Home US throws out the law, asks courts to use 'any available means' to save PLO
Home US throws out the law, asks courts to use 'any available means' to save PLO

US throws out the law, asks courts to use 'any available means' to save PLO

"Siding against the family of a young married couple murdered by Hamas, the Bush administration yesterday urged a federal court in New York not to evict the Palestinian Liberation Organization's observer mission to the United Nations from its Upper East Side headquarters.

"In consideration of the strong foreign policy interests at stake here, the United States asks that the Court dismiss this matter on any available legal ground," stated the 30-page document, which was dated September 12 and signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Danna Drori."

It's somewhat shocking to see government this blatantly toss away any pretense at the law and justice and simply state openly that they don't care how it's done but that they're determined to protect the PLO terrorists by any means necessary. This is typical of the way successive US administrations, Democrat and Republican, have closed their eyes to the crimes of the terrorists and sided with the terrorists instead.

Ironically this also puts the Bush Administration on the same side as Ramsey Clark, who headed ANSWER, the anti-war group that is a front for Workers World Party, a Trotskyist group that favors an armed overthrow of the US. Clark had close ties to Saddam Hussein and before becoming the lawyer representing the PLO in this case, was Saddam's lawyer for his upcoming trial.

It is ironic that in defending terrorists, the Bush administration now takes the side of Saddam's own lawyer.


  1. Anonymous13/9/05

    Uh, I supported Ramsey Clark in his bid during the last presidential election attempt.

  2. Anonymous13/9/05

    Hashfanatic, take too advil, lay down and call me in the morning ok?

  3. Anonymous13/9/05

    and you also support pat buchanan and claim the government is training soldiers to kill goats by looking at them

    what's your point?

  4. The USA has become its own worst enemy and left to its child-like leaders will implode.
    America is in need of men who can take the reigns and rule properly without the crippling political correctness (merely a ploy to gather minority votes) that is so rampant right now.


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