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Amona: The Government Cover-Up Continues

Prime Minister Olmert's Defense Minister, whose military career was that of a political apointee elevated to block the political ambitions of other generals, announced that soldiers and police officers who participated in the police riot at Amona will be forbidden to testify before a Knesset committee investigating the incident in which hundreds were brutally beaten, including three Knesset members.

Much like Russia's Putin, Olmert is confident of taking control of the Knesset with a party that stands for nothing except personal power, that he has not only gone to war against the settlers but against the Knesset itself. MK's meanwhile have attempted to bargain him down to closed door hearings, which is not remotely consistent with a democracy.

The questioning of the Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra resulted in the expected display of arrogance and feigned ignorance. Ezra alternately claimed ignorance and helplessness. He couldn't blockade the roads, he had no idea what was going on and could do nothing about it. When asked why proper police procedure wasn't followed, Ezra could only ridicule the questions. In response to the question of why procedure wasn't followed when the police led a mounted charge on civilian protesters on the ground-

Questioner: "Guideline #9 of the instructions issued by the police itself says that when horses or water cannons are to be used, there must be an advance warning. This was not done at Amona. Why not? Have you investigated this?"

Ezra: "I told Chairman Shteinitz beforehand that our internal investigation was not yet finished, and I asked him to wait... Under such circumstances as Amona, what, we have to announce that a horse is coming?"

This is the arrogance of political apointees not operating in a democracy who know they are immune even at the Knesset level. This is not first world politics, this is third world politics. A good sample of this can be seen on top in this short video clip below as a wounded protester confronts a fat smiling police officer with a faked cast. The arrogance of the illegitimate Olmert regime illegally in office and its brutality towards its opponents can be nakedly seen here.

(side note from AnotherRuth, a former registered nurse)

"BTW: that cast looks extremely odd. I've never seen an arm cast applied like that, in two separate sections. The arm and hand should be included in one cast, not separate casts for the hand and arm. Casts for fractures are ALWAYS applied above and below the fracture. This cop's cast leaves the wrist exposed and unbraced. Odd."


  1. Anonymous1/3/06

    That big fat slob isnt hurt.
    What a moron standing in front of the cameras smiling and sneering.
    He should go on a diet.
    Big fat blob probably tried to eat his own arm as a snack.
    His name by the way is Blubbo Whalovitch.

  2. Anonymous2/3/06



    It was recently reported that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert directed Israeli forces to use extreme violence against Jewish protestors during last week's televised evacuation and demolition of Jewish homes in Amona. According to WorldNetDaily.com a top official in Olmert's Kadima party divulged this information.

    The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, routinely serves as an Olmert advisor on international issues, has charged that Olmert ordered the violence as a tactic to win votes from leftist Israelis by demonstrating that he is capable of withdrawing Jews from Judea and Samaria.

    "The extreme television images last week of settlers being brutalized was what Olmert needed. He knows he lost the right-wing voters to Likud and the nationalist parties. He has the center voters. Now he is trying to attract votes from Israelis on the left who strongly oppose the settlements," the unnamed official said.

    MK Benny Elon said, "Olmert is not a military man. He doesn't have a strong defense background like Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who everyone knows can get tough. So Olmert's public relations people told him he needs to act macho against the settlers ahead of the elections to prove to them he can push through what the extreme leftists want, a West Bank evacuation."

    It was also recently reported that the Yassamniks and Israeli police sexually abused young Jewish settler girls. According to direct testimony, the girls said the police called them prostitutes, threatened to rape them and touched their private parts. Older women as well have said that police groped their bodies. "Police officers rubbed up against us and touched our chest and intimate body parts. They used dirty words while doing it. One policeman said: 'Come, I'll screw you'... We felt like we were being raped." (The testimony of a girl in Amona)

    It is clear that Mr. Olmert was responsible for the approval of this heinous brutality and humilation of the settlers. It is clear that in order to ensure a political victory for himself, he is willing to destroy the entire settler movement. He has referred to the settlers as the "Jewish Hamas". He is willing to use the blood of Jewish children in order to capture votes. The actions of the Olmert government are an egregious usurption of the basic civil rights of the settlers. It is not surprising that Olmert has refused to open up an investigation into the police brutality in Amona. If all the facts were to surface it would clearly indict him of government sponsored violence of a segment of the population.

    It is also clear that many agree with Olmert's policy of making further territorial concessions to the Arab enemy. It is also clear that the Olmert government possesses self-destructive predilections. Case in point is the recent government decision to hand over $55 million in excise tax revenues to the PA, which will be controlled by Hamas. Olmert's vitriolic rhetoric and actions against the settler movement is going to escalate. His vituperative should be a clarion call for Jews to wake up and voice their outrage and indignation at this latest attack on righteous Jews.

    The demonstration in Jerusalem in which over 100,000 people attended, testifies to the strength of the settler movement. There must be many, many more demonstrations of this kind. We must put relentless pressure on the Olmert government to proceed with this investigation into the police brutality at Amona. We must demand that those responsible for this despicable abuse be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This must include government officials as well, Mr. Olmert notwithstanding.

    We must encourage our Jewish youth to learn to defend themselves against this Nazi style police violence, for surely such incidents of this kind are bound to happen again. We must display our support and succor to those who refuse to acquiesce to the totalitarian rule of the Israeli government.

    Mr. Olmert has drawn up the battle lines. It is a battle between good and evil, between the holy and the profane. May the G-d of Israel protect us, shield us and strengthen us for the protracted battles that lie ahead.

  3. Anonymous2/3/06

    I'm shocked that there was no legal recourse to compel (force) Olmert to testify under penalty of perjury. And the commission investigating the Amona pogram must delve into why there were so many head injuries among the settlers, especially the children. Standard police protocol in most departments prohibit application of clubs to a subject's head because it can cause death or serious, life threatening and permanent damage.

    The days of cops "cracking skulls" have been over for decades.
    The cop in the video appears so smug and arrogant, not even hint of remorse or concern evident in his behavior or words. He probably thinks he is invincible, but G-d sees and remembers.

    BTW: that cast looks extremely odd. I've never seen an arm cast applied like that, in two separate sections. The arm and hand should be included in one cast, not separate casts for the hand and arm. Casts for fractures are ALWAYS applied above and below the fracture. This cop's cast leaves the wrist exposed and unbraced.


  4. Like your new look, Sultan! Keep up the good work!

  5. Olmert, Sharon are bullies , mafioso.
    You can't expect more from them than what you get.

    Remember Yaakov tricked Esav.. now Esav sometimes puts on Yaakovs clothes to fool his children.


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