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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

While Jews are without homes, IDF sends food to Gaza Arabs

The IDF transferred over twenty trucks of milk, beef, fruits to Gaza Arabs who burned the Houses of Prayer of G-d and shoot rockets into Israel even as settlers have been kicked out of their hotels yet again for Rosh Hashana and as families have been deprived of their belongings being held hostage for payments.

Is it any wonder the earth trembles?


  1. Anonymous11/10/05

    Impossible logic with these men.
    I can't see this as anything other than buying off the enemy and of course that cannot have a good ending.
    Reading this makes my lunch stick in my throat.

  2. Anonymous11/10/05

    the usual logic of self-destruction

    if those trucks had been full of the brim with gold, it would make no difference

  3. Anonymous17/10/05

    May those who finance the enemies of God be reduced to extreme poverty, including the western governments who finance the arab anti semites.



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