Home Police Brutality Against Hebron Jews
Home Police Brutality Against Hebron Jews

Police Brutality Against Hebron Jews

In 1929, the Jews of Hevron were murdered by Hebron Arabs and the survivors fled. The area known as the Jewish Quarter was destroyed, the Avraham Avinu synagogue was turned into a goat sty and the area taken over by arabs. The area was then evacuated because of terrorist attacks and stood empty for six years before in 2001 Jewish residents moved in and began rebuilding it.

Today those same people were brutally and viciously thrown out of their homes. Women and children were beaten, a 9 year old boy was arrested at the same time as the media trots out the same lies about "mysterious substances being thrown at police officers" by the residents. This is the justification being given for it by the government.

"The Civil Administration said that while the land undoubtedly belonged to Jews, the settlers had entered their houses without permission and were therefore being evicted." Jerusalem Post

This is the reality of this regime whose leader is being treated for the hole in his heart that can't be surgically fixed.


  1. G-d isnt unaware of what is going on and ultimately he is in charge.
    A lot of people have a lot to answer for in this world.
    Their punishment lies waiting and its not too far off.

  2. Anonymous3/1/06

    Who decided this? When did they let people know about this? Who's responsible? Exactly what areas are affected? All the residents of Hebron?

    This is obnoxious. Good grief, something terrible is going to happen now - in the world at large. Each thing that government does against the religious gets a midda kneged midda reply!

  3. Anonymous4/1/06

    Maybe I'm wrong but it seems by their expressions that most of those policemen and soldiers really hate themselves for what they are doing. They just can't help it.
    I know this does not excuse them.

  4. let's keep the story as it is.
    although I don't agree with the concept (the whole Hebron Sittuation is a little more than nutty) - I would like you to keep the facts strait here.

    they were not going to evict people from thier homes. They were mearly handing out flyers letting them know that it will happen in a couple of weeks. Once again I think the action is wrong and I think that there is a better solution, but they were not evicting.

    post this story again in 2 weeks it will be accurate then!!


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