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Israel and the Three Bears

Israel faces three bears, bigger, big and little. There are now three candidates running for the top spot in Israel. They hold the same essential philosophy on Israel's most important issue, they all support the transfer of some parts of Israel to the Arabs, even though such concessions have produced nothing but more terrorism and death up until now.

The first bear is, Amir Peretz, Israel's answer to Stalin, a union thug with an ugly mustache, is the biggest of the bears. Under him Labor has absorbed most of the Arab parties and supports concessions that may well be limitless. Corrupt even by the corrupt standards of Labor, his only barrier to power is that most of Labor and the left despise him. His poll numbers have been falling in recent weeks.

The second bear is Ariel Sharon, a pragmatist with only one goal, remaining in power by any means necessary. That has so far meant destroying religious Jews, centralizing the army and now planning to create a more 'presidential' form of government after destroying his party and replacing it with one in which he exclusively selects a 1/3rd of its legislators. Along with his planned totalitarian dictatorship, Sharon plans to divide Jerusalem, make extensive concessions to keep his left wing allies, Europe and America happy and keep himself in power. Sharon's poll numbers have been falling as well.

The third littlest bear is Benjamin Netanyahu whose previous term in office climaxed in disarray. Manipulated and taken advantage of by Clinton, under siege by the opposition, his government ultimately collapsed. Now Netanyahu has returned at the helm of a weakened Likud, infested with Sharon's supporters working to undermine their old party and instead of doing battle with Sharon, fighting right wing activist Feiglin within his own party. Netanyahu's platform like Sharon's and Peretz's is to make 'strategic concessions' to the Palestinians. He only differs in that he does not plan a dictatorship and his proposed concessions would be smaller than Sharon or Peretz's.

And yet the same situation remains. Israel faces three bears, bigger, big and little. All of those bears propose to eat up Israel and make it into a porridge for the murderous hordes of Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad just waiting outside the gates for their piece. From the heroic mythology of Zionism, we have stumbled into a horrific fairy tale illustrated in blood and the dog and toe tags of the dead.


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