Home Bush proclaims "Next Year in Palestine'
Home Bush proclaims "Next Year in Palestine'

Bush proclaims "Next Year in Palestine'

Isn't it romantic when Bush holds hands with middle-eastern dictators among fields of flowers?

This week George W. Bush met with Mahmoud Abbas (Holocaust Denial, Moscow KGB Employee, Mastermind Behind an Attack on an Israeli School) and the flowers were in bloom as Bush gave Abbas a gift of 30 million dollars and proclaimed his undying love for him.

"President Abbas is a man devoted to peace and to his people's aspirations," Bush rhapsodized. "Mr. President, you ran on a platform of peace. That's why the people voted for you."

Bush had no criticism of Abbas whatsoever despite the fact that terrorists groups answering to Abbas' Fatah killed Israeli teenagers just this week. Instead Abbas demanded an end to 'settlements' and Bush was happy enough to agree also calling on Israel to reopen the Rafiah crossing, improving travel in the West Bank to facilitate terrorist activists and even building a Gaza seaport so they can bring in weapons by sea, as Arafat's PA has done in the past with the Karine-A; under Bush's own administration.

"At the same time, Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes its road map obligations, or prejudices the final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem," Bush said which means that according to him, Israel is not even allowed to build in Yerushalaim itself. He warned Israel to stop "settlement expansion", that is building new homes in existing towns (so if you get married and want to live in the same town as your parents, tough luck, the President says you can't.)

Then he demanded that "that Israel must remove unauthorized posts." Unauthorized fence posts? Mail posts? Web posts? Blog posts? Presumably the Chief meant 'outposts' but why should he bother to actually learn what it is he's demanding that Israel do. Maybe next time Rice can write out her orders\suggestions for him in large print.

"You look back -- I think prior to the disengagement, there was a lot of consternation, a lot of concern. I suspect some of you might have even reported that, you know, better watch out, this disengagement could end up being a very difficult period. And yet thanks to the President's leadership and Prime Minister Sharon's leadership, the disengagement worked, which established trust. "

Well gosh, glad it wasn't difficult at all. And what did Abbas' leadership involve besides marching into the settlements that Israel had beaten and dragged its citizens out of and watching the synagogues there be burned to the ground. Yes it certainly 'worked' and where is this trust exactly as the Palestinian terrorists shell Israeli towns while Abbas comes to America with yet more demands.

But lest anyone seriously believe that Bush is any different than his father. They can recognize that he is as much 'Israel's Best Friend in the White House' as Clinton was.

"We expect all parties to adhere to the road map. And we are holding people to account on the pledges that most of the Palestinians and the Israelis have made on the road map. And we do so publicly and we do so privately."

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Minus a few hundred IQ points.


  1. Anonymous23/10/05

    George Bush is a man who will kiss anyones behind for a price.
    He is one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had.
    He is a true enemy of peace and republican government of the people, for the people and by the people.
    Of course there is no opposition party which offers any better option than this evil man either.
    Kerry would have been just as evil and devious.

  2. Anonymous24/10/05

    I have to give you credit for critisizing bush, unfortunately too many pro-israel jews (usually religious) have been fooled by bush, and think he is a friend of israel, something i knew was incorrect when he released his road-trap for peace, arab oil, and global warming. Some israel supporters are waking up, but others are still in the dark, or they think their tax cut is more important than the survival of the jewish people. I don't think kerry or gore would have been worse, bush rewarded arab terror after 911 with the recognition of a palestinian state, something even clinton never did, and clinton certainly was a disaster for all issues foreign policy, not just israel.

    Bush didn't get the message when katrina visited us, he still didn't get the message when rita smashed his oil rigs in the gulf, and so now we have wilma comming on a mission of peace, arab oil, and global warming, removing american settlemets on the gulf coast. We must "excorcize" this satanic bush family from america, or we will be destroyed beneath the heavens. Bush is bin laden's dream, there is no one who could possibly have done more damage to america and israel then bush, no wonder the saudi arabian dictatorship sponsored the bush family and had them put in power, along with the business criminals who run america.

    It looks like wilma is a storm of the season. Wilma shook lulavs, brought the wind and dropped the rain, is the storm wind that carries out God's word, "he blows his wind and the waters flow". Soon we will all be evacuted before the comming storm, we will go to israel and be safe from the catastrophe of the wicked.


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