Home Palestinians burn Morag Synagogue
Home Palestinians burn Morag Synagogue

Palestinians burn Morag Synagogue

As Israel retreats on September 11th from Gush Katif joining one tragedy and victory of Islam with another and leaving the Palestinians to loot and burn the settlements; Hamas, the PLO and Islamic Jihad terrorists and all the other murderers, thieves and looters of the Palestinian territories gratefully thank Ariel Sharon, Shinui, Labor and United Torah Judaism. Next year in Jerusalem.

"Late Sunday, Israeli troops had lowered their national banner in Neve Dekalim, once the largest Jewish settlement in Gaza. They snapped farewell pictures and closed army headquarters, which were left intact for use by the Palestinians. Triumphant Palestinian troops accompanied by cheering, flag-waving crowds took control of abandoned Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip.

Fireworks lit up the sky, Palestinian gunmen fired in the air in celebration and crowds set fire to the synagogue in the abandoned Morag settlement, closest to Palestinian towns. In another synagogue, gunmen climbed on the roof and waved flags of militant groups, including Hamas, shouting "God is great."

"It is only the first step to more liberation ... tomorrow we liberate all of Palestine," Gaza resident Mohammed Khamish Habboush shouted into a mosque loudspeaker.

Early Monday, Palestinians started carrying off what was left in the debris in the settlements, including chairs, tables and shopping carts. In the former settlement of Netzarim, women ululated in celebration. Young men tore down electricity poles, grabbing the wires, and several people carried off window frames."


  1. Anonymous11/9/05

    May God now carry out judgement against bush, sharon, europe, the arabs, and their supporters.

  2. Anonymous12/9/05

    Palestinians are dead men walking.
    When Hashem speaks a thing it is as if its already done.
    They will be destroyed utterly tanakh says and they have no tomorrow, no eternity.
    Jews on the other hand will alway exist.. Am Yisrael Chai.
    Let them destroy, it only fills up their score card with Hashem quicker.
    They were doomed when the first prophet spoke of it centuries ago.
    We now see the beginning of their utter and complete spiritual and physical destruction.


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