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In The Hour That Is Dark

Keep to your courage and keep to your faith
Though the burden is weary and the hour grows late
Prepare for the struggle but salvation await
For the weight of our struggles uphold a higher fate

Remember the price paid in blood for this earth
For the graves of our fathers, for the place of our birth
Many the horses and chariots that have passed
But the man who loves the land will remain there the last

Remember he, the highmost, who first won us this land
Whose great fists wrought vengance, whose fiery hand
Still hangs in the heavens awaiting the battle to come
For many with mercy but with justice for some

O Remember the fathers but remember their sons
Remember the tattooed hands tightly gripping the guns
What the dead can't remember, the living mustn't forget
For in the failure of memory are history's tragedies set

Remember not this hour, remember them all
Remember what awaits should we once again fall
Remember and prevail for not all is yet lost
For in the hour that is dark, are we called to the most


  1. Anonymous28/3/06

    Amen and Amen to your very impassioned prayer my friend.

  2. Anonymous30/9/06

    Wonderful words and more thought-provoking emotions that flit across my mind as i read the poem through. Shalom friend and may your god be with you in your journey through this wonderful existence that we are so lucky to get, yet waste away due to our own blindness. An eye for an eye will soon render this world blind. I hope the one and only GOD takes care of all of us.
    Sudeb Chatterjee
    new Delhi


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