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Home England proposes negotiations with Al-Queda

England proposes negotiations with Al-Queda

The Muslim Brotherhood is the oldest running Muslim terrorist organization which was responsible for numerous murders and terrorist attacks. Like Al Queda it is a Wahhabi terrorist organizations seeking to create Islamic states and conduct a war against America, Europe and Israel. The Brotherhood's second best known terrorist organization is Hamas. Its best known terrorist organization is Al-Queda, many of whose members are from the Muslim Brotherhood; including Bin Laden's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Thanks to the 'Democratic elections' in Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are close to taking power and the West continues to be prepeared to appease them. The Brotherhood's success in Egypt is an outgrowth of America's pressure on Egypt to allow Democratic elections. Which it did.

American and European pressure on Israel to allow a Palestinian state has given the Muslim Brotherhood control in the Palestinian Authority. As a result the US and Europe have aided an organization that is essentially a super-Al-Queda in coming to power in the Middle-East and now England is proposing to negotiate with them. But just the 'non-violent' ones.

Let us take a look back at what the Brotherhood is. The Brotherhood was founded by Al Bana, an admirer of Adolf Hitler and allied with the Nazis promising that they would fight alongside General Rommell when the Germans came. It was responsible for the assasination of Anwar Sadat. Its ideas are behind all Sunni Muslim terrorists.

It is clear once again that there is no terrorist organization that the West won't deal with.

(read here for more information on the Brotherhood)


  1. The rich elite snobs who are heads of nations care nothing for humanity.
    They line their pockets with gold stolen from the poor and the working man and give *government* in exchange.
    As Tanakh(bible) says they afflict the widow and the orphan and they oppress the poor.
    Happily Hashem is in charge and is not asleep...he just lets them fill up their cup with poison til their judgement comes.
    May it come soon.

  2. Anonymous24/2/06

    Amen. Let it come very soon. With every news report I think to myself, "How can humanity be duped again?" Has "Never Again" become a cliche to them?

    People say the Muslims are nutcases, and could never conquer the world. People also said the same thing about Hitler and his cohorts. The Nazis utilized propoganda, created a scapegoat.


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