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Home Useless Bunch of Idiots Awarded Prize

Useless Bunch of Idiots Awarded Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Mohammed Al Baradei of the IAEA. The previous winner was UN chief Kofi Annan who had overseen the UN's Oil for Food scandal. Like Annan's award, Baradei's award is a reward from the far left that dominates Sweden for hindering the removal of Saddam Hussein and now doing his best to protect Iran's nuclear program. The citation praising the IAEA's work is particularly absurd since the IAEA is at best a useless bunch of idiots who like most international agencies have no usefull function whatsoever. But now that a war with Iran seems to be approaching, the left is desperate to reward any of the accomplices of terrorism since after all this year, unlike Arafat's Peace Prize, they can't reward a terrorist directly.


  1. Anonymous11/10/05

    The photo is priceless.
    The post is right on!


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