon lime moon,

    Only problem is we've so totally miseducated the sheeple that they think movies made by the social engineers in hollyweird are reality. Combine the schools run by the lib teachers, the press run by libs and hollyweird and we have a trifecta of death. Thank God in the US we old farts of the baby boom generation, a big majority, have largely woken out of our 40 years of narciscism and actually now have some grip on reality.

  5. yes spielberg got frozen out, so did paradise now, what did stewart say?

  6. Anonymous6/3/06

    Spielberg needs good red meat in his diet.
    Let Spielberg explain what he means by "my" community.
    As a Jew I don't consider him part of the Jewish community. Jews I know don't stand in solidarity with their brothers enemies.

  7. Anonymous6/3/06

    Touche. Yes, Stewart said in the most sarcastic of tones, "trilogy!"

  8. Anonymous6/3/06

    In case anyone missed Jon Stewart's comments at the Academy Awards: He said, Steven Spielberg, director of Schindler's List and Munich. "I speak for every Jew, "We can't wait to see what happens to us next! Trilogy!"

  9. Anonymous6/3/06

    You're welcome, SK. Anytime.


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