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Home Reuters rewrites American history again

Reuters rewrites American history again

In an article on Mexican troops entering the US to provide aid, Reuters proceeds to rewrite American history yet again. Two quotes.

"A 44-vehicle convoy of 200 unarmed troops flew Mexico's red, white and green national flag from every cab as it moved into San Antonio, where Mexican forces killed 189 rebels in the famous Battle of the Alamo in 1836 during the Texas revolution against Mexican rule."

"The last time a Mexican military force of any type was in the United States was when revolutionary Gen. Francisco "Pancho" Villa staged a small raid into New Mexico in 1916. His forces killed several people, prompting Washington to send a larger force south of the border in retaliation."

So the Texans fighting for independence were 'rebels' but Pancho Villa's murderous raids onto US soil which killed numerous civilians were revolutionary. The Alamo is rewritten from an American last stand to a Mexican victory over some unnamed rebels and Pancho Villa's crimes are dismissed as 'several unnamed people killed.' This is part and parcel of a news agency which regularly rewrites Israel's history with the arabs and America's history with terrorism; but like all true historical revisionists, Reuters does not limit its scope to current events but neven dives into history of over a 150 years past. It is also typical of the media's left wing media bias that instead of writing positively about the venture, it uses it as a platform for taking potshots at the United States.

Not satisfied with a bout of rewriting US history, Reuters then takes the time out to sneer at the disaster at New Orleans.

"Troops inside the trucks were given malaria tablets and vaccinations against diseases like hepatitis, cholera and tetanus -- ironically the same shots wary American tourists might get before visiting parts of Mexico."

One wonders what the point of this is. That America after a natural disaster is equivalent to Mexico? That Mexico is what the US would look like after a natural disaster? That Americans are getting what they deserve for taking malaria tablets before visiting Mexico. Either way though the left may bash the US over the response to the flood victims, it just goes to show you that to the left, even they are 'Little Eichman's' too.

Viva La Reuters


  1. Anonymous9/9/05

    Just checked this site out, probably the dumbest I've seen in ages.Don't they teach anything in those ultra orthodox yeshivas

  2. Anonymous9/9/05

    yes they teach us to pity internet trolls

    what do they teach in reformed theological troller seminaries?

  3. Anonymous9/9/05

    Kitsch, You suck
    Britain sucks too.
    Just want to make that clear.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Anonymous9/9/05

    What do you expect from a guy named "Kitsch"?

  5. Anonymous9/9/05

    yes not to mention when reuters stringers in iraq have ties to the terrorists and follow tips on incoming attacks to get ready for a photo without alerting allied forces


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